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Magnificent history
aWhat about the Chinese girls? 怎么样中国女孩? [translate] 
a订单通知 주문 용지 고시 [translate] 
awhenisnotionalday whenisnotionalday [translate] 
a学院足球队 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhat's the matrix? 什么是矩阵? [translate] 
a这样测试没有意义 Like this tests does not have the significance [translate] 
a没有空理人 Without the spatial principle person [translate] 
athe boy would study now,for the light in his room is still on 男孩现在会学习,为了光在他的屋子里仍然是在 [translate] 
aha ice-cream 吃冰淇凌 [translate] 
aColumn ASM-Steering 专栏ASM指点 [translate] 
a当我失去后才知道去珍惜她可惜已经晚了一切都不可能了不会在回到从前了。 After my lose only then knew treasures her to be a pity already was late all not not impossibly not to be able to return to the past. [translate] 
aThe debugger enables you to finely control the execution of an image by sequentially stepping 调试器使您精巧控制图象的施行通过连续跨步 [translate] 
aWhat a nerve 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait can be suggested that 它可以被建议那 [translate] 
aland in orphanage 土地在孤儿院 [translate] 
a可食用 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aso I had to work very hard to put them both together! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aподразумевают развитие [translate] 
a  D:hostility   D :敌意 [translate] 
abecaugh she goes to bed quite late 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们社团主要活动是培训、比赛 Our mass organization major activity is training, the competition [translate] 
aThis will allow the Dubai Trade Contact Centre to better assist you with all enquires related to Dubai Trade services and provide the greatest amount of support, minimizing the waiting time spent on the phone and expediting the response time for emails. 这将允许迪拜贸易联络中心改善您与全部询问相关到迪拜商业服务并且提供最大的数额支持的协助,使在电话上度过的等待时间减到最小和加速响应时间为电子邮件。 [translate] 
a高端化妆品销售 High end cosmetics sale [translate] 
aFriends are not a game to play, Friends are not just a Word to say, Friends do not start in March & end in May, "Friends" means yesterday, Today & Forever". How 2 grow friendship? pick a good heart, plant in a pot of trust, water with good thoughts, add some emotions and faith, remove the misunderstanding and nourish i 朋友不是赛演奏的,朋友不是仅词说的,朋友不开始在3月&昨天不结束在5月, “朋友”手段,今天&永远”。 2怎么生长友谊? 采摘好心脏,植物在一个罐信任,水以好想法,增加一些情感和信念,去除误解并且养育它。 有朋友是最佳的事可能发生,有u (朋友的名字) ........是我有在我的孔生活中!!的最佳的事! [translate] 
aAir pollution,together with littering causes many problem in our large industrial cities today. 空气污染,与乱丢一起在我们的大工业城市今天引起许多问题。 [translate] 
a一天,一位老师和一位学生就时间的重要性进行讨论。最后这个学生明白了时间的一去不复返的道理。 One day, a teacher and a student carry on the discussion on the time importance.Finally this student had understood the time never to returns truth. [translate] 
aTo Cry laugh yourself 哭泣笑 [translate] 
a中国的中部五省 China's middle five provinces [translate] 
aPlease enter a different user name 请输入一个不同的用户名 [translate] 
amy dear friend emily very lovely! 我亲爱的朋友emily非常可爱! [translate] 
astrong hold 强的举行 [translate] 
arelated by blood, my father and i are separeted by class. 由血液关连,我父亲和我是由类separeted。 [translate] 
a根据作物类型、土壤肥力适当调整用量。 According to crops type, soil fertility appropriate readjustment amount used. [translate] 
apressue on airline costs to fuel a need for large-scale long-haul aircraft to take passenger to major hub destination pressue在给需要加油的航空公司费用对于大规模远程飞机把乘客带对主要插孔目的地 [translate] 
aSoft Clean Silky skin 软绵绵地干净的柔滑的皮肤 [translate] 
a产品设计理念 Product design idea [translate] 
aSURGE RELIEF VALVE 浪涌泄压阀 [translate] 
aI will drown. 我将淹没。 [translate] 
athey usually have crave something high and out of reach and sometimes pay no attention to the reality. 他们通常没有热衷某事上流和不可及和有时给予注意对现实。 [translate] 
ababy goose 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a好久没有您的消息,我们依然还是没有收到您的付款, Does not have your news for a long time, we have still not received your payment, [translate] 
a在听题材熟悉的语言材料时,能克服生词的障碍,理解语篇大意 When listens to the theme familiar language material, can overcome the new word the barrier, an understanding language general idea [translate] 
a苗苗舞蹈翻译公司团是我县舞蹈专业的一支优秀奇葩,曾赴韩国参加演出,获得好评,接下来请欣赏舞蹈-俏花旦,掌声欢迎。 Miao Miao dances the translation company's to roll is my county dance specialized outstanding rare and beautiful flowers, once went to South Korea to participate in the performance, obtained the high praise, met down please do appreciate dances - the smart actor playing role of pretty young woman, a [translate] 
a我惹一個女孩子生氣了,想跟她說對不起咯 I annoyed a girl to be angry, wanted to her to say sorry [translate] 
ayou dong not have enough god youch to continue 您东没有足够神youch继续 [translate] 
aall library book smust be brought back before july 10 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acould not resdolve host 不可能resdolve主人 [translate] 
aOIL FILTER INTER DT 滤油器相互DT [translate] 
ahe can swim well 他可以游泳很好 [translate] 
aI am looking for someone who i can love. I hope you will be the one that accompany me for the rest of my life. 我正在寻找我可以爱的人。 我希望您将是在我有生之年伴随我的那个。 [translate] 
acheck the connection 检查连接 [translate] 
a站在那里有种 Stands has in there plants [translate] 
aYesmeen Yong Yesmeen Yong [translate] 
anext Friday 其次 星期五 [translate] 
a自由作家 Free writer [translate] 
a你愿意跟我走吗? You are willing to walk with me? [translate] 
a辉煌历史 Magnificent history [translate]