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a当然。相信。 Certainly.Trust. [translate] 
a你很忙吗 You very busy [translate] 
a她开车回家 She drives goes home [translate] 
a困住 Surrounding [translate] 
a当你过生日时 When you celebrate a birthday [translate] 
aSafety reviews and audits are conducted by industrial safety divisions within the company or by safety committees to ensure that unsafe conditions in the plant are corrected and that employees are following the work rules specified in manuals and instructions.Lessons learned from accidents are incorporated into design 安全回顾和审计在公司内举办由工业安全分裂或由安全委员会保证在植物中改正不安全的条件,并且雇员跟随在指南和指示指定的工作规则。从事故学到的教训被合并到设计标准里,并且许多重点在新的植物和工作规则设计在实施这些标准。Ofen、政府throuhgh职业性安全卫生立法强制执行标准。 [translate] 
a我只是玩游戏 I only am play the game [translate] 
a最具规模和实力 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他压力很大,他应该听音乐 His pressure is very big, he should listen to music [translate] 
aconsistent high rating of the subordinate 下级的一致的高规定值 [translate] 
a我能邀请你跳舞吗? I can invite you to dance? [translate] 
aUpdate Package for Microsoft® Windows® 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
arock-paper-scissors 岩石纸剪刀 [translate] 
a参加英语培训课程 Participation English training curriculum [translate] 
a无所谓好或不好,人生一场虚空大梦,韶华白首,不过转瞬 Does not matter or is not good, a life void big dream, beautiful springtime elderly, but in a flash [translate] 
apass words must contain at least lower case letter 通过词必须包含至少小写字母 [translate] 
a自荐信的主要目的是表明自己的专业特长、个人全面素质和对工作的热情。重要的是发掘和体现自己与众不同的而用人单位又会欣赏的特质,所以首先要对你应聘的公司有一定了解。在此基础上写出来的才会比较有针对性,被录用的几率也会大。可以先准备一篇全面展现自己的普通自荐信,再适时删减修改出几份适合不同单位特点的,及时更新虽然比较麻烦,但是效果比千篇一律的范文要好得多。下面是一份工科学生的自荐信,希望对你有启发。 Is indicates own from the letter of recommendation main purpose specialized special skill, personally the comprehensive quality and to the work enthusiasm.More importantly excavates and manifests the special characteristic which oneself out of the ordinary employer can appreciate, therefore first mu [translate] 
a我们的新英语老师叫林山 Our new English teacher's name is Lin Shan [translate] 
aWith this hand .I will life your sorrows You cup will never empty .For i will be your wine.With this candie. I will light your way in darkness.With this ring .I ask you to be mine 用这只手。我将生活您托起从未将倒空的您的哀痛。为我将是您的酒。与这candie。 我在黑暗中将点燃您的方式。与这个圆环。我要求您是我的 [translate] 
aby the end of the month. Dose that sound realistic? 月底以前。 药量那声音现实? [translate] 
a共青城开发区管理委员会 Komsomolsk Development zone Management committee [translate] 
a夜里发生了一起火灾 Night has had a fire [translate] 
a一、 首先在“系统设置”中的“公司信息管理”中将公司信息填写完整。(注:公司简介尽量写的详细丰富,联系方式检查清楚不要写错) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aStubbornly persists. . 倔强地坚持。 . [translate] 
aI will always love you will not change even if you only want to leave you my heart I will always love you will not change even if you only want to leave you my heart [translate] 
aThere is no doubt that's our duty to protect the cultural heritage 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awatt wattforme [translate] 
aChromatograms were electronically stored and evaluated by the use of Borwin 1.50 chromatography software (JMBS, Le Fontanil, France). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWhere does P爱aul work? P爱aul在哪里运作? [translate] 
a听这首歌 Listens to this first song [translate] 
ayou want to know about life in the past, right you want to know about life in the past, right [translate] 
ai will double check again 我将再 [translate] 
aWe can sing 'Colour song'. 我们可以唱‘颜色歌曲’。 [translate] 
adogs can be a lot of troubie .maybe you should get small pet, 狗可以是很多troubie您应该得到小宠物的.maybe, [translate] 
a辽宁省凌海市第一初级中学七年八班 Liaoning Province insults the mirage first junior middle school seven years eight classes [translate] 
a王丽萍因她的舞蹈而著名 But Wang Liping because of hers dance famous [translate] 
aReason shoes work place 原因穿上鞋子工作地点 [translate] 
aget into the school team 进入学校队 [translate] 
alove is adoration 爱是崇拜 [translate] 
a适当的感伤,会给我们的青春留下别样的回忆。 The suitable sadness, can give our youth to leave behind the different kind recollection. [translate] 
a他的眼泪在眼眶里打转 His tear spins in the eye socket [translate] 
a林地林木 Forest land forest [translate] 
a但是这不是你说的吗 But this is not you says [translate] 
a尽管mary很忙,他还是参加了一个会议 Although mary is very busy, he attended a conference [translate] 
a吉姆经常帮助我学习英语 吉姆经常帮助我学习英语 [translate] 
a什么时候能过来玩啊 When can come to play [translate] 
awhich number is wrong 哪个数字是错误的 [translate] 
a你要工作到几点? How many do you want to work to select? [translate] 
ait suits you 它适合您 [translate] 
a为阅卷老师提供软件方面的技术支持服务 In order to examine test papers teacher to provide the software aspect the technical support service [translate] 
a跟你聊天怎么没反应呢 Chats how with you does not have the response [translate] 
a日本人重视主观精神的力量。他们认为“只要坚持自己的主观精神,那么最后的胜利就一定属于自己。 The Japanese takes the subjective consciousness the strength.They thought “so long as persists own subjective consciousness, then the final victory certainly belongs oneself. [translate] 
a大身填充物 Big body filling material [translate] 
a襄阳东正嘉盛数码科技有限公司 East Xiangyang fine abundant digital science and technology limited company [translate] 
a他们的父母允许他们晚上在同学家学习 Their parents allow them evening the family to study in schoolmate [translate] 
a妈妈给我一个手表 Mother gives me a wristwatch [translate] 
afor one person yes 为一人是 [translate]