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You let him typing


You got him typing


You got him typing


aits my number and your 它我的数字和您 [translate] 
a把……看作 ......Regarding as [translate] 
apossibly it can become late again today 它可能再后可能成为今天 [translate] 
a你离开的时请关上灯,好吗? You leave the time please pass light a lamp? [translate] 
a丰盈生命的色彩 Abundant life color [translate] 
aBoth men speak loudly and clearly. 两个人大声地和清楚地讲话。 [translate] 
aAdministrative Office 行政办公室 [translate] 
a我能和你换一下座位么? I can trade the seat with you? [translate] 
aHowever, surgery can be a very invasive and at times quite damaging procedure that can leave patients in a worse state than they were before. Without scaremongering, it is important to realise the facts about surgery for scoliosis. 然而,手术可以是在一个更坏的状态比他们以前可能把患者留在的一个非常蔓延性和时常相当残损的做法。 无需scaremongering,体会关于手术的事实为脊柱侧凸是重要的。 [translate] 
aI hope you sleep well. 我希望您很好睡觉。 [translate] 
a我尽快地完成我的家庭作业 I complete my homework as soon as possible [translate] 
acaterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you'll be, can't go far but you can always dream. 毛虫在树,怎么您想知道谁您将是,不可以去,但是您可能总作梦。 [translate] 
a可是这只是如果,不是现实 But this only is if, is not the reality [translate] 
a原来只是个梦 Originally only is a dream [translate] 
aAll new employees are required to have their New Hire certification. No one can receive this certification without taking the Computer Essentials course. Which of the following can be concluded from the statement? 要求所有新的雇员有他们新的聘用证明。 没人可能接受这份证明,无需上计算机精华路线。 哪些以下可以从声明结束? [translate] 
a山上不仅有泉,还有游乐场 On not only the mountain has the spring, but also has the amusement park [translate] 
a不知道什么语言 Does not know any language [translate] 
aThe rain falls because the sky can no longer handle it's weight just like the tearsfallbecause theheart can no handlpain 雨秋天,因为天空可能不再处理它是重量,如tearsfallbecause theheart不装handlpain于罐中 [translate] 
a销售额取决于对于重点客户的拜访频率 The sales volume is decided by regarding the key customer visiting frequency [translate] 
a你曾经看见过天空中的彩虹吗 You once saw the another day airborne rainbow [translate] 
a日本把我当成试验品,Japan regards as me the test piece 日本把我当成试验品,日本把视为我制取试样的金属块 [translate] 
a干姜水 Dry ginger water [translate] 
a植物强效胶水 Plant strong effect glue water [translate] 
aPincel3D Pincel3D [translate] 
aplace of reipt reipt地方 [translate] 
aadditioal user additioal用户 [translate] 
aLook back on that summer Regardez en arrière cet été [translate] 
abut you can always smile into the eyes of the one you like. 但您能总微笑入您喜欢的眼睛那个。 [translate] 
a为那件事哭泣没有意义 Does not have the significance for that matter sob [translate] 
aThe shipment of next order for 8000 box 下个指令的发货为8000个箱子 [translate] 
aAccording to the weather report, which is usually accurate it will rain heavily tomorrow. 根据天气报告,通常是准确的明天将沉重下雨。 [translate] 
aSo you will not miss you at the moment I am so lonely 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请等下 Under please wait [translate] 
a除了他,我的心再也容不下任何人。即使他不爱我,但并不代表我想被其他人爱 Except him, my heart also cannot accommodate anybody again.Even if he does not love me, but does not represent me to want to love by other people [translate] 
aAdd Education 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe Hemscott Advisers Rankings guide ranks UHY Hacker Young amongst other top auditing firms as follows 排列UHY黑客年轻人在其他上面之中验核企业的Hemscott顾问等第指南如下 [translate] 
aOk... let me set my web cam up and you can watch me shake my booty!! LOL.. brb ok? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a邮编:430015 Zip code: 430015 [translate] 
a零售店 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe continental club 大陆俱乐部 [translate] 
a这必将影响到我国上市公司的健康发展 This will certainly to affect our country To be listed's healthy development [translate] 
a涡动破碎腔 Whirling motion stave cavity [translate] 
aThe dawn" }Do not, for one repulse, forgo the purpose that you resolved to effort. 黎明"}不为一击退,抛弃目的那您解决了到努力。 [translate] 
abuilding on significan investments in electric vehicles in both the United States and China,the two governments announced a program of joint demonstration projects in more than a dozen cities,along with work to develop common technical standards to facilitate rapid scale-up of the industry 大厦在significan投资在电动车在美国和中国,二个政府在更多比十二城市宣布了联合示范项目节目,与开发共同的技术标准的工作一起促进迅速称产业 [translate] 
a武汉市江汉区台北路台北名居4楼 Wuhan Jianghan area Taiwan north road Taibei occupies 4 buildings [translate] 
a我最近的生活方式发生了巨大的改变。 My recent life style has had the huge change. [translate] 
aprepare new toner cartridge 准备新的墨粉盒 [translate] 
a时间过得真快,转眼间28天的寒假已快要结束了。回忆着这28天来的快乐,真是有点依依不舍呢…… The time passes really quickly, 28 day-long winter vacations soon had ended in a moment.Is recollecting the joy which this 28 days come, really is a little is reluctant to part ...... [translate] 
a10号或11号什么时候有时间,我们见个面 When 10 or 11 do have the time, we met [translate] 
a有28平方米 Some 28 square meters [translate] 
aBeacause the power of 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abelow 80%. All histograms are now green. 在80%以下。 所有直方图现在是绿色的。 [translate] 
alet us go out with a "divine dissatisfaction". 让我们出去以“神的不满情绪”。 [translate] 
a可在特定时间通车 May be open to traffic in the specific time [translate] 
a即人民币玖万叁仟肆佰伍拾元整 Namely Renminbi 93,450 Yuan [translate] 
a回归故土 Returns the native land [translate] 
a你让他打字 You let him type [translate]