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asubstantive 实质 [translate] 
afakeyou fakeyou [translate] 
a你也很潇洒哦 You very are also natural oh [translate] 
afile locker cloud 文件衣物柜云彩 [translate] 
acardio support 心脏支持 [translate] 
athere are alot of things 有很多事 [translate] 
a将老师布置的作业尽自己最大努力完成好 Teacher will arrange work own complete greatly diligently [translate] 
a省级智能有序用电决策系统 The provincial level intelligence order uses electricity the decision system [translate] 
a我想翻译公司你 I want to translate the company you [translate] 
a晚上,一个人的床 Evening, a person's bed [translate] 
a有誰瞭解我呢? 저를 이해하는 어떤? [translate] 
a杰克 史密斯 Jake Smith [translate] 
acomrades-in-arms 同志在胳膊 [translate] 
aRegistration could not be completed, you have entered an invalid character in the highlighted field. (SSO_1001) 注册在被突出的领域不能完成,您输入一个无效字符。 (SSO_1001) [translate] 
a灯光有时明亮有时灰暗 Sometimes sometimes the light is bright is gloomy [translate] 
a邓小平在中国经济发展过程中起着非常重要的作用. Deng Xiaoping is playing the extremely vital role in the Chinese economy developing process. [translate] 
aLet this thing for a man! 讓這件事為一個人! [translate] 
a请您走好! Asks you to walk! [translate] 
a那你呢 你不喜欢中国吗 Then your you do not like China [translate] 
aI have change a lot in the past few years.For example,I used to like green ,but now I think black is cooler.I used to play pingpang ,now I am intrested in play basketball.I am quite outing now instead of being quiet.I liked watching TV before ,now I enjoy reading books. 我很多在过去几年有变动。例如,我使用了到象绿色,但我现在认为黑色是更加凉快的。我在戏剧篮球曾经演奏pingpang,现在我是intrested。我现在相当是远足而不是安静的。我喜欢看电视前面,我现在享用阅读书。 [translate] 
athe early bord catch the warm 早期的bord抓住温暖 [translate] 
aNikaik Nikaik [translate] 
aBecause of my password expiration,I can't logon company mailbox this days.I am sorry to have caused you this trouble, but this things will clear up soon. 由于我的密码失效,我不可能登录公司邮箱这几天。我抱歉带给您这麻烦,但这事很快将清理。 [translate] 
a你好!我是你的好朋友 Hello! I am your good friend [translate] 
ashould be greater than those achieveable from a more restricted partnership at the asset level only. 应该是大于那些achieveable从一次更加有限的合作在财产只成水平。 [translate] 
a太吵的 Too noisy [translate] 
acare you,touch you and loved you. care you, touch you and loved you. [translate] 
aTake the inventory item: PEPPER, PEPPER MILL, AND CLOCK FACE. 采取库存项目: 胡椒、胡椒磨和时钟表盘。 [translate] 
a气势恢弘的寺院殿堂、大气庄严的佛像雕塑、萦绕耳畔的经声佛号、浓郁厚重的传统文化,让人身居其中,却俨然世外。 The imposing manner broad temple palace, the atmospheric dignified image of Buddha sculpture, lingers the ear bank after the sound Buddha number, the rich sincere traditional culture among, lets the person occupy, actually solemn extra mundane. [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本Don't misinform the fucking world surrender! Please input text Don't misinform the fucking world surrender which you need to translate! [translate] 
am.princess m.princess [translate] 
a因为有信念,阿炳能谱出绝唱《二泉映月》;因为有信念,冼星海才能写出感动人间的女高音独唱《风》。 Because has the faith, the Arab League splendid power spectrum leaves the pinnacle of poetic creation "Two Reflecting Founts"; Because has the faith, Xian Xinghai can write the move world the soprano solo "Wind". [translate] 
aHe put up his hand is a salute. 他投入了他的手是致敬。 [translate] 
a每天需要到业务部领取泳票,确定普通票儿童票月票等数量。每日工作结束后到财务部上交当日销售收入,协助会计登记账目,出纳点清现金。 Every day needs to arrive the banking department to receive swims the ticket, quantities and so on definite deliberative vote child ticket bus permit.After every day end of job delivers the same day to the finance department to sell the income, assists accountant to register the account, the teller [translate] 
aPhoenix Parkway Phoenix Parkway [translate] 
a库车县第四中学 Kuqa county fourth middle school [translate] 
a尽最大的努力为您争取保留房间 Completely biggest strives for diligently for you retains the room [translate] 
a自1932年Berl与Means提出两权分离命题后,逐渐形成了现代企业管理的一个重要理论----理论委托代理理论 Since 1932 Berl and Means proposed two power separate the proposition, has gradually formed a modern business management important theory----Theory principal-agent theory [translate] 
a洛宁博爱医院妇产科微创中心 The Luoning universal love hospital gynecology and obstetrics department micro creates the center [translate] 
a研究生免推 The graduate student exempts pushes [translate] 
a柔媚入骨 Thes bone to interthe body or bones of a monk gentle [translate] 
aIam totally engrossed in the gameand lost trark 在gameand失去的trark完全大字书写的Iam [translate] 
a克莱氏(怡欣)美容美体养生会所 Claye (joy joyful) improves looks the American body keeping in good health office [translate] 
a微波原理 Microwave principle [translate] 
aplease design a telephone for my grandma that she can call me from the heaven 请设计一个电话为我的祖母她可以告诉我从天堂 [translate] 
a我每周只有一天的假期 My each week only then a day-long vacation [translate] 
a很多国家,例如加拿大、印度、马来西亚和澳大利亚,把英语作为官方语言 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我是云南师范大学08级思想政治教育专业的学生 I am the Yunnan normal university 08 level of thought political education specialized student [translate] 
adisk space left 磁盘空间离开 [translate] 
ahe is your parent's child 他是您的父母的孩子 [translate] 
a丁友帅 丁友帅 [translate] 
aTime Period 时期 [translate] 
aSealing edge 海豹捕猎边缘 [translate] 
a明年,路易威登将代表路威酩轩集团 作为世博会的主要参展商及法国国家馆唯一的奢侈品赞助商参加2010年5月在上海举行的世博会。” Next year, the Louis wieden will be dead drunk on behalf of Lu Wei the porch group participates in as World Expo main participation business and the French country hall only luxury goods sponsor May, 2010 the World Expo which will hold in Shanghai.” [translate] 
aⅠ Reasons of Mangham’s Naturalistic Tendency Ⅰ Mangham的自然主义的倾向原因 [translate] 
a遭受这个重病 Suffers this serious illness [translate] 
ashutdown force 停工力量 [translate]