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Please allow me on behalf of the American guests to all of you thank you, thank you for unparalleled hospitality.


Please allow me, on behalf of all your United States visitors to thank you, thank you unmatched hospitality.


Please allow me, on behalf of all your United States visitors to thank you, thank you unmatched hospitality.


Please allow me, on behalf of all of you the American guests thank you, thank you unmatched for their hospitality.


Please allow me to represent your all US visitors to express thanks to you, thanks your unequalled entertaining lavishly.
a准备一周 Prepares a week [translate] 
acf card petected error 锎拟订petected错误 [translate] 
aSigmadur 520 Sigmadur 520 [translate] 
a痳煩 痳 It is noisy [translate] 
a我去了上海在五一 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSensor zone head 传感器区域头 [translate] 
a叶轮的座 Impeller place [translate] 
acontracts this project. [translate] 
athe only is my love 唯一是我的爱 [translate] 
arepresent the class 代表类 [translate] 
a- A patient's room. -患者的室。 [translate] 
a当我写到这的时候,我可以肯定地说,一个词可以改变世界,他有足够的力量,这个词就是创新 When I write about this time, I may definitely say that, a word may change the world, he has the enough strength, this word is the innovation [translate] 
a一个译者总是处于原著、原作者和译著、译者、读者之间 A translator always is in between the original works, the original author and the translation, the translator, the reader [translate] 
aStandard). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们和他们待了差不多小时,陪他们做游戏,一起合影,送他们礼物。走的时候,他们送我们到校门口,会说话色喊着财大的,你们还要来啊!他们需要的不仅是物质,还要社会爱心的关怀 We and they have treated the similar hour, accompanies them to make the game, takes a group photo together, gives them the gift.Walks, they deliver us to the school gate mouth, can speak the color to shout wealth big, you also must come! Not only they need are the material, but also wants the social [translate] 
a照看孩子很细心 Looks after the child to be very careful [translate] 
afrom america is china far 美国来自瓷 [translate] 
aFor sampling rate, 8000Hz, 11025 Hz and 16000Hz are suitable for voice, 22050 Hz for tape quality and 44100 Hz - for CD quality. 为采样率, 8000Hz、11025赫兹和16000Hz为声音、22050赫兹为磁带质量和44100赫兹是适当的-为CD的质量。 [translate] 
a我很感激您对我这么多年的关心和照顾 I am very grateful you to I such many year cares and the attendance [translate] 
a这是一本关于人,羊和狼的书 This is one about the human, Yang Helang the book [translate] 
ai am not sure if i will stay here forever, but now 10 years have passed its a long time. I think i will maybe move back to Sweden later sometime. Sweden is a great country 我不是肯定的,如果我永远将呆在这里,但10年现在通过了它很长时间。 我认为我后可能将移动回到瑞典某时。 瑞典是一个伟大的国家 [translate] 
aThanks for your help to deliver the goods to our factory. But please noted that our purchase term with Damon is FOB, but now we are doing the FOB by ourselves now (for 2 shipments), please advise how are we going to settle the FOB fees, these should be deducted from our payment for the 2 shipments. 感谢您的帮助交付物品到我们的工厂。 但请注意到,我们的购买期限与Damon是FOB,但我们由我们自己现在现在做着FOB (为2发货),请劝告怎么是我们去安定FOB费,这些应该从我们的付款扣除为2发货。 [translate] 
a好久不见,你还好吗亲爱的? Does not see for a long time, you fortunately dear? [translate] 
a没有人有耐心听你讲完自己的故事,因为每个人都有自己的话要说 Nobody has the patience to listen to you to tell own story, because each people all have own speech to want to say [translate] 
a六年小学和三年初中 In six years elementary school and three beginnings of the year [translate] 
a没事的时候多写写英语单词,练些语法 Is all right time writes English word, practices a grammar [translate] 
aOrder must confirm on August 29th to catch Nov 25th shipdate 命令在8月29日必须证实捉住11月25日shipdate [translate] 
aif you are smiling send me your smiles 如果您微笑着送我您的微笑 [translate] 
asulfur content 硫磺含量 [translate] 
a你必须给他们树立榜样 You must give them to set up the example [translate] 
apetty cash helmut 零用金helmut [translate] 
aUnitElbows CS 45 deg UnitElbows CS 45程度 [translate] 
a主 食 主食 [translate] 
awhat can i do now?don't know.i just feel so boring.i'm so boring that i talk with myself 我可以现在做什么?如此没有know.i正义感受boring.i'm如此乏味我与我自己谈话 [translate] 
aI huffed 我威迫了 [translate] 
a不知道 所以才感慨 Did not know therefore only then sighs with emotion [translate] 
a分布式模型 Distributional model [translate] 
a今天晚上18:40在老地方见 Tonight 18:40 sees in the previous place [translate] 
amy coupter can not type chinese 我的coupter不可能键入中国人 [translate] 
a生日是人生中最快樂的一天 The birthday is in the life most joyful one day [translate] 
astand in their own corner, pretending that he is only a traveler 立场在他们自己壁角,假装他是只有旅客 [translate] 
aROYAL (blended whisky) the founder IDEAL 皇家(被混和的威士忌酒)创建者理想 [translate] 
a世界闽商联合会 World Fujian business federation [translate] 
aultimate radiance 最后发光 [translate] 
a也许你能在这里找到适合的东西给你妹妹 Perhaps you can find the suitable thing in here to give your younger sister [translate] 
a广州市白云区西槎路968号A座五楼 West Guangzhou white clouds area bamboo raft road 968 A place five buildings [translate] 
aAgree!!! That bitch usually call me if she goes k or clubbing 同意!!! 那条母狗通常告诉我,如果她去k或棍打 [translate] 
a1 colour printing:0.59 USD 1彩印:0.59 USD [translate] 
a亲爱的 我也爱你 Dear I also love you [translate] 
aClose turfing 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aOXO. Control The Chaos. 含氧。 控制混乱。 [translate] 
aI know, but they do. There are still many people who think that Koreans can't speak English well. But I think if you practice, you can speak English very well. 我知道,但他们。 仍然有认为的许多人韩国人不可能很好讲英语。 但我认为您是否实践,您可以很好讲英语。 [translate] 
a西槎路 West bamboo raft road [translate] 
a简约风格中的文化渗透 In brief style cultural infiltration [translate] 
auprooted 连根拔 [translate] 
a开通手机上网业务 Clear handset surfer service [translate] 
a请允许我代表你们所有的美国客人向你们表示感谢,感谢你们无与伦比的盛情款待。 Please allow me to represent your all US visitors to express thanks to you, thanks your unequalled entertaining lavishly. [translate]