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I am very grateful to you for your concern and care for so many years


I am grateful to you for so many years of care and attention


Me appreciate you for years concern and care


I am very grateful to you for so many years of care and concern


I am very grateful you to I such many year cares and the attendance
adual weapon mastery 双重武器精通 [translate] 
ahapp.y happ.y [translate] 
a坐1路车到火车站 Rides 1 group vehicle to the train station [translate] 
acarton size: cm 纸盒大小: cm [translate] 
a你一直是我的依赖 You always are my dependence [translate] 
athat is significantly higher. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAdded several lua routines 增加了几个lua惯例 [translate] 
aFrist milion served in 24 hours 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我经常被欺负,被嘲笑,就因为你是新人 I am bullied frequently, was ridiculed, because you are the new person [translate] 
a在这段时间里,我一定会好好珍惜你。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a上海老洋房花园饭店 Shanghai Old Foreign-style house Garden Hotel [translate] 
a 林甸县  Lindian County [translate] 
ahe cannot give love which I want I have verified with An Jian, your thing may take to bring with the airplane, does not have the question, please feel relieved. [translate] 
adeveloping by time 开发在时间以前 [translate] 
a我空间里有,你随便看 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aFor sampling rate, 8000Hz, 11025 Hz and 16000Hz are suitable for voice, 22050 Hz for tape quality and 44100 Hz - for CD quality. 为采样率, 8000Hz、11025赫兹和16000Hz为声音、22050赫兹为磁带质量和44100赫兹是适当的-为CD的质量。 [translate] 
a我们和他们待了差不多小时,陪他们做游戏,一起合影,送他们礼物。走的时候,他们送我们到校门口,会说话色喊着财大的,你们还要来啊!他们需要的不仅是物质,还要社会爱心的关怀 We and they have treated the similar hour, accompanies them to make the game, takes a group photo together, gives them the gift.Walks, they deliver us to the school gate mouth, can speak the color to shout wealth big, you also must come! Not only they need are the material, but also wants the social [translate] 
aThanks for your help to deliver the goods to our factory. But please noted that our purchase term with Damon is FOB, but now we are doing the FOB by ourselves now (for 2 shipments), please advise how are we going to settle the FOB fees, these should be deducted from our payment for the 2 shipments. 感谢您的帮助交付物品到我们的工厂。 但请注意到,我们的购买期限与Damon是FOB,但我们由我们自己现在现在做着FOB (为2发货),请劝告怎么是我们去安定FOB费,这些应该从我们的付款扣除为2发货。 [translate] 
ahe would like is a teach 他会想要是教 [translate] 
a请允许我代表你们所有的美国客人向你们表示感谢,感谢你们无与伦比的盛情款待。 Please allow me to represent your all US visitors to express thanks to you, thanks your unequalled entertaining lavishly. [translate] 
afrom america is china far 美国来自瓷 [translate] 
a好久不见,你还好吗亲爱的? Does not see for a long time, you fortunately dear? [translate] 
a很高兴能在上海与你见面。我将于10月23号到达上海。在23号、24号我均可安排时间与你见面。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai am not sure if i will stay here forever, but now 10 years have passed its a long time. I think i will maybe move back to Sweden later sometime. Sweden is a great country 我不是肯定的,如果我永远将呆在这里,但10年现在通过了它很长时间。 我认为我后可能将移动回到瑞典某时。 瑞典是一个伟大的国家 [translate] 
a深圳市坪山新区比亚迪路 后续相当数量车辅助部件 [translate] 
aPlease enter a valid serial number 请进入一个合法的号码 [translate] 
aplease allow me to express the most heartfelt welcome to allof you on behalf of class one 请允许我表达最衷心的欢迎对allof您代表类一个 [translate] 
a未来世界是和平的战争,不会爆发在任何一个地方 Future the world will be the peaceful war, will not be able to erupt in any place [translate] 
aNot so warm.In fact,it's a little cold. 不那么温暖。实际上,天气一少许冷的。 [translate] 
asegmented market 被分割的市场 [translate] 
aDon't care about at that time gain and loss, don't be stubborn, can't think that is a trifling matter carelessness. This habit 对那时不要关心获取,并且是trifling问题粗心大意的损失,不倔强,不可能认为。 这习性 [translate] 
aplease read it fast 请读它快速地 [translate] 
a我居然为你悄悄的为你流下了眼泪 I quietly was unexpectedly you have flowed off the tear for you [translate] 
aI think our school would makes us wait a long time 我认为我们的学校会牌子我们等待很长时间 [translate] 
aI could've sold twice as many. 我可能两次卖了许多。 [translate] 
aComplex kiss 复杂亲吻 [translate] 
a熟记于心 Memorizes Yu Xin [translate] 
a在大学校园里,逃课已是普遍存在的现象 In the university campus, skips classes already is the universal existence phenomenon [translate] 
aアルデノン 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait imposes costs on individuals and society 它强加费用给个体和社会 [translate] 
a残雪小妖相爱 The remnant snow small monster falls in love [translate] 
akind mom 亲切的妈妈 [translate] 
aI'm a gossip man 我是一个闲话人 [translate] 
acapability to detect internal signal modulation such as 查出内部信号模块化例如的有能力 [translate] 
asleep soon 睡眠 很快 [translate] 
aLike a walk 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a为什么要这样呢,难道不做你女友就是陌生人了吗,我现在要生气了,我说过我没谈过恋爱,我害怕,我胆怯,我害怕男生,可你的态度让我太失望了,去你的,姐姐我不伺候你了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asign the statement 签署声明 [translate] 
a对印第安人人格的偏见和歧视, To Indian personality prejudice and discrimination, [translate] 
aare we there yet 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThere is always something too late to say. 总有太晚的事以至于不能说。 [translate] 
a周末帮忙照顾孩子 Weekend helps to look after the child [translate] 
aZ scores Z比分 [translate] 
aa convertibility clause 可变换性条目 [translate] 
a在时间背后任何事情都会过去. Anything can pass behind the time. [translate] 
aLiving on my own is a totally different experience for three main reasons:being more responsible,more decisive and more creative 居住独自是完全不同的经验为三个主要原因:是更加负责任,更加果断和更加创造性的 [translate] 
a我很感激您对我这么多年的关心和照顾 I am very grateful you to I such many year cares and the attendance [translate]