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I was informed 9:30
aa litte more 更litte [translate] 
a七十九个纸盒 79 paper carton [translate] 
asystem powers on after AC power is restored 在交流电能以后恢复系统力量 [translate] 
aThere is someone that is coming or passing away in your life around the clock, so you may lose sight of those seen, and forget those remembered. There is gain and loss in your life, so you may catch sight of those unseen, and remember those forgotten. Nevertheless, doesn‘t the unseen exist for sure? Will the remembered 有是来或日以继夜过世在您的生活中的人,因此您可以忽略被看见的那些,并且忘记记住的那些。 有获取和损失在您的生活中,因此您可以瞥见那些未看见,并且记得被忘记的那些。 然而, doesn `t未看见肯定存在? 记住的是否永远将保持? [translate] 
a我的空荡荡的机场 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我想要水单 I want the bill of lading [translate] 
a这可能是一个商务餐厅 简洁的装饰和布局符合现代都市的快节奏生活 人们可以在餐厅内边享受美食边谈论公事两不误 This possibly is a commercial dining room succinct decoration and the layout conforms to the modern metropolis quick rhythm to live the people to be possible on the one hand to enjoy on the other hand the good food in the dining room to discuss official business without hampering the other [translate] 
a生活中有些人遇到点困难就灰心丧气。 In the life some people encounter a difficulty to be disheartened. [translate] 
a数学附加分 Mathematics attaches the minute [translate] 
a暗粉 Dark powder [translate] 
a他会愉快的退下来 He can happy draw back down [translate] 
aMy mother is a Accounting She works very well Accountant [translate] 
aRose是我的朋友,她的妈妈是我的老师 Rose is the friend of mine, her mother is my teacher [translate] 
a通过1235合金铸轧卷的生产试验,分析了影响铸轧卷板形的主要因素,确定了铸轧辊的磨削参数和质量要求。试验结果表面铸轧卷横断面形状是板形控制的关键,通过调整辊缝可以改变铸轧卷的板厚和板形,调整两侧压力可改变同板差。铸轧辊冷却强度过大或过小都对铸轧卷板形不利。 Casts through 1235 alloy rolls over the volume the production experiment, analyzed the influence to cast rolls over the volume shape of strip the primary factor, had determined cast the roller the grinding parameter and the quality requirement.The test result surface casts rolls over the volume cros [translate] 
aDon’tforgetthethingsyouonceyouowned.Treasurethethingsyoucan’tget.Don'tgiveupthe” 唐’ tforgetthethingsyouonceyouowned。Treasurethethingsyoucan’ tget。Don'tgiveupthe” [translate] 
athose things were not produced until long after he died 半新及早 [translate] 
amy dear grabing eggs? 我亲爱的grabing的蛋? [translate] 
a可以学到课本以外的知识 May learn outside the textbook knowledge [translate] 
a附庸风雅 Posing as a cultured person [translate] 
a我们的自行车作为他们的相同。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a前几天之所以没有去,是因为天一直下雨 The reason that has not gone couple days ago, was because the day rains continuously [translate] 
ajust take me as i am so please have faith 请采取我,我如此喜欢有信念 [translate] 
aI can get you some red paint for Easter eggs. 我可以得到您一些红色油漆为复活节彩蛋。 [translate] 
a我的头发有点长了,下午我要把它剪短点 My hair, in the afternoon I have had to clip a little steadily it [translate] 
a她去了图书馆 She has gone to the library [translate] 
aget more out of your 使更多脱离 [translate] 
ascientists are trying to let big monkeys drive trains 科学家尝试让大猴子传动 [translate] 
a为保护果蔬免受运输中损伤,包装箱内应有衬垫、填充物或内包装 In order to protect the fruits and vegetables to exempt is transported damages, the packing case planted agent has the liner, the filling material or in the packing [translate] 
aplese pvovide sfafement view uixf page plese pvovide sfafement视图uixf页 [translate] 
aThe door stayed open when there was nobody there 被停留的门开放,当没人 [translate] 
a经历了98年洪水 Has experienced 98 years flood [translate] 
a他们的生活将会更好 Their life will be able better [translate] 
a警察的来访与丢失的孩子be connected with无关 Police's visit has nothing to do with with loss child be connected with [translate] 
a3d settings 3d设置 [translate] 
a上学时 Goes to school when [translate] 
aI will be staying at a sheraton outside of the old city wall 我停留在一sheraton在老城市墙壁外面 [translate] 
a一颗满怀期待的心 Fills with the anticipation the heart [translate] 
a每天吃水果 Every day eats the fruit [translate] 
a你一旦明白这条规则,就再也没有困难了 Once you understood this rule, again also did not have the difficulty [translate] 
a发侧 发侧 [translate] 
a你能把这个消息告诉他父母吗? You can tell this news his parents? [translate] 
aJimmy must goin bed for another two days. 吉米必须goin床另外二天。 [translate] 
a总的来说这个英语俱乐部是不错的 Generally speaking this English club is good [translate] 
ai am staying alone in the beach 我在海滩单独停留 [translate] 
a突然,一辆自行车从我的身边经过,从上面掉下来了一个小箱子 Suddenly, a bicycle from mine side process, has fallen from above a small box [translate] 
aBut one of the problems with dead people , the Vezo say,is that because they also "feel a longing for the living"they may be inclined to return to them and,in some cases,create difficulties.Even the beloved dead are therefore a source of ambivalence. 但其中一个问题与死的人民, Vezo言,是,因为他们“也感觉渴望生活"他们也许倾斜返回到他们,并且,在某些情况下,创造困难。因此心爱的死者是矛盾心理的来源。 [translate] 
a导演觉得这个年轻人不行!就把他撵下台去。后来悉尼想了很多。他认识到他阅读能力太差,并下决心要好好学。在此后的6个月中,他拿出尽可能多得时间进行阅读。 The direct thought this young people are not good! Expels him leaves office.Afterwards Sydney has thought very many.He realized reads ability to him too to be bad, and decides to be friends with is diligent.In hereafter 6 months, he puts out is as far as possible many the time to carry on reading. [translate] 
aYou must reinsttallor call customer supoore 您必须reinsttallor电话顾客supoore [translate] 
a通过英语四级考试不是为了得到学位证。其实对我来说独立学院给我颁发这个学位证是对我的侮辱。我努力的原因完全是证明自己不是垃圾。我的高中同学一直是我要追赶的目标。加油刘甘。 Is not in order to obtain the degree card through the English four levels of tests.Actually issues this degree card to my independent institute to me is to my insult.My diligently reason is completely proved oneself is not trash.My high school schoolmate always is a goal which I must pursue.Refuels [translate] 
aWhen is the concert? 何时是音乐会? [translate] 
a满足的感觉 Satisfied feeling [translate] 
a隆起欧力 Sticks out Ou Li [translate] 
ado you make good grades 您成功好 [translate] 
a请尽快打电话给她 Please as soon as possible telephone for her [translate] 
ahirst hot trend first hirst热趋向首先 [translate] 
a9:30通知我 9:30 informs me [translate]