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a乘船夜游苏州古镇(自愿) Goes by boat the night to tour the Suzhou Guzhen (voluntarily) [translate] 
a那里有很多很多得故事。 There has very many are very many the story. [translate] 
aspell the phrases 拼写词组 [translate] 
a-Receive Documents for Completion [translate] 
a???涓?釜?????コ瀛┿? 执行?涓?釜?态度恶劣?コ瀛┿ ? [translate] 
aa large number as much as you need 大数和您一样多需要 [translate] 
alocated in several folders,this media contains the language files foe both,the installation and the upgrade 位于几个文件夹,这媒介包含语言文件仇敌,设施和升级 [translate] 
a是目前国际上常用的衡量人体胖瘦程度以及是否健康的一个标准 Is on the present international commonly used weight human body degree of stoutness degree as well as whether a healthy standard [translate] 
a联想营销创意大赛 Association marketing creativity big game [translate] 
a强力实施 Force implementation [translate] 
athen l helped my mun 然后l帮助了我的mun [translate] 
aYou know everything`s still up in the air. 您在天空中仍然知道一切`s。 [translate] 
a污染的损失 Pollution loss [translate] 
a组织一次聚餐 Organizes one time to dine together [translate] 
aAfter curing the hard coat surface is scratch resistant 在治疗以后坚硬外套表面是抓痕抗性 [translate] 
athey may work well together, but how can you justify the number? 他们可以能一起很好工作,但怎么您辩解数字? [translate] 
aInternet的第一次快速发展源于美国国家科学基金会(National Science Foundation简称NSF)的介入,即建立NSFNET。 The Internet first fast development source (National Science Foundation is called NSF) in US National Science Foundation the involvement, namely establishes NSFNET. [translate] 
a契丹西楼最早是指代辽朝早期行政中心所在的地域名称,而并不是特指某处或某组具体建筑 West Qidan the building most early refers to the region name which the generation of Liao Dynasty early time administration center is at, but is not referring in particular to somewhere or some group of concrete constructions [translate] 
a不过只有一点点了 But only then little [translate] 
a残雪小妖相爱 The remnant snow small monster falls in love [translate] 
a他教的英语很好也很幽默让我没有一点恐惧 He teaches English is very good very is also humorous lets me not have a fear [translate] 
athird eye to help 三只眼帮助 [translate] 
a飞机已经起飞了吗? The airplane has already taken off? [translate] 
athis is Tony 变成否定句 Tony this is Tony turns the negative sentence Tony [translate] 
aorganic Immortelle essential oil, concentrated in time-released micro capsules, for a long lasting anti-wrinkle, anti-free radical and firming effectiveness 有机Immortelle精油,集中在时间被发布的微胶囊,为一道持久反皱痕,无反根本和牢固的有效率 [translate] 
a那太危险了 That too dangerous [translate] 
a股票上市公司 Stock to be listed [translate] 
a多亏了我们的相互合作,相互支持 Had been lucky our mutual cooperation, supports mutually [translate] 
a你最好读完这些英语阅读材料 You should better read off these English reading material [translate] 
aHad better not meet, and thus you would not fall in love; Shoud不是集会和您不会因而坠入爱河; [translate] 
a我不想我们之间有任何误会 I did not think between us has any misunderstanding [translate] 
a每天吃水果 Every day eats the fruit [translate] 
a用英語 Business English [translate] 
aThis summer vacation was very exciting for me because I went to America. I did plenty of things. I went shopping for clothes and acceries. I had a lot of fun. Besides that, I also went to Disney World. I went on a lot of rides. I most enjoyed the scary rides. This summer was a lot of fun, I just wish it was longer. 因为我去美国,这次暑假为我是非常扣人心弦的。 我做了大量事。 我去购物衣裳和acceries。 我获得了很多乐趣。 除那以外,我也去迪斯尼世界。 我在很多乘驾去。 我最享受可怕乘驾。 这个夏天是很多乐趣,我祝愿它是更长的。 [translate] 
aReview the observations on the Quick Look II screen to determine the type of alert condition. 回顾观察在快速查找II屏幕确定机敏的情况的种类。 [translate] 
ain the use and functioning of language 在用途和作用语言 [translate] 
aI have to go to work soon 我必须去工作很快 [translate] 
a以...的方式 By…Way [translate] 
a经过这次比赛加深了同学之间的友谊,使我们班更加团结 Deepened between schoolmate's friendship after this competition, causes our class even more to unite [translate] 
aThe door stayed open when there was nobody there 被停留的门开放,当没人 [translate] 
awant to know you have boyfriend or not 想要知道您有男朋友 [translate] 
ahe would like is a teach 他会想要是教 [translate] 
ano .because my parents have stable job ,they have no time ,as for me ,i must be independent, .because我的父母没有稳定的工作,他们有时间,至于为我,我必须独立, [translate] 
aWhat course did the girls have to finish at the end of the 12 weeks? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你们老师允许你们带电脑到学校吗? Told the truth [translate] 
a把日记,相册,网络溶为一体, The diary, the photo album, the network dissolves is a body, [translate] 
a毋庸置疑,在这个战争、经济灾难还有自然灾害频发的10年间,中国的崛起(rise sharply)是头号新闻。 Without a doubt, at this war, the economical disaster also has during 10 years which the natural disaster frequency sends, China rises (rise sharply) is the top-quality news. [translate] 
aRetail method 零售方法 [translate] 
a他不会说话,但能凭借手势与人交流 He cannot speak, but can rely on the hand signal and the human exchanges [translate] 
a他给我买了一件连衣裙 He has bought an one-piece dress to me [translate] 
a我很了解我的侄子因为我看着他长大 I understand me very much the nephew because I think he grows up [translate] 
ay_c_yStop Live In This World. y_c_y [translate] 
a向前直走三分钟 Goes straight three minutes forward [translate] 
aEyes like the rain! I wish she said are not, don't let me trust cannot withstand a single blow so good? 眼睛喜欢雨! 我祝愿她说不是,不要让我信任不能承受唯一吹动很好? [translate] 
aStay hungry,stayfoolish! 逗留饥饿, stayfoolish! [translate] 
a打听别人的私事是不礼貌的。 Inquires others private affair not politeness. [translate] 
aEstimated gross profit rates 估计的毛利对估计 [translate]