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Your school need?




What do you attend class need?
aCMJ 你是唯一的宝贝 CMJ you are the only treasure [translate] 
athe correct answers are not available or published 正确应答不是可利用或出版 [translate] 
a我们班有40多人尝试过披萨 Our class has more than 40 people to attempt has thrown over Sa [translate] 
aCould you arrange which day We have meeting to discussion for next week ? 您可能安排哪天我们开会议到讨论为下个星期? [translate] 
a我在七年级九班里面 I inside seven grade nine classes [translate] 
aHer second and the third albums,Under My Skin and The best Damn Thing,reached No.1 on the global charts 她第二和第三个册页,在我的皮肤和最佳的事之下,在全球性图没有到达了 [translate] 
a总而言之,现在的学习状况挺好的 In brief, present study condition very good [translate] 
awhen we should 当我们应该 [translate] 
a你父亲通常早上干什么? What does your father usual early morning do? [translate] 
afor containers and tanks 为容器和坦克 [translate] 
aAny time, any place Any time, any place [translate] 
aposition of the spud carriage related to the ladder pivot spud支架的位置与梯子枢轴有关 [translate] 
ai like english ,so i study hard 。YES 我喜欢英语,因此我艰苦学习。是 [translate] 
aPath through the thorns 道路穿过刺 [translate] 
aREPAY_AMT REPAY_AMT [translate] 
a.When the board was spinning slowly, you could see all the different colours. . 当委员会慢慢地转动,您可能看所有不同的颜色。 [translate] 
a失去很多 Loses very many [translate] 
a我觉得你英语讲得很好 I thought your English says very much well [translate] 
a那一定是我的,我的名字在上面 That is certainly I, my name in above [translate] 
asend sb sth 送sb sth [translate] 
a这个故事让我笑 This story lets me smile [translate] 
aMay I have your name,Please? 我可以有您的名字,请? [translate] 
ahave you a computer in your home 有您计算机在您的家 [translate] 
aa warm solution of acetic acid and acetic anhydride reacts with amino compounds at a rate that is often suitable for laboratory purposes,and this alternative has been selected for today's experiment. 乙酸和乙酸酐的一种温暖的解答起反应与氨基化合物以为实验室目的经常是适当的率,并且这个选择为今天实验被选择了。 [translate] 
ashoot ln trffic 射击ln trffic [translate] 
a国庆节你打算去哪里玩? The National Day you planned where plays? [translate] 
awhat pet does the writer have? 作家有什么宠物? [translate] 
a感到幸福 Feels happy [translate] 
aDongguan Xin Yu ultrasonic co. ltd Dongguan辛Yu超音波co。 有限公司 [translate] 
a在上学日中 In goes to school in Japan [translate] 
aAwaiting Verification 等候证明 [translate] 
a上个星期我们学校举行了校运会。我们班参加仰卧起坐、端水接力的男女生各有15人。我们班取得了良好的成绩。在拔河比赛中,我们班输了,但是我相信下次我们会赢的! The last week we the school held the school to transport the meeting.Our class participates in the sit-ups, end Shui Jielidi the male female student has 15 people respectively.Our class has obtained the good result.In tug-of-war competition, our Ban Shu, but I believed next time we will be able to w [translate] 
a减少对一次性筷子的使用 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI want go airport now and wait lol 我要现在去机场并且等待lol [translate] 
a有多种变化形式 Has many kinds of change form [translate] 
awhen you have protect yourself,you will put your friends in a difficult situation 当您有保护自己,您在一个困难的情况将投入您的朋友 [translate] 
acan you understand me 能您明白我 [translate] 
aI used to eat candy all the time Did you? 我曾经吃糖果一直做了您? [translate] 
a检查船体,填写报告,与船东船检交流 Inspects the hull, filling in reported that, examines the exchange with the shipowner ship [translate] 
a林涛是一个初中生。他很喜欢学英语。每天早晨他都朗读英文半小时。在课堂上他注意听讲并积极回答问题。你瞧,他现在正在读英文呐。 The sound of the wind in the trees is a junior high pupil.He likes studying English very much.Every morning he all reads aloud the English for half hour.He pays attention in the classroom listens and answers the question positively.You look, he is reading English now. [translate] 
a同时,公司正积极筹备向资本市场进军。 At the same time, the company arranges positively to the capital market march. [translate] 
a只要你需要 So long as you need [translate] 
a今天公司不忙,所以我一直在坐着 Today the company is not busy, therefore I am sitting continuously [translate] 
a总是很懒惰 Very is always lazy [translate] 
ano its ok i have U want me bring some of your clothes to airport we stay in the big city until sunday [translate] 
aThe greatest historical treasure of all is London with its museums,art collections,theares,parks and buildings 全部的最伟大的历史珍宝是伦敦与它的博物馆、艺术品收藏、theares、公园和大厦 [translate] 
athe industrial revolution that transformed stable agrarian societies into everchanging industrial entities began not so much with any key technology as with a complex of ideas,dispositions,and social arrangements that forstered innovation and production。 变换稳定的耕地社会成不断变化的工业个体的工业革命从所有关键技术不非常开始了和与forstered创新和生产想法、性格和社会安排的复合体。 [translate] 
a在日常生活中,与我们相处融洽的邻居是我们更加愉快 In the daily life, is together the harmonious neighbor with us is we happier [translate] 
a我们不要担心这些问题,我们去面对他们吧 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aストリンジェンド Aldiga [translate] 
a禁不住做某事 Cannot forbid to make something [translate] 
a禁止不住做某事 Cannot forbid to make something [translate] 
aYour backpack is nice. 您的背包是精密。 [translate] 
a他长高了,他非常想知道什么时候可以去美国 He long has been high, he wants to know extremely when can go to US [translate] 
a我阿姨并没有放弃他 My aunt has not given up him [translate] 
a你上课需要什么? What do you attend class need? [translate]