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Their short arms short legs


Their short arms and short legs


Their short arms and short legs




Their arm short leg short
a这是鲁迅曾经住过的房子 This was Lu Xun has lived a house [translate] 
a那是公开的吗 That is public [translate] 
awhat sylish women are wearing in paris will be worn by women all over the world 什么sylish妇女在巴黎佩带佩带将由妇女全世界 [translate] 
amanaging change. 处理的变动。 [translate] 
a你将被带到总经理面前对你的行为作出解释 You are led to make to general manager in front of to your behavior the explanation [translate] 
a但同时现在因为资源的 原因为我的生活提供了不便 But simultaneously because now the resources reason has provided for mine life inconveniently [translate] 
a那你是做什么的呢? What then you are do? [translate] 
a太多的测验与考试几乎把这个可怜的孩子逼疯了 Too many examinations and the test compelled nearly this pitiful child insanely [translate] 
a这栋楼是那栋楼的十倍 This building is that building ten times [translate] 
aIhiveyou Ihiveyou [translate] 
a一些人喜欢城市生活,城市里什么都有:想买的,想玩的,还有时尚。 Some people like the city life, in the city anything have: Wants to buy, wants to play, but also has the fashion. [translate] 
agay big bears 快乐大熊 [translate] 
adate on your visa label or visa grant letter. 日期在您的签证标签或签证津贴信件。 [translate] 
aWe want to have a chance to enjoy ourselves 我们想要有机会享用我们自己 [translate] 
aClick the Download Inventory File link found under the Manage Your Inventory header. 点击下载库存文件链接被发现在处理之下您的存货倒栽跳水。 [translate] 
a最佳解决方法:抬起离合器踏板时动作要慢 ; 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait was full of her family's photographs 它是充分的她的家庭的相片 [translate] 
a对卖家有欺诈行为,永远不能出售货物给这样的买家 Has the fraudulent practice to the seller, never can sell the cargo to give such buyer [translate] 
aSuch at Watergate,have disappointed youth about the honesty of people in higher positions. 这样在水门,在更高的位置辜负了青年时期关于人诚实。 [translate] 
abetter stay in 更好 逗留在 [translate] 
a大家好,我叫吴晓婷,我今年一经16岁了,来自临沭,我家有四口人,我的爸爸·妈妈·和弟弟,我的爸爸是一名司机,我的妈妈是一名家庭主妇,我的弟弟是一名四年级的学生。我有很多爱好·比如看书,上网,跑步....因为它们可以让我感到快乐..我喜欢的科目是英语 数学 语文.. Everybody good, my name am Wu Xiao Ting, as soon as my passed through 16 years old this year, came from Linshu, my family had four people, my daddy · mother · and the younger brother, my daddy was a driver, my mother was a housewife, my younger brother was a 4th class student.I have very many hobbie [translate] 
a在跳远比赛中表现比较差 Displays quite badly in the long jump competition [translate] 
a做一些力所能及的小事,就算是把路边乱飞的塑料袋扔进垃圾桶,也可以让他人感到被关怀的幸福。 Makes some in one's power minor matter, even if is the plastic bag which randomly flies the roadside throws the trash can, also may let other people feel happiness which shows loving care for. [translate] 
aThere are a large number of people learning English in the world 有学会英语在世界的很大数量的人 [translate] 
aNATURAL SPRAY 自然浪花 [translate] 
a他们的生活将会更好 Their life will be able better [translate] 
a我比小学的时候更愿意交朋友 I compared to elementary school's time is willing to become friends [translate] 
a如果你在做数学题 If you are making the mathematics problems [translate] 
ahow is your weekend 怎么是您的周末 [translate] 
aWay are sandwiches so popular in the West 方式是三明治很普遍在西方 [translate] 
a他过去沉迷与电子游戏,但是现在他积极参加各种活动 He passes sinks confuses with the computer game, but he positively participates in each kind of activity now [translate] 
a感觉很坏 The feeling is very bad [translate] 
a1. Write a short essay with about 300 words on this topic: 1. 写一篇短的杂文以大约300个词在这个题目: [translate] 
a我的头发有点长了,下午我要把它剪短点 My hair, in the afternoon I have had to clip a little steadily it [translate] 
a海南是一个观光旅游的好地方 Hainan is a sightseeing traveling good place [translate] 
a先天下兴亡,匹夫有责。——顾炎武 First world rise and fall, everyone has a share of responsibility.- - Gu Yanwu [translate] 
aYour backpack is nice. 您的背包是精密。 [translate] 
a闫楼小学 Yan building elementary school [translate] 
awe are fisting her ass right now.. 我們現在fisting她的驢子。 [translate] 
a算了,你忙你的吧,我下了 Considers as finished, you are busy you, I have gotten down [translate] 
ahe has a point 他有点 [translate] 
a是的,一个人在这的啊! Yes, a person in this! [translate] 
aDo my Best to Be my Best 做我最佳我最佳 [translate] 
aFatal error: Call to a member function getall() on a non-object in 致命错误: 叫对一成员作用getall ()在非对象在 [translate] 
awith gradmu 与gradmum lol [translate] 
a要对发明有兴趣 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们将开始工作,按照上次的日程表,明天下午5:30分卢将到学校接你一起开团队内部会议,商量9日和侨鑫集团的会议安排。 We will start to work, according to the previous time schedule, tomorrow afternoon 5:30 minute Lu Jiangdao the school will meet you to hold the team interior conference together, will discuss on 9th and the foreign national Xin group's conference arrangement. [translate] 
a吃些药你很快就会好的 Takes a medicine you very quickly to be able good [translate] 
a设置11个工作站 Establishes 11 workstations [translate] 
a我是一位学生 I am a student [translate] 
ashe wakes up at six o'clock in the morning 她醒在早晨六点 [translate] 
awhen you have protect yourself,you will put your friends in a difficult situation 当您有保护自己,您在一个困难的情况将投入您的朋友 [translate] 
aFinancial institutions are exposed to interest-rate risk because of mismatches in the maturity structure and repricing terms of their assets and liabilities. 财政机关被暴露在利率风险由于配错用他们的财产和责任的成熟结构和重新定价期限。 [translate] 
a我们现在为什么总是感觉到有很多的困难 Why did we always feel now has very many difficulties [translate] 
a他们胳膊短腿短 Their arm short leg short [translate]