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There was once a day, a tiger captured a fox for dinner


One day, a tiger picked up when a Fox came to dinner


One day, a tiger picked up when a Fox came to dinner


Once upon a time there was only one day, a tiger and a fox to supper


Formerly one day, a tiger caught a fox to work as supper
aLikes oneself liking, walking oneself lives each step. 喜欢自己喜欢,走的生活每步。 [translate] 
asay, let the tears on [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!Thank you for your reply Please input the text which you need to translate! Thank you for your reply [translate] 
aNOTE: If you are just testing this script place "Test" in the title so we knowto delete it later. Thanks! 注: 如果您是正义的以后测试这个剧本地方“测试”在标题,因此我们knowto删除它。 谢谢! [translate] 
a这个男人给警察打电话 This man telephones to the police [translate] 
aD. essential D. 根本 [translate] 
a你挺喜欢笑的啊 You very like smiling [translate] 
afantastic novel 意想不到小说 [translate] 
a这么多的时间 Such much time [translate] 
a速度非常快 The speed is extremely quick [translate] 
aIt was sunny on Mondy and Wednesday last week.On Tuesday it was cioudy.On Thursday and Friday,It was rainy.It was cool.On Saturday and Sunday,it was windy.It was warm. 它上星期是晴朗的在Mondy和星期三。在星期二它是cioudy。在星期四和星期五,它是多雨的。很酷。在星期六和星期天,它是有风的。天气温暖的。 [translate] 
a我有些看不懂你翻译的词语的意思 I somewhat cannot understand the words and expressions meaning which you translate [translate] 
aI hope the company will send the skimmers to your place. 我希望公司将送漏杓到您的地方。 [translate] 
a已经凋谢 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aits been a while since 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他小时候喜欢赛艇、骑马等体育运动,也非常喜欢画画和弹钢琴。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahumidistat 恒湿器 [translate] 
athey don't make a lot of photoshoots 他们不做很多photoshoots [translate] 
aYou must also consider any possible impact on the safety of others in the working or learning environment 您必须也考虑对其他的安全的所有可能的冲击在运作的或学习环境里 [translate] 
aI want someone who's afraid of losing me…… 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou need a multiouch screen to piay the hand clapping game 您需要multiouch屏幕对piay拍手比赛 [translate] 
ais this your father 是这个您的父亲 [translate] 
along parts 长的零件 [translate] 
aideal used as a foundation cream 理想使用作为粉底霜 [translate] 
aSun Camera's quality is very good 太阳照相机的质量是非常好 [translate] 
a而且也能防止在购物中收到假钞,避免了被骗的可能性 Moreover also can prevent receives the counterfeit paper money in the shopping, has avoided the possibility which deceives [translate] 
a记得不要在图书馆大声讲话 Remembers do not have in the library loud speech [translate] 
a甘肃的一本杂志 A Gansu's magazine [translate] 
a这样,在你与朋友之间就有很多乐趣了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他最终经营了一家公司 He has finally managed a company [translate] 
a然而国内在此类粮食储备库的设计缺乏经验 However domestic lacks the experience in this kind of grain reservoir design [translate] 
a昨天是国庆节的第一天,我们一家人去洞头玩。在那里我看到了美丽的瓯江。瓯江是我们的母亲河。养育着这片生机勃勃的土地。我们深深地爱着这条母亲河。 Yesterday was the National Day first day, our whole family went to Dongtou to play.Saw the beautiful Oujiang River in there me.The Oujiang River is our mother river.Is raising this full of vitality land.We deeply are loving this mother river deeply. [translate] 
a我喜欢每一分每一秒和你在一起 I like each minute each second with you in together [translate] 
a我认为这样很好,可以为自己的梦想而努力是一件很美好的事情 I thought is like this very good, but may for own dream the endeavor be a very happy matter [translate] 
a我是商英班的一名学生,我所面临的就业方向是外贸方面的,当然作为一名外贸者,首先必须对自己所想去的城市进行一个透彻的了解,今天我就来说一下,我对我所想去的那个城市的概况 I am a business England class's student, I face the employment direction is the foreign trade aspect, certainly took a foreign trade, first must the city which wants to go to oneself carry on a thorough understanding, today I, I that city survey which wants to go to me [translate] 
afurlough 休假 [translate] 
a他是我的好朋友,他陪伴我成长,他是重要的在我的生命力 He is my good friend, he accompanies me to grow, he is important in mine vitality [translate] 
a重要的社会问题 Important social question [translate] 
a分数而是做人 But the score is the personhood [translate] 
aYou think I will see my 您认为我将看见我 [translate] 
aBest choice for now.later we still can be together. 最佳的选择.later我们可以一起仍然暂时是。 [translate] 
a在我们学校。50个同学做公共汽车上学。200个同学骑自行车上学。30个同学做地铁上学。120个同学走路上学。还有50个同学做小车上学。 In our school.50 schoolmates make the bus to go to school.200 schoolmates ride the bicycle to go to school.30 schoolmates make the subway to go to school.120 schoolmates walk go to school.Also some 50 schoolmates make the car to go to school. [translate] 
ait used to be thought that the earth was flat 它曾经被认为地球是平的 [translate] 
aa risk to let your child go to school by himself. 风险让您的孩子走学校他自己。 [translate] 
a我妈妈感觉不舒服,他不想吃任何东西。 My mother felt not comfortably, he does not want to eat anything. [translate] 
a全年进出口总额达一万一千五百四十八亿美元,比上年增长35.7% Whole year the imports and exports total amounts to 1,000,000,000,000 US dollars, grew 35.7% compared to the last year [translate] 
asydeny sydeny [translate] 
aAtualmente estamos voltado para área agrícola, gráfica e ferragistas. Atendemos, com grande prazer, todos os nossos clientes com a nossa linha de produtos e serviços de Importação 从它的基础, STM在提供被承诺最佳的全世界标记的Deliverering产品它的网,用排他性为零件promply交付和竞争价格供应所有国家和保证,因此送货员我们的网可能给市场的最佳的协助技术。 [translate] 
aI just want a quiet love,no quarrel, no jealousy,as long as we are together more than anything else,If you do not leave, I do not give up,Can it? 我想要安静的爱,没有争吵,没有嫉妒,只要我们比别的一起是更多,如果您不离开,我不放弃,是? [translate] 
a你们生活还习惯吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
anormal request 正常请求 [translate] 
a毒品对策协议会 The narcotic countermeasure agreement meets [translate] 
a大呼 Large call [translate] 
a以前上英语课 In before class in English [translate] 
a你要欢度这个日子吗? You must celebrate joyfully this day? [translate] 
a从前有一天,一只老虎抓来一只狐狸来当晚餐 Formerly one day, a tiger caught a fox to work as supper [translate]