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I do not regret it came to this school


I do not regret it come to this school


I do not regret it come to this school


I do not regret coming to this school to learn


I did not regret arrives this school study
athe notebook must belong to linde.it has her name on it 笔记本必须属于linde.it有她的名字对此 [translate] 
aIn this section, you will convert numbers among binary, decimal and hexadecimal representations. [translate] 
a成为公司的一份子 Becomes the company an individual contribution [translate] 
adrehdurchfuhrung 被密封的段落为转轴 [translate] 
a超细氮化钛的合成 Superfine titanium nitrides synthesis [translate] 
aLay carpet tile adhesive in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions 位置地毯瓦片胶粘剂与制造商的指示符合 [translate] 
ayou have appeared to my life 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe Summit also received reports from events taking place in parallel to the World Food Summit - the NGO Forum(11-17 November 1996), a meeting of Parliamentarians(15 November 1996) and the International Youth Forum(15-16 November 1996). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他开始都是老师或 He starts all is teacher or [translate] 
a我们结婚时候是2011年12月8日! We marry the time is on December 8, 2011! [translate] 
a大理一下农场吧 A Dali farm [translate] 
a还是我大事未成,不让我分心? My important matter has not become, does not let me divert attention? [translate] 
aMidtone Adjustment Settings Midtone调整设置 [translate] 
a他妈的就是个自作多情大傻逼 CRRNM His mother is an original work full of affection compels CRRNM greatly silly [translate] 
a使他们更好地了解生活 Makes them to understand the life well [translate] 
a自我介绍。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThis is true whether the individuals in question are the employees, clients, or "victims" of public administrative agencies. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIt is big and nice 大和好 [translate] 
a我组织了几次由我们的CFO主讲的小培训 I have organized several times small training which lectures by ours CFO [translate] 
a经历了98年洪水 Has experienced 98 years flood [translate] 
a捐钱怎么样 How donates money [translate] 
a他过去沉迷与电子游戏,但是现在他积极参加各种活动 He passes sinks confuses with the computer game, but he positively participates in each kind of activity now [translate] 
ahe should take exercise 他应该采取锻炼 [translate] 
a要珍惜你生命中的蓝月亮 Must treasure in your life the blue moon [translate] 
a曾嘉茹 Zeng Jiaru [translate] 
a愉悦的工作环境 Joyful working conditions [translate] 
a当别人对你所说的话作评论时,你要认真听 When others said to you when the speech makes the commentary, you must listen earnestly [translate] 
a就算没有公主.我们也要成为王子 Even if does not have princess. We also must become the prince [translate] 
a一周的实习让我学会了如何更好地与别人沟通 How did a week-long practice let me learn well and others communication [translate] 
apain of 痛苦 [translate] 
a可以学到课本以外的知识 May learn outside the textbook knowledge [translate] 
a大家好,我叫吴晓婷,我今年一经16岁了,来自临沭,我家有四口人,我的爸爸·妈妈·和弟弟,我的爸爸是一名司机,我的妈妈是一名家庭主妇,我的弟弟是一名四年级的学生。我有很多爱好·比如看书,上网,跑步....因为它们可以让我感到快乐..我喜欢的科目是英语 数学 语文.. Everybody good, my name am Wu Xiao Ting, as soon as my passed through 16 years old this year, came from Linshu, my family had four people, my daddy · mother · and the younger brother, my daddy was a driver, my mother was a housewife, my younger brother was a 4th class student.I have very many hobbie [translate] 
a我认为作文不应该只限于死记硬背题型 I thought the thesis should not only be restricted in the mechanical memorizing topic [translate] 
a你还玩过什么? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你呢,结婚了吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amaybe you have old ones i have not seen before May think these pictures to me [translate] 
a这导致了概念的模糊和保护的不周, This has caused the concept fuzzy and the protection not the week, [translate] 
a上午我们在一起打扑克 We together are playing the playing cards in the morning [translate] 
a交卷前确保所有题目都已经完成 Front completed an assignment guarantees all topics all already to complete [translate] 
aIf not all 如果不所有 [translate] 
a精品男人 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a那是我第一次浏览长城 That is I first time glances over the Great Wall [translate] 
a保护的不周, Protection not week, [translate] 
awhy is he so reluctant to serve me hot water 为什么是他很勉强服务我热水 [translate] 
a在近一个月内 In near month [translate] 
a这是我的笔友海伦。他爱好阅读,会打网球。擅长英语,会一点汉语。他去过许多国家,但没去过中国。他的梦想是2012年来中国。 This is my pen pal Helen.He likes reading, can play tennis.Good at English, speaks a Chinese.He has gone to many countries, but has not gone to China.His dream is since 2012 China. [translate] 
a港猪 Port pig [translate] 
aAnd then,even with the noise of the crowded street still baring in their ears,they noticedwithin twenty feet turn and look to see if the money that tinkled on the pavement was theirs. 然后,甚而以仍然露出在他们的耳朵,他们noticedwithin二十英尺轮和神色的拥挤街道的噪声看金钱在路面发了叮当声是否是他们的。 [translate] 
a试样材料可以少些 The sample material may few [translate] 
aHong Kong Pig 香港猪 [translate] 
a我的爱好特长是交朋友 My hobby special skill is becomes friends [translate] 
alaws in this world behind him 法律在这个世界在他之后 [translate] 
a款式相同 Design same [translate] 
a我发送你们需要的发票和装箱单给你.请查收. I transmit the receipt and the packing list which you need give you. Please search and collect. [translate] 
a我想推荐AMY为最佳女运动员 I want to recommend AMY am the best female athlete [translate] 
ai planed to join you in the morning exercises this morning ,but i overslept 我计划今晨加入您在早晨锻炼,但我睡过头了 [translate] 
a我不后悔来到这个学校学习 I did not regret arrives this school study [translate]