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Knowledge can learn beyond the school curriculum


Can science beyond the textbook knowledge


Can science beyond the textbook knowledge




May learn outside the textbook knowledge
a我不知道怎么用 I did not know how uses [translate] 
aIl più ho voluto dimenticare il più memorabile. 更多我有故意忘记最难忘。 [translate] 
a他的妹妹已飛往紐約去了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a有人看见她在教室里看书。英文 翻译 Some people see her to read in the classroom.English translation [translate] 
aHave memories of it? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a自控能力差的同学会趋向选择不严格的老师 Automatic control ability difference fellow student association trend choice not strict teacher [translate] 
a它们能让我学到很多课本上没有的知识。也让我了解了很多世界各地的知识 They can let me learn in very many textbooks no knowledge.Also let me understand the very many world each place knowledge [translate] 
a有数据表明不光放弃高考赴海外读书的高中生明显增多办理赴海外读高中的学生也比往年增加了两到三成。 Not only some data indicated the giving up college entrance examination to go to the high-school pupil who the overseas studied to increase obviously handle go to the student who the overseas read the high school also compared to the old times to increase two to 30%. [translate] 
a我认为是否有问题? I thought whether has the question? [translate] 
athe papers in such books are designed from inception to review and augment existing knowledge of particular aspects of a specialized,unitary topic. 纸在这样书从开始被设计回顾和增添一个专业,单一的题目的特殊方面现有的知识。 [translate] 
a睫毛、眉毛 Eyelash, eyebrow [translate] 
a당신없이는 살 수 없다 您那里不是居住的可能性无, [translate] 
a日本兵库县立大学 Japanese Arsenal County-operated University [translate] 
a我不是个好女孩 I am not a good girl [translate] 
ahow is weather april 怎么是天气 4月 [translate] 
amy dear grabing eggs? 我亲爱的grabing的蛋? [translate] 
a通过1235合金铸轧卷的生产试验,分析了影响铸轧卷板形的主要因素,确定了铸轧辊的磨削参数和质量要求。试验结果表面铸轧卷横断面形状是板形控制的关键,通过调整辊缝可以改变铸轧卷的板厚和板形,调整两侧压力可改变同板差。铸轧辊冷却强度过大或过小都对铸轧卷板形不利。 Casts through 1235 alloy rolls over the volume the production experiment, analyzed the influence to cast rolls over the volume shape of strip the primary factor, had determined cast the roller the grinding parameter and the quality requirement.The test result surface casts rolls over the volume cros [translate] 
a前几天之所以没有去,是因为天一直下雨 The reason that has not gone couple days ago, was because the day rains continuously [translate] 
a十大城市之一 One of ten big cities [translate] 
a9:30通知我 9:30 informs me [translate] 
athose things were not produced until long after he died 半新及早 [translate] 
ajust take me as i am so please have faith 请采取我,我如此喜欢有信念 [translate] 
a苏珊相信他们能安全到达这里 Susan believed they can arrive safely here [translate] 
a我们的自行车作为他们的相同。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afeel in the mood for sth 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asurface resistivity 表面抵抗力 [translate] 
a好漂亮的姑娘……乔认识她么? Good attractive girl ......Qiao knows her? [translate] 
apain of 痛苦 [translate] 
a当别人对你所说的话作评论时,你要认真听 When others said to you when the speech makes the commentary, you must listen earnestly [translate] 
a你还玩过什么? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a需要用到小舌音还是大舌音呢 Needs to use the uvular consonant big lingual [translate] 
a我不后悔来到这个学校学习 I did not regret arrives this school study [translate] 
a一周的实习让我学会了如何更好地与别人沟通 How did a week-long practice let me learn well and others communication [translate] 
a你呢,结婚了吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a'cool' can be used to express feelings of interest in most everything ‘凉快’能使用表现出兴趣的感觉在多数everying [translate] 
a我认为作文不应该只限于死记硬背题型 I thought the thesis should not only be restricted in the mechanical memorizing topic [translate] 
a否!然樱花灿烂,是本属樱花自芳。 Otherwise! However the oriental cherry is bright, is this is the oriental cherry fragrantly from. [translate] 
a他不需要更多时间来学习 His need more time do not study [translate] 
a政府可以制定新的法规来保护野生动物 The government may formulate the new laws and regulations to protect the wild animal [translate] 
a我曾当过英语晚会的节目主持人 I once have worked as English party M.C [translate] 
a2007 PIAGGIO MP3 250IE FUEL PUMP ASSEMBLY 2007 PIAGGIO MP3 250IE供给燃料泵汇编 [translate] 
aSAP ECC 6.0 is part of product instance SAP ECC server , and includes sortware component SAP APPL . 树汁ECC 6.0是产品事例树汁ECC服务器的一部分,并且包括sortware组分树汁APPL。 [translate] 
aAs I promised, I'vegotsome great stuff specially for you,megan. 如同我许诺了, I'vegotsome伟大的材料特别地为您, megan。 [translate] 
a当他是小孩时,他就表现出了对音乐的极大兴趣 When he is the child, he displayed to the music enormous interest [translate] 
a虽然我们输了昨天的比赛但我们都尽力了。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abreaking my fence and handmade gate-was mostly 打破我的篱芭和手工制造门是主要 [translate] 
a离开时要保证发动机已停止运转 Leaves when must guarantee the engine stopped the revolution [translate] 
athose teachers on the other floors had different feelings 那些老师在其他地板上有不同的感觉 [translate] 
aI'm not in love with him, you cannot love him 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a医学上,癌症可以被治愈 In the medicine, cancer may cure [translate] 
aput the underlined sentence in para 3 into chinese 放在下面划线的句子在巴拉3入汉语 [translate] 
a你上学没? You go to school do not have? [translate] 
a学校有点小,风景也不好。可是经过十几天的时间,觉得我们学校也不差啊,而且老师都很热情 The school is a little small, the scenery is not good.But passes through several days, thinks our school not not badly, moreover teachers very are all warm [translate] 
a.O.M. (Gigabyte Online Manager) . O.M. (十亿字节网上经理) [translate] 
a我保证重复使用购物袋 I guarantee the repetition use shopping bag [translate] 
a我很严重吗? I very serious? [translate] 
a可以学到课本以外的知识 May learn outside the textbook knowledge [translate]