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A beautiful girl ... ... Joe know her?


Beautiful girl of sth Joe do you know her?


Beautiful girl of sth Joe do you know her?


What a beautiful girl ...... Joe recognize her?


Good attractive girl ......Qiao knows her?
a猪公 我是真的爱了,只是埋藏在心里,回到原点吧 ,猪祝福你 Pig male I was have really loved, only was buries in the heart, returned to the zero point, the pig prayed for heavenly blessing you [translate] 
a出粗车 Leaves the roughing [translate] 
a本仪表可供的品种和压力规格较齐全,压力计量单位除了以“MPa”为主外,也可制成“psi,bar"等其它单位或主,付两种单位,航头螺纹尺寸有公,英,美制等若干种,任由用户抉择。其价格仅相当于普通的抗振压力表。 This measuring appliance may supply the variety and the pressure specification are complete, pressure measuring unit besides by “MPa” primarily, also may make “psi, bar " and so on other units or the host, pays two kind of units, the navigation thread size has male, England, the US standard and so o [translate] 
alimited by federal law 由联邦法律限制 [translate] 
aI want you to notice,   when I'm not around. 我要您注意,   当我不是。 [translate] 
a近年来,教育改革使学生身心受益匪浅。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a失去创造力对一个国家来说很危险 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atheater misled defense 剧院误引的防御 [translate] 
a根据试验船舶和工程区域地理信息建立船舶、码头及周边地理环境的三维视景系统 According to experiments the ships and the project region geography information establishment ships, the wharf and the peripheral geographical environment three dimensional ground view system [translate] 
a我因你开心而开心;因你不快乐而焦虑。 I am happy because of you and am happy; Is not joyful because of you and is anxious. [translate] 
aSTOPPER COLLAR 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a对于爱情请相信勿迷失 Regarding love please believe do not lose [translate] 
a你经常敢接虚弱和疲倦吗 You dare to meet frequently weak and weary [translate] 
a土壤里的有害物质危害食品的安全 In soil deleterious substance harm food security [translate] 
a谁都不愿意,再看到一个卖火柴的小女孩 Everybody does not want, again saw sells the matches to one the little girl [translate] 
aS-Sara-sensei,why are you dressed like that? S-Sara-sensei,为什么您打扮像那样? [translate] 
a我忽视了许多重要的地方 I have neglected many important places [translate] 
aJust poped in and haven't got time to switch to computer poped和没得到时刻交换到计算机 [translate] 
a我宁愿看电视也不愿踢足球 I rather looked the television is not willing to play the soccer [translate] 
aget more out of your 使更多脱离 [translate] 
athe governor cap 州长盖帽 [translate] 
a好电话不方便给就算了 The good telephone gave not conveniently [translate] 
a他出身于维也纳--奥地利的首都,是吗? His family background in Vienna--Austria's capital, right? [translate] 
asurface resistivity 表面抵抗力 [translate] 
a苏珊相信他们能安全到达这里 Susan believed they can arrive safely here [translate] 
a你还玩过什么? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他胃口好了,除了偶尔想到自己是个病弱者之外,他心情保持愉快 His appetite has been good, besides occasionally thought oneself is a weakling, his mood maintains happily [translate] 
a可以学到课本以外的知识 May learn outside the textbook knowledge [translate] 
afeel in the mood for sth 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a需要用到小舌音还是大舌音呢 Needs to use the uvular consonant big lingual [translate] 
a扩建食堂 Expands the cafeteria [translate] 
a当别人对你所说的话作评论时,你要认真听 When others said to you when the speech makes the commentary, you must listen earnestly [translate] 
a曾嘉茹 Zeng Jiaru [translate] 
a上课听不进去课而且还说话做一些小动作 Attends class turns a deaf ear to the class moreover also to speak makes some petty actions [translate] 
a5% Final Payment shall be made against the following documents. 5%最后支付将付反对以下文件。 [translate] 
a上个月的销售额为 The previous month sales volume is [translate] 
aChina is the most dynamic economy in the world, and as more and more Companies are listed, they need the best audit, tax and advisory services. This is the opportunities and challenges for KPMG. And I hope we can seize the opportunities and face the challenges together. 中国是最动态的经济在世界上,并且,因为越来越公司是列出的,他们需要最佳的审计、税和咨询服务。 这是机会和挑战为KPMG。 并且我希望我们可以抓住机会和一起面对挑战。 [translate] 
aVertriebsaktivitaeten Vertriebsaktivitaeten [translate] 
aJapanese Macaca monky has been studied in the wild for over 50 years.In 1952,one small Japanese island,scientists dropped some 日本猕猴属monky在狂放被学习了50年。1952年,一个小日本海岛,科学家下降了一些 [translate] 
aThere are quite a lot of activities to do on a camping trip such as hiking,fishing,horseback riding,swimming,and climbing mountains 有要做的相当多活动在一次野营例如远足,钓鱼,马术、游泳和上升的山 [translate] 
a参加这个活动能提高我们的英语口语能力 Participates in this activity to be able to sharpen our English spoken language ability [translate] 
aa cap of tea 茶盖帽 [translate] 
a事业企业单位 Enterprise enterprise unit [translate] 
a你表哥是警察,对吗?不他是个老师 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMother's love implicit The gentle 母爱含蓄柔和 [translate] 
a增强自己的信心 Heightens own confidence [translate] 
athey persuaded him into admitting his crime 他们说服了他入承认他的罪行 [translate] 
a她学习总是这么努力 She studies always such diligently [translate] 
a有不同的态度 Has the different manner [translate] 
a我的唯一,要守护 I only, must protect [translate] 
a严家淦我爱你那就怪了O(∩_∩)O哈哈~ Yan Jiagan I liked your that blaming O(∩_∩)O ha ha ~ [translate] 
a你应该多做笔记 You should do write down [translate] 
aThe second I 秒钟I [translate] 
aIt is awfully easy to be hard-boiled about everything in the daytime,but at 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a那么您必须首先证明你的价值 Then you must first prove your value [translate] 
a小孩可以在电脑上玩游戏 The child may play the game on the computer [translate] 
a好漂亮的姑娘……乔认识她么? Good attractive girl ......Qiao knows her? [translate]