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a300 wristband left! let's sell out by Friday 300袖口离开! 我们在星期五以前全部售光 [translate] 
a高端配置保证机子的可靠性与高效节能性; The high end disposition guarantees the loom the reliability and the highly effective energy conservation; [translate] 
aThus,only combinations of UV-and thermal-cured coatings seem to bo the technically feasible technique until now 従って、組合せの紫外線および熱治されたコーティングだけboへようである技術的に実行可能な技術の今まで [translate] 
agreenwich asronomical observatory 格林威治asronomical观测所 [translate] 
a感谢你对我的喜爱 Thanks you to my affection [translate] 
a要是她发现你把她的书弄丢了将会怎么样? If she discovered how you will lose hers book have been able? [translate] 
a关于DKT10266的辅料卡信息更正 About DKT10266 supplementary material card information correction [translate] 
aMcCune Associates, Architect, Talleyville, McCune同事,建筑师, Talleyville, [translate] 
alooked around 看了在附近 [translate] 
a螺纹管接头轴线应对中 The thread pipe connection spool thread should to, [translate] 
aHe always has a lot of questions 他总有很多问题 [translate] 
a如果你能来看我的话 我将十分感激 If you can come to see my speech I extremely will feel grateful [translate] 
aSince brand names vary, know the generic (chemical) names of your medications. It is always advisable to bring adequate supply of prescription and other medications from your home country. Check the expiration date on all medications. 因为品牌变化,知道您的疗程的普通(化工)名字。 带来处方和其他疗程充分供应从您的祖国总是适当的。 检查有效期在所有疗程。 [translate] 
athemselves a response to 'the expansion of the profession 他们自己对‘行业的扩展的一个反应 [translate] 
aI would like to have on the journey back to life in a day-porcelain 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a对卖家有欺诈行为,永远不能出售货物给这样的买家 Has the fraudulent practice to the seller, never can sell the cargo to give such buyer [translate] 
aClick the Download Inventory File link found under the Manage Your Inventory header. 点击下载库存文件链接被发现在处理之下您的存货倒栽跳水。 [translate] 
a在跳远比赛中表现比较差 Displays quite badly in the long jump competition [translate] 
a汤姆打算这个假期花时间和他的朋友在一起 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他们胳膊短腿短 Their arm short leg short [translate] 
ait was full of her family's photographs 它是充分的她的家庭的相片 [translate] 
a做一些力所能及的小事,就算是把路边乱飞的塑料袋扔进垃圾桶,也可以让他人感到被关怀的幸福。 Makes some in one's power minor matter, even if is the plastic bag which randomly flies the roadside throws the trash can, also may let other people feel happiness which shows loving care for. [translate] 
a许多事说着容易,做着难 Many matters were saying easy, is doing difficultly [translate] 
a大家好,我叫吴晓婷,我今年一经16岁了,来自临沭,我家有四口人,我的爸爸·妈妈·和弟弟,我的爸爸是一名司机,我的妈妈是一名家庭主妇,我的弟弟是一名四年级的学生。我有很多爱好·比如看书,上网,跑步....因为它们可以让我感到快乐..我喜欢的科目是英语 数学 语文.. Everybody good, my name am Wu Xiao Ting, as soon as my passed through 16 years old this year, came from Linshu, my family had four people, my daddy · mother · and the younger brother, my daddy was a driver, my mother was a housewife, my younger brother was a 4th class student.I have very many hobbie [translate] 
awe all live in past.we take a minute to know someone .one hour to like someone and oneday to love someone.I Waiting you forever。。。 我们全部在past.we作为居住每分钟知道某人.one小时对象某人和oneday爱某人。I永远等待您。。。 [translate] 
a一周的实习让我学会了如何更好地与别人沟通 How did a week-long practice let me learn well and others communication [translate] 
a今天要上学了,我感到高兴,我可以见到同学门了,同时我还有点不舍得家, Today must go to school, I felt happy, I might see schoolmate the gate, simultaneously I a little has not given up the family, [translate] 
a上个月的销售额为 The previous month sales volume is [translate] 
a他们说如果他今天下午来这儿就把这个消息告诉他 They said if he this afternoon comes here to tell this news he [translate] 
a曾嘉茹 Zeng Jiaru [translate] 
ahe should take exercise 他应该采取锻炼 [translate] 
aall of the students were safe 所有学生是安全的 [translate] 
a鑄片Support Rolls 鑄片支持劳斯 [translate] 
afeel in the mood for sth 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他胃口好了,除了偶尔想到自己是个病弱者之外,他心情保持愉快 His appetite has been good, besides occasionally thought oneself is a weakling, his mood maintains happily [translate] 
a那可能是他的,他学习英语 That is possibly he, he studies English [translate] 
a小龟你全家死光光 Small turtle you entire family death ray light [translate] 
a所以有越来越多的大学生选择去当公务员 Therefore has more and more many university students to choose works as the official [translate] 
a你女儿睡得正香 Your daughter rests the fragrance [translate] 
a设置(戏剧、小说等)背景 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a因为中国具有潜在的推动空间,人口多,经济增速快,消费水平不断提高,人们的财富积累不断扩大,外来产品的强势推动,导致奢侈品成为年轻人的消费主力,然而,越来越多的中国人移民到国外居住,中西文化的相互吸收,推进中国市场的发展,导致其他国家对中国发展前景虎视眈眈,而美国看到的是中国市场的巨大潜力,不仅是低廉的成本,无论人力、资源、物价等方面,都对企业具有巨大的吸引力,所以说中国市场是有利可图的。 Because China has the latent impetus space, the population are many, the economical speed-up is quick, the consumption level enhances unceasingly, people's wealth accumulates expands unceasingly, the external product strong trend impetus, causes the luxury goods to become young people's expense main [translate] 
athis is suneo 这是suneo [translate] 
aproyecting proyecting [translate] 
a用...充满 With…Fill [translate] 
a请教会我忘记 Consults meets me to forget [translate] 
aThanks for your listening Thanks for your listening [translate] 
a因为能做我想做的事情 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你妈妈住在哪里 Does your mother live in where [translate] 
a在王鹏的帮助下,认真学习王鹏关心、帮助李平;和他谈心;帮他复习功课,解决难题;使李平进步明显 In under the king huge mythical bird's help, studies Wang Peng to care about, helps Li to be even earnestly; Talks openly with him; Helps him to review the schoolwork, the solution difficult problem; Makes Li to progress evenly obviously [translate] 
a养心在静 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIdentifying operational improvements during 辨认操作改善在期间 [translate] 
a让我头脑清醒 Let me be clear-headed [translate] 
ado not turn off 不要转动 [translate] 
ashe gave in and bought a bike for her son 她屈服了并且买了一辆自行车为她的儿子 [translate] 
a我们承诺帮助你成功地改变你的情绪,否则如数退款 We pledged helps you to change your mood successfully, otherwise like the number refunds money [translate] 
a福建春天农业集团驻福州办事处 Fujian spring agricultural group in Fuzhou office [translate] 
aSuch at Watergate,have disappointed youth about the honesty of people in higher positions. 这样在水门,在更高的位置辜负了青年时期关于人诚实。 [translate]