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At 8 o'clock in the collection at the school gate


At eight o'clock in the morning at the school gate


At eight o'clock in the morning at the school gate




Today has an English oratorical contest
a我们把蛋糕分为5块 We divide into the cake 5 [translate] 
aFor the Iove of Iife, Wait fov Iove girI 为Iife Iove,等待fov Iove girI [translate] 
a有。。。的麻烦 Having.。。Trouble [translate] 
a你的压力的主要起因是什么 Your pressure main cause is any [translate] 
aMicrosoft's SQL UDP Info Query SQL UDP信息询问 [translate] 
a成千上万只蝴蝶会从各个地方来到泉边 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a寻找竞猜达人 Seeks competes guesses Daren [translate] 
afavors circular or indirect reasoning 厚待圆或间接推理 [translate] 
a对我院血液科2007年10月---2010年10月住院治疗且资料完整的308例AL病例进行回顾性调查研究 To my courtyard blood branch in October, 2007---In October, 2010 the hospital treatment also material integrity 308 example AL case of illness conducts the review investigation and study [translate] 
aSub Fung 次级Fung [translate] 
aOh no please 噢没有请 [translate] 
a到201室找汤姆领取 Asks Tom to 201 room to receive [translate] 
agive me i will waiting 给我我意志等待 [translate] 
a_CONFIG directive is used to embed configuratlon word within.asm file _CONFIG方针用于埋置configuratlon词within.asm文件 [translate] 
aI was very nerebdatori ... 我是非常nerebdatori… [translate] 
aThe door stayed open when there was nobody there 被停留的门开放,当没人 [translate] 
a姜敏赫 장 Minhe [translate] 
a需要用到小舌音还是大舌音呢 Needs to use the uvular consonant big lingual [translate] 
awhat a co_incidence co_incidence [translate] 
aI'm going to help you to cut flowers and draw pictures 我帮助您对刻花和画图片 [translate] 
a用电话预约了一个会面 Has made an appointment a meeting with the telephone [translate] 
aupdate political notes 更新政治笔记 [translate] 
awillaalbany57454 (10月 07 上午 8:53):‎ are you signed up to any dating sites? i met a lot of cool people on adult friend finder, and only weirdos on fling lol willaalbany57454 (10月07上午8:53) : 您签字由任何约会的站点决定? 我在成人朋友只有发现者和古怪的人遇见了很多凉快的人在猛冲lol [translate] 
a假期里我看了一本书叫小妇人 In the vacation I read a book to be called Little Women [translate] 
aPlease be advised that you cannot have more than 1,000 live and pending trades in your account at any one time. If you try to place more than 1,000 trades you will get an error message. 请注意:您在您的帐户不可能随时有超过1,000活和即将发生的贸易。 如果您设法安置超过1,000贸易您将收到错误信息。 [translate] 
a你努力工作 You work diligently [translate] 
aRemembering that you are going to die is the best wouy I know to avoid the trup of thinking you have something to lose.You are already naked.There is no reasor not to follow your heart. 记得您死最佳wouy我知道避免trup认为您有某事丢失。您已经赤裸。没有不追随您的心的reasor。 [translate] 
a他们谈话声音很低,故意不让人听见 They converse the sound to be very low, does not let the human hear intentionally [translate] 
a我忽视了许多重要的地方 I have neglected many important places [translate] 
aupgrade to SAP ECC 600 with Add-on ECC-SE 602 升级到树汁等600与添加ECC-SE 602 [translate] 
a我在一家钢管公司上班 I go to work in a steel pipe company [translate] 
a通过1235合金铸轧卷的生产试验,分析了影响铸轧卷板形的主要因素,确定了铸轧辊的磨削参数和质量要求。试验结果表面铸轧卷横断面形状是板形控制的关键,通过调整辊缝可以改变铸轧卷的板厚和板形,调整两侧压力可改变同板差。铸轧辊冷却强度过大或过小都对铸轧卷板形不利。 Casts through 1235 alloy rolls over the volume the production experiment, analyzed the influence to cast rolls over the volume shape of strip the primary factor, had determined cast the roller the grinding parameter and the quality requirement.The test result surface casts rolls over the volume cros [translate] 
ain my heart i feel you are all my brothers 在我的心脏我感到您是所有我的兄弟 [translate] 
a许多家庭没能得到足够的食物,只有少数孩子有受教育的机会 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a  我是一个性格开朗的女孩子,所以我的兴趣爱好很广泛。一个人在家的时候喜欢上网,或者听歌。不太喜欢太长时间的沉浸在书的世界里。既然我选择了这个专业,就会沿着我这条路,努力的,坚持不懈的走下去。   I am a girl who is cheerful, therefore my interest hobby is very widespread.A person in home's time likes accessing the net, or listens to the song.Not too likes the too long time the immersion in the book world.Since I have chosen this specialty, can along my this road, diligently, relentless wal [translate] 
aEverything passes-even regret 一切通过均匀遗憾 [translate] 
athe wind from the sea makes people fell on a summer evening 风从海牌子人民跌倒了一个夏天晚上 [translate] 
a多亏我父母的忠告,我才得以成功 Was lucky my parents' advice, I only then can succeed [translate] 
aAfter curing the hard coat surface is scratch resistant 在治疗以后坚硬外套表面是抓痕抗性 [translate] 
a彩色女孩 Colored girl [translate] 
a永别了,不见! Parted forever, does not see! [translate] 
aCalculate how many tears you shed,On behalf of another of my heart, how many lies spread,Stubborn that I really can change you,You install the innocent eyes to see, I am suffocating,Do not you see, I see your good,I'm still looking forward to have a miracle 计算您代表另我的心脏流洒的多少滴泪花,我可以真正地改变您的多少句谎言传播,倔强,您安装无辜的眼睛看,我suffocating,您没看见,我看见您好,我仍然盼望有奇迹 [translate] 
aYou said you will always stay with me. Accompany me to the last. But you still leave me. It does not matter. I do not blame you. Because I love you. . I will always love you. With my promise! 您说您总和我呆在一起。 伴随我对持续。 但您仍然留下我。 没事。 我不责备您。 由于我爱你。 . 我总将爱您。 以我的诺言! [translate] 
a材料结实 Material solid [translate] 
aa letter "s"should be double like this "across" 信件“s "应该是双重象这样“横跨” [translate] 
a这里有些铅笔是给你的。 Here some pencil are for you. [translate] 
aThey they your parents 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a如果限制了用于每个队员身上的资金的最高限额,会直接磋商运动员的积极性,也是那些运动俱乐部无法聘请到更加优秀的运动员,从而无法赢得比赛 If limited has used in on each member body the fund ceiling, could consult athlete's enthusiasm directly, also was these movement club is unable to invite a more outstanding athlete, thus was unable to win the competition [translate] 
aWill be gone! 将去! [translate] 
aBrave woman than the cowardly woman beautiful fore Pathophysiologic涵义 [translate] 
a令我最兴奋的是,我们全家一起去看阅兵式 Make me most excited is, our entire family looks at the formation for review and inspection together [translate] 
a离开 是想你记住我 我办事 [translate] 
amy looking 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a不要自以为是,耍小聪明 Do not think oneself infallible, acts smart [translate] 
a我们应该好好保持东城的环境 We should maintain east city's environment well [translate] 
ain tehe future 在tehe未来 [translate] 
a早上八点钟在校门口集合 Today has an English oratorical contest [translate]