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ayou know,we are going tohave a baskerball game against class three on sunday 您知道,在星期天我们是去的tohave每baskerball比赛反对类三 [translate] 
a我绝不允许你那样对妈妈说话 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在他所学的功课中 Studies in him in schoolwork [translate] 
a这是一个成功的象征。 This is a successful symbol. [translate] 
a你是哪个国家的人 留个电话号码好吗 Which national person are you Keeps the telephone number [translate] 
aFencing, Lighting and Guarding: 操刀,照明设备和守卫: [translate] 
a质量监督局 它由安定反应成为在空气和跟随加热分解在惰性气体之下从Polyacrylnitril [translate] 
a还积极认真对待每个课程设计的机会来提高我的运用知识和融会贯通的能力 Also positive earnestly treats the opportunity which each curriculum designs to sharpen ability which my utilization knowledge and achieves mastery through a comprehensive study of a subject [translate] 
a哥本哈根落地窗倒影着我爱你的明媚 Copenhagen French window inverted image I am loving you beautifully [translate] 
aGimmeAllYou Love GimmeAllYou爱 [translate] 
ai want to see your soni through the holes in your face 我在您的面孔想要通过孔看您的soni [translate] 
aas he walked along,he looked intowater,and he saw his reflection. 当他走了,他看了intowater,并且他看了他的反射。 [translate] 
anumpad 1 numpad 1 [translate] 
aHappy Birthday 愉快 生日 [translate] 
aasis catalogue asis编目 [translate] 
a我的头发有点长了,下午我要把它剪短点 My hair, in the afternoon I have had to clip a little steadily it [translate] 
a爱狗者 Loves the dog [translate] 
afeel in the mood for sth 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我必须努力忘记 I must forget diligently [translate] 
a每次我听见这首歌,我就会想起李明 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a姐姐因为爱你 Because the elder sister loves you [translate] 
athey are offered free jouneys around the world .that is to say ,they can travel around the country freely 提供他们自由jouneys在世界.that is to say范围内,他们可以移动在国家自由地 [translate] 
a做为一名小学生 Does is an elementary student [translate] 
aObject feference not set to an instance of an object 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我以前有着短发。我以前比现在矮。我以前比现在瘦。我以前比较文静,现在比较外向。 I before has the short hair.I before is shorter than the present.I before is thinner than the present.I before quite is gentle, now compares the extroversion. [translate] 
a通过1235合金铸轧卷的生产试验,分析了影响铸轧卷板形的主要因素,确定了铸轧辊的磨削参数和质量要求。试验结果表面铸轧卷横断面形状是板形控制的关键,通过调整辊缝可以改变铸轧卷的板厚和板形,调整两侧压力可改变同板差。铸轧辊冷却强度过大或过小都对铸轧卷板形不利。 Casts through 1235 alloy rolls over the volume the production experiment, analyzed the influence to cast rolls over the volume shape of strip the primary factor, had determined cast the roller the grinding parameter and the quality requirement.The test result surface casts rolls over the volume cros [translate] 
a我会根据自己的特长,挑选适合我的工作 I can act according to own special skill, the choice suit my work [translate] 
ain my heart i feel you are all my brothers 在我的心脏我感到您是所有我的兄弟 [translate] 
a十一假期很多同学都出去玩去了,而我却在家呆着哪都没去。 11 vacation very many schoolmates all exited to play, but which did I stay actually in the home all have not been going. [translate] 
a我忽视了许多重要的地方 I have neglected many important places [translate] 
aPlease be advised that you cannot have more than 1,000 live and pending trades in your account at any one time. If you try to place more than 1,000 trades you will get an error message. 请注意:您在您的帐户不可能随时有超过1,000活和即将发生的贸易。 如果您设法安置超过1,000贸易您将收到错误信息。 [translate] 
a请输入您需cannot find ftd2xx.dll please要翻译的文本! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aClick the Download Inventory File link found under the Manage Your Inventory header. 点击下载库存文件链接被发现在处理之下您的存货倒栽跳水。 [translate] 
aRemembering that you are going to die is the best wouy I know to avoid the trup of thinking you have something to lose.You are already naked.There is no reasor not to follow your heart. 记得您死最佳wouy我知道避免trup认为您有某事丢失。您已经赤裸。没有不追随您的心的reasor。 [translate] 
a之前给你的邮箱收不到你的邮件 Before cannot receive your mail for yours mailbox [translate] 
amen's health formula 人的健康惯例 [translate] 
a尽量给你的老板留下一个好的印象 Gives you boss to make a good impression as far as possible [translate] 
a我们一边看电视一边吃饭 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amrs green two children.Tom is seven while Ann only four.Tom goes to school Ann doesn't.When tom is home.he plays Ann.usually he is very nice to Ann. 绿色夫人 二个孩子。汤姆是七,当安时 仅四。汤姆去学校 安不。当汤姆是 home.he戏剧 Ann.usually他是非常好的对Ann。 [translate] 
aNo plating allowed at area 镀层没有允许在区域 [translate] 
a老师告诉我, 李华每天来我们交流中心。她擅长绘画。她教孩子们画画。有时,她在周末来我们中心教英语。她是个非常聪明的女孩。她为中心做了很多 Teacher tells me, Li Hua comes our exchange center every day.She excels at the drawing.She teaches the children to paint pictures.Sometimes, she comes our center in the weekend to teach English.She is an extremely intelligent girl.She has done very many for the center [translate] 
a我们可以为运动员打扫操场 We may clean the drill ground for the athlete [translate] 
aOld Timers Day 老朋友天 [translate] 
a工程建设对进港湾航道通航影响评估 The engineering construction to enters the harbor route to be open to navigation the influence appraisal [translate] 
a我的桔子,我的瓷砖 My orange, my ceramic tile [translate] 
a我们班上有些孩子带眼镜 In our class some child innertube eyeglasses [translate] 
a放了太多盐盐 Has put the too many salty salt [translate] 
a她的眼睛失明是一起车祸造成的 Her eye loses one's sight is the traffic accident creates together [translate] 
a我和爸爸打乒乓球 I and the daddy play the ping pong [translate] 
ahe doesn't play the violin so well as his father 他不如此播放小提琴井作为他的父亲 [translate] 
aOur company address is in my email signature below. Please let us know once you have made the arrangements to send the samples. 我们的公司地址在我的电子邮件署名如下。 一旦您做安排送样品,请告诉我们。 [translate] 
aplot area dimensions 剧情区域维度 [translate] 
a值得称赞的是:这四个国家在一些方面的确是共同合作的。 Is worth commending: These four countries indeed are cooperate together in some aspects. [translate] 
a可能以后,我们都看不清,我说爱你的曾经,一直守护的曾经,不愿放弃的曾经,那些曾经,在这一刻变成腐朽的回忆。 Possibly after, we cannot see clearly, I said loved you once, continuously protects once, was not willing to give up once, these once, turned the decayed recollection in this moment. [translate] 
a我的书包里有一本英语书。 In my book bag has an English book. [translate] 
aFool I love you love you love you 傻瓜我爱你爱您爱您 [translate] 
aMr zhang has been in this school for ten years 张先生在这所学校十年 [translate]