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ai do not doubt in the least that inflation leads to decline 我在最少不怀疑通货膨胀带领下降 [translate] 
acoolgen coolgen [translate] 
ayou can whether wait here for another two hours or come back tomorrow 您能是否这里等待另外二个小时或回来的明天 [translate] 
ayour behaviour is totally unprofessionsl and i am disappointed with the lack of respect you are showing me 您的行为完全是unprofessionsl,并且我对您显示我的缺乏尊敬失望 [translate] 
awe is e big pen e banand and e banand 我们是e大笔e banand和e banand [translate] 
aTreasureNow‥ 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awife was really funny 妻子是真正地滑稽的 [translate] 
aYour message has been sent. Thank you! 传送了您的信息。 谢谢! [translate] 
aWe should try our best to make mistakes as few as possible 我们应该设法我们最佳使差错只有成为可能 [translate] 
aBE sure to see this exhibition at the Lido Gallery .Amuy Kim is one of the best-know Chinese photographers in the world today,and some of her most famous photos are on display in the exhibition 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhere is zhang yimou from? 是张yimou何处从? [translate] 
aattached for your information is a summary of ways in which we are currently engaging with leading oil companies 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAchieve does not justify 达到不辩解 [translate] 
a你呢,结婚了吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a● 负责部分设计活动环节与准备道具工,完成为期半年的教育课 * Is responsible for the part design link and the preparation stage prop labor, completes half year education and training division [translate] 
aupgrade to SAP ECC 600 with Add-on ECC-SE 602 升级到树汁等600与添加ECC-SE 602 [translate] 
a自行处理 Processes voluntarily [translate] 
aBy God grace, i'm doing good. 由God雍容, i'm做好。 [translate] 
aDo you want to stay safe and have fun while you're on the Intern 为什么不要能我们投入有些图片在其他人的网站 [translate] 
a春晚植入广告有百分之五是央视发展的需要,而且植入方式非常自然 Spring late implants the advertisement to have 5% is CCTV need to develop, moreover implants the way unusual nature [translate] 
aAllowing nature to take its course. 允许自然采取它的路线。 [translate] 
asemen for leukocytes should be done with the understanding that “round cells” on semen analysis may represent either leukocytes or immature germ cells. 应该做精液为白血球以“圆的细胞”在精液分析也许代表白血球或未成熟的生殖细胞的理解。 [translate] 
a数据挖掘仿真结果分析 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我和我的父母去拜访老姑。 I and my parents visit the old paternal aunt. [translate] 
ameasuring minimum 3.0 mm thick 测量的极小值3.0毫米厚实 [translate] 
a再见教官 Goodbye drillmaster [translate] 
a> STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL > 严密地机要 [translate] 
a我所想要的不是你的同情而是你的帮助 I want but is not your sympathy is your help [translate] 
aI was very nerebdatori ... 我是非常nerebdatori… [translate] 
aByzantine art is an acquired taste and probably not one in ten of the visitors has acquired it. They wander into the church and look round aimlessly 拜占庭式的艺术是获取的口味,并且没有一个在十倍访客中大概获取了它。 他们漫步入教会并且看围绕无目的地 [translate] 
aThere is a high demand for skilled workers in the manufacturing business. 为熟练工有一高要求在制造业。 [translate] 
a我不能有这种感觉 I cannot have this kind of feeling [translate] 
a日本兵库县立大学 Japanese Arsenal County-operated University [translate] 
anever cheater 从未骗子 [translate] 
a做某事没用 Makes something uselessly [translate] 
aMidtone Adjustment Settings Midtone调整设置 [translate] 
aphysics project 物理项目 [translate] 
a你家人都在哪里 Your family members all in where [translate] 
a举办运动会可以让学生放松 Holds the games to be possible to let the student relax [translate] 
aOh, don't worry. Your X-rays. show it's nothing serious.Let me check it over again. 噢,不担心。 您的X-射线。 展示它是严肃的没什么。 让我检查它再。 [translate] 
a李老师什么时候回内江? She must treat a pair week [translate] 
aI have experienced that the sunrise can be so beautiful 我体验日出可以很美好 [translate] 
athe armchair shouldn't be in the kitchen 扶手椅子不应该在厨房里 [translate] 
a我觉得面对一个问题或者某些观点的时候,每个人都有自己的思考方式,思考的点也会不尽相同,所以这难免造成观点不一的情形出现。但这并不意味着阻碍团队的发展,相反,越多不同的观点代表着越多的思考角度,这或许是一个头脑风暴的过程,集思广益,通过将各种有建设性的意见综合考虑,我想,最后,即使得出的结论并不是单纯的某个人的观点,但它一定是集体思想的结晶,一方面有利于在团队中的实施,另一方面一定更有助于目标的达成。 I thought facing a question or certain viewpoint time, each people all have own ponder way, pondered the spot also can be different, therefore this unavoidably creates a viewpoint not situation appearance.But this did not mean the hindrance team the development, on the contrary, more different viewp [translate] 
apeople love parrots for their beautiful and bright coluers 人爱鹦鹉为他们美丽和明亮的coluers [translate] 
asaranghanda saranghanda [translate] 
a谢谢你们给我们家人的关爱,这两天我们过得很开心 Thanks you to give us family member's showing loving concern, these two days we cross very much happy [translate] 
a导致难以预料的灾难 Causes disaster which expected with difficulty [translate] 
aand there're a lot of oranges on the tree 并且有很多桔子在树 [translate] 
aHomework plays an important part in English learning. 家庭作业在英国学会扮演一个重要部分。 [translate] 
a江西省南昌市解放西路明轩家园6栋1单元201室 Jiangxi Province Nanchang liberation west road bright porch homeland 6 1 unit 201 room [translate] 
a军人身上的不怕苦不怕累的精神 On the armed forces person body did not fear does not fear the tired spirit painstakingly [translate] 
a网络聊天工具 The network chats the tool [translate] 
a国庆节到了,我计划和朋友一起去购物,下午写作业晚上看电视和玩电脑。第二天早晨看会儿书,在和父母去旅游。晚上回家,电视看到九点钟,再睡觉。第三天早晨九点起床,写作业,中午和朋友一起去湖边玩,放纸船。傍晚,看会儿书在看电视。 The National Day arrived, I plan with the friend go to the shopping together, writes the work evening to look in the afternoon the television and plays the computer.The second day morning looked the little while book, in travels with the parents.Evening goes home, the television saw to nine o'clock, [translate] 
a我真的只想跟你一辈子在一起哦, I really only want with you for a lifetime in together oh, [translate] 
a这个不利于我们学习 This does not favor us to study [translate] 
a南京的标志 Nanjing's symbol [translate]