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This must be a happy day


This must be a happy day


This must be a happy day


This would certainly be a happy one day


This is certainly joyful one day
a"Sam is in the race." “山姆是在种族”。 [translate] 
ai have my pride, with what to U go humble yourself 我有我的自豪感,与什么到U是谦逊你自己 [translate] 
a有时候人做某件事情是没有理由的,为什么非要费劲心思为它找个理由 Sometimes the human handles some matter not to have the reason, why has to use energy the thoughts to look for a reason for it [translate] 
a来到这里的游客可以为你们提供免费的特产作为纪念 Arrives here tourist to be possible to provide the free special product for you to take the commemoration [translate] 
a北京农村银行 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a开阳县 Kaiyang County [translate] 
aゎたしはぁなたをぁぃします 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahis grandparents have two 他的祖父母有二 [translate] 
a我一直在路上 I continuously on road [translate] 
a我忽视了许多重要的地方 I have neglected many important places [translate] 
aconventlonal conventlonal [translate] 
athose who were born during world warll had a difficult life in their childhood 在世界warll期间是出生的那些人有困难的生活在他们的童年 [translate] 
a至今依然是皇室成员渡假或工作的地方 Until now still is the imperial family members takes vacation or the work place [translate] 
aThe following Visual Basic code shows how to set the values: 以下Visual Basic代码展示如何设置价值: [translate] 
aevery student carries a swipe card .we swipe in to every lesson to let the school know that we have had that lesson.on the swipe card there are two stripes 每名学生运载一个重击卡片.we重击到每个教训告诉学校我们有lesson.on那里重击卡片是二条纹 [translate] 
awire loop 线环 [translate] 
aHere are Tom and David ,the later is my brother 这汤姆,并且大卫,以后我的兄弟 [translate] 
a根据试验船舶和工程区域地理信息建立船舶、码头及周边地理环境的三维视景系统 According to experiments the ships and the project region geography information establishment ships, the wharf and the peripheral geographical environment three dimensional ground view system [translate] 
a我爱你爱的死去活来 I like you liking suffering extreme distress [translate] 
aTel:010-82250247 电话:010-82250247 [translate] 
aYou can freak ah 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我爱我的祖国,我祝福祖国 I love my motherland, I pray for heavenly blessing the motherland [translate] 
aquit smoking , on the water waggon 被放弃的抽烟,在水无盖货车 [translate] 
a空档时间放松一下 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI'm standing by your side 我坚持您的边 [translate] 
a中国护士 Chinese nurses [translate] 
athe story is not difficult for Linda 故事为琳达不是困难的 [translate] 
aStupid things kids life 愚笨的事孩子生活 [translate] 
a哥本哈根落地窗倒影着我爱你的明媚 Copenhagen French window inverted image I am loving you beautifully [translate] 
a对我院血液科2007年10月---2010年10月住院治疗且资料完整的308例AL病例进行回顾性调查研究 To my courtyard blood branch in October, 2007---In October, 2010 the hospital treatment also material integrity 308 example AL case of illness conducts the review investigation and study [translate] 
a祖国啊,我为你自豪! The motherland, I am you am proud! [translate] 
abecause i'm hate 因为i'm怨恨 [translate] 
a三人行,必有我师焉 Three human of lines, must have my teacher [translate] 
aWith My MSN, you can easily create personalized pages with just the information you want from around the MSN network: news, sports, entertainment, money & more. Create up to five pages with just a few simple clicks 与我的MSN,您能容易地创造个人化的页以您从在MSN网络附近要的信息: 新闻、体育、娱乐,金钱&更多。 创造五页以几简单的点击 [translate] 
aText and feeling always have the estrangement. 文本和感觉总有疏远。 [translate] 
aA big stone was on the wolfs back.He cried, "Mr. Rabbit, take this big stone from my back, or I will die."The Rabbit moved the stone from the wolfs back.Then the wolf jumped and caught the rabbit."If you kill me, I will never help you again." Cried the rabbit ."Ha,ha!Then I can know who is right. "So the wolf and the r 一块大石头在wolfs后面。他哭泣, “先生。 兔子,采取这块大石头从我的后面,否则我将死。“兔子从wolfs移动了石头。然后狼跳并且捉住了兔子。“如果您杀害我,我再不会帮助您”。 哭泣兔子。“Ha, ha! 然后我可以知道谁是不错。 “如此狼和兔子和鸭子去看石头。“现在,放回石头”,夫人说。 [translate] 
aHe dose his best to fing out where and when a football game is gong to be. 他药量他最佳到fing何时何地橄榄球赛是锣。 [translate] 
a小礼品请包装好,签名并在包装外面写上祝愿的话语 The small present asks the packing to be good, signs and inscribes the wish outside the packing the words [translate] 
aFestival happiness Personal secrets policy economist Alexander [translate] 
ashark is a word which frightens swimmers and surfers all over the world. Many people think the sea is full of dangerous sharks. 鲨鱼是吓唬游泳者和冲浪者全世界的词。 许多人认为海是充分的危险鲨鱼。 [translate] 
a上海一中 Shanghai in one [translate] 
aChildren who do not have enough sleep cannot do their work very well. 没有足够的睡眠的孩子不可能很好完成他们的工作。 [translate] 
a辛苦劳累这么久,你该休息一下了 Laborious tired such long, you should rest [translate] 
aぬに ぬねはむひなにめもぬはものなには ぬのなにはのぬひなにぬひなにぬはなめにち ねちむにめ ちつもふむもちにぬたむねにぬ ねのぬ の のぬねはぬね 您是否不认为? 在[nu] [nu]您是否不认为? 在[mu]小火鸡[我]和[nu]棒某事至于为某事[nu]在[nu]小火鸡在[nu]小火鸡至于为[nu]在舔[希腊字母x]您是否不认为? 在[希腊字母x] [mu] [我]阴道[nu]它实际上在[hu] [mu]有[nu],您不认为? [nu] [nu]您是否不认为? [nu] [translate] 
a我经常扎马尾辫 I grip the horse's tail pigtail frequently [translate] 
aIsn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful 不是她可爱,不是她美妙 [translate] 
asensor calibration 传感器定标 [translate] 
a惊讶的做某事 Surprised makes something [translate] 
a大部分的是 Majority of is [translate] 
a鞋带 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atold the truth 讲了真相 [translate] 
acoded the ICM technology implementations into comply and transform by carefully scrutinizing press release announcements with a 95 percent concordance. 编码了ICM技术实施入通过仔细详细检查新闻发布公告依从并且变换与95%和谐。 [translate] 
aGood I look at you in your superficial position 好我看您在您的表面位置 [translate] 
a不论发生什么事情,我们将站在你们这边。 No matter has any matter, we will stand you. [translate] 
a做...的秘密之一 Making…One of secrets [translate] 
a我们亲眼见到本世纪最重要的科学进展 We with own eyes see this century most important science progress [translate] 
a这一定是快乐的一天 This is certainly joyful one day [translate]