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它, s喜欢机器。
a第四分公司 Fourth subsidiary company [translate] 
aPIRT OF LOADING:DALIAN,CHINA 装货PIRT :大连,中国 [translate] 
aIt's a little sad to say Good Bye ~ 一少许可悲说再见~ [translate] 
a它使用大麻纤维和电力作为能源 It uses the hemp and the electric power takes the energy [translate] 
aIt takes me forty minutes to get there 需要我四十分钟得到那里 [translate] 
aToday is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be better! 今天是非常残暴,更加残酷的明天,后天将是更好的! [translate] 
a我们的时间不一样 那? [translate] 
a乡镇服务部办公室 Villages and towns service department office [translate] 
akewpie kewpie [translate] 
a摒弃奢华与繁杂 崇尚简约与实用 Abandons luxurious and the numerous and diverse advocation brief and practical [translate] 
a我给它照相 I give it to photograph [translate] 
ano matter how urgent the situation is 无论迫切情况是 [translate] 
aYou use the life to make the gambling stake, how do I give up let you lose 您使用生活做赌博的铁砧,怎么I放弃让您丢失 [translate] 
a财政状况 Financial condition [translate] 
a扩大编制 Expanded establishment [translate] 
aI can to spend my life find happiness to you。 我可以花费我的生活发现幸福对您。 [translate] 
aa person cannot expect other to avoid him when he says one thing and does other one 人不可能期望其他 [translate] 
athe Communist party’s most powerful body 共产党的最强有力的身体 [translate] 
a它们应该在途中 They should on the way [translate] 
a15. The bottom insulating felt should be replaced first to ensure rigid assembly of all graphite components in a systematic order. 15. 应该首先替换底部绝缘的毛毡保证所有石墨组分刚性装配按系统的顺序。 [translate] 
a我很喜欢它,觉得它有用又有趣 I like it very much, thought it useful also is interesting [translate] 
a都是日耳曼语族 All is the Germanic branch of a language family [translate] 
ashe used to spend a lot of tame playing games with she friends 她曾经花费很多温驯的演奏的比赛与她朋友 [translate] 
a你必须不断使自己变得更好 You must cause oneself to become unceasingly better [translate] 
a幽默是处理紧张的人际关系的一个有效方法 Humorous is a processing intense interpersonal relationship effective method [translate] 
a中间光照不充足,盒子被切开,中间形成庭院,有利于采光和通风。 The middle illumination is insufficient, the box is cut open, the intermediate formation garden, is advantageous in the natural lighting and ventilates. [translate] 
a乱穿马路,乱扔垃圾,随地吐痰,破坏花草树木等 Randomly puts on the street, throws trash, spits everywhere, destruction flowers and plants trees and so on [translate] 
ahow can I look out what the weather will be like tomorrow 怎么能我看什么天气将是象明天 [translate] 
awe were delayed at the airport 我们被延迟了在机场 [translate] 
aHereTica HereTica [translate] 
a你最好抓紧一点 You should better grasp [translate] 
aso the street is very small,it is very popular 如此街道是非常小的,它是非常普遍的 [translate] 
a昨晚我发现窗户是关的 I discovered last night the window is the pass [translate] 
a如果有梦想,就追求吧,如果有希望,就努力吧;如果有机会,就把握吧;如果有目标,就奋进吧;如果有道路,就坚持吧!如果有幸福,就珍惜吧! If has the dream, pursues, if hopeful, diligently; If has the opportunity, grasps; If has the goal, advances boldly; If has the path, persists! If has happiness, treasures! [translate] 
a: 如果有人问我为什么爱他 我只能如此回答 因为是他 因为是我 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a因为幸福来得不容易,才会那么珍惜和着迷。 Because happy results in not easily, only then can that treasure and be in a stew. [translate] 
a吮指原味鸡块 Sucks refers to the primary taste chicken nugget [translate] 
a中国的食品和日本的大不一样。 China's food and Japan different. [translate] 
a疯疯癫癫四剑客 Acts like a madman four swordsmen [translate] 
a邱菲娜 你要相信我 我一定会给你幸福的 不管以后的路有多长 我这辈子就认定你了 对了 你个白痴应该也看不懂 爱你 The Qiu Philippines is elegant you to have to believe my I can certainly give you happily no matter later road has is long my this whole life to recognize your right your idiot should also not be able to understand loves you [translate] 
astudies investinggating the modulatory effects of EGCG on UVA-activated gene expression in human fibroblasts and keratinocytes indated that the effect of green tea polyphenols on cellular stress responses is complex and involves with its activity investinggating EGCG的modulatory作用研究在UVA被激活的基因表达在人的成纤维细胞和keratinocytes indated绿茶多酚的作用在多孔的重音反应是复杂的并且介入以它的活动 [translate] 
a我妈妈在我悲伤的时候总能让我振作起来 My mother is sad in me always can let me buoy up [translate] 
asequoyah sequoyah [translate] 
a我才能获得更多的自信 I can obtain many self-confident [translate] 
a我们在广场的电视上看见了升国旗,听见了唱国歌 We saw on the square television to rise the national flag, heard to sing the national anthem [translate] 
a尽管我没时间去旅行,但我仍然感到开心 Although I do not have the time to travel, but I still felt happy [translate] 
aif this is the first time you`ve seen this stop error screen 如果这第一次是您看这个中止错误屏幕的`ve [translate] 
aGet out! 出去! [translate] 
aetkt passengr itinerary etkt passengr日程 [translate] 
a牺牲艺益异桌衣柜床照相机勘验箱迁鉴送别 Hair [translate] 
ahem width under 27cm 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a比尔昨晚发生什么事了 Bill had any matter last night [translate] 
a这个问题还有待解决 This question also waits for the solution [translate] 
a你喜欢什么样的礼物? What type do you like the gift? [translate] 
a展示空间装饰 Demonstrates the spatial decoration [translate] 
a医生告诉他少喝酒 Doctor tells him little to drink [translate] 
aIt,s like a machine. 它, s喜欢机器。 [translate]