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Working proof; Accessories


Proof of employment, annex


proof of employment; annex


The work proved; Appendix
a他不在这 He not in this [translate] 
aall the models are the same 所有模型是相同 [translate] 
a井冈山之旅 Travel of the Jinggang Mountains [translate] 
a请尽快回信告诉我你的情况。这句话翻译成英语是什么意思 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe walls were't clean. 墙壁were't干净。 [translate] 
a内容、特点与应用场景等要素 Essential factors and so on content, characteristic and application scene [translate] 
aGuess you are surprised to get this email from me today. Do you still remember me from the 1606 house, when you worked in the office of that building 2 years ago. Maybe,right? haha! I remember you finished that job to return to Hepu to assist your husband with his business. I have often wondered since that time, how th 猜测您惊奇从我今天得到这电子邮件。 当您在那楼办公室工作了2年前,仍然做您记住我从1606房子。 可能, ? haha! 我记得您完成了那个工作返回到Hepu协助您的丈夫以他的事务。 我经常想知道从那时候,怎么事从那以后是为您,并且,如果您仍然是在Hepu或Beihai。 我从那以后这里在,当不在我的家在加拿大,但不在那个大厦。 再收到你的来信好的。 [translate] 
a不要太累, Too do not be tired, [translate] 
aStep 1 Choose your currency & package: 第1步选择您的货币&包裹: [translate] 
a问题越早发现越好 The question discovers more early well [translate] 
aPages: 66 页: 66 [translate] 
a利用好课余时间是很重要的 Uses after school is very important [translate] 
a你真厉害,多久了呀,我在罗湖 You are really fierce, how long, I in Luohu [translate] 
aChineae Chineae [translate] 
a感谢你过去一年来对我的大力支持 Thanks you to pass for a year to my vigorously support [translate] 
a性情古怪孤僻的小女孩玛丽・伦罗克斯父母双亡后,生活在姨父神秘阴沉的大房子里,一次神奇的经历,玛丽闯入久巳禁闭、荒芜的花园。玛丽、农家小子迪肯和常年被关在阴暗房间里病态的科林少爷,找到了开启快乐的钥匙,和花园经历了一次诗意的复活。 After personality strange eccentric little girl Mary the roentgen Rocks parents double perishes, lives in the mother's sister's husband mystical cloudy big house, a mysterious experience, Mary intrudes the garden which the long sixth branch confinement, goes out of cultivation.Mary, peasant family b [translate] 
aWow! It's nice 哇! 好 [translate] 
a我在前排坐在以便能看得清楚 I sit in the front row in order to can look clearly [translate] 
a每路最大负载 Each group most high loading [translate] 
athis is harryspeaking,Is that Kate? 这harryspeaking,是那位Kate ? [translate] 
a你可以听听音乐 You may listen to music [translate] 
aThe screen offers multi-touch functionality and due to the devices not having any physical buttons, everything is controlled on screen. As such, it implements an "easy reach system". Tap the middle of the screen while reading to bring up the menu, or touch on the left or right of the screen to turn a page backwards or 新点燃接触并且点燃接触3G要求有二个月被改进的电池寿命(当wifi被关闭)。 它也能阻止对3,000本书 [translate] 
a2008年奥运会将给我们带来什么呢? What in 2008 will the Olympic Games bring to us? [translate] 
a今天我申请吧主被人黑了,心里很不服气!! Today I applied for the host to be black by the human, in the heart was not convinced very much!! [translate] 
a但是我已经过了幻想的年龄 But I passed through the fantasy age [translate] 
a他的兴趣是跳舞和唱歌。 His interest is dances and sings. [translate] 
a因为英语非常重要 Because English is extremely important [translate] 
athere is around table and four chairs in it 有在桌和四把椅子附近在它中 [translate] 
aI can't do it. 我不可能做它。 [translate] 
aOnly for receives in exchange for a your speech 为仅接受以交换您的讲话 [translate] 
aHomework, I really hate you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你像个小孩,什么都去爱,不是我未来。 You look like a child, anything loves, will not be my future. [translate] 
a爸爸妈妈.我想你们. Father and mother. I think you. [translate] 
a学生会更多时间花费在手机上 Student association more time expenditure on handset [translate] 
a你一定要小心,否则你会弄伤自己的 You must certainly be careful, otherwise you can get a cut own [translate] 
athe nature of the dispute 争执的本质 [translate] 
a在做某事方面有麻烦 Is making something aspect to have the trouble [translate] 
a牺牲艺益异桌衣柜床照相机勘验箱迁鉴送别 Hair [translate] 
aback then l had no idea of excitement and all l knew was the fun l would have 那时l不知道兴奋,并且所有l知道是乐趣l会有 [translate] 
achest width under arm-relaxed 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a显示力量、增强国民信心,体现凝聚力,发挥号召力,即为国庆庆典的三个基本特征 The show of force, heightens the national confidence, manifests the cohesive force, the display rallying point, namely for National Day celebration three basic characteristics [translate] 
aLi Ming here after settlement, and get along with the neighbours be well 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aisn't it annoying 不是它懊恼 [translate] 
aExogenous testosterone should thus generally be avoided in men 应该一般因而避免外生睾甾酮在人 [translate] 
aHe has been in you heart. 他是在您心脏。 [translate] 
a失明案例 Loses one's sight the case [translate] 
a那多不方便啊 That many not convenient [translate] 
a他们所做的 They do [translate] 
a吮指原味鸡块 Sucks refers to the primary taste chicken nugget [translate] 
aMing Li here after settlement, and get along with the neighbours very well Ming李这里在解决以后,和与邻居很好 [translate] 
aRequired. An IEnvelope object. 必需。 IEnvelope对象。 [translate] 
a透明水槽 Transparent water trough [translate] 
a好痛,我想死 The good pain, I want to die [translate] 
aIt is really out of our outlook 它真正地是在我们的外型外面 [translate] 
a一会到家在聊,好吗 One can proficient chat, [translate] 
aThose hairdressers are very busy. 那些美发师是非常繁忙的。 [translate] 
a工作证明;附件 The work proved; Appendix [translate]