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Mountain cave room
aMiss that chance, seize is the destiny 机会,占领的小姐是命运 [translate] 
aDoctor Approved, Clinically Tested approved医生,临床测试 [translate] 
a上帝是魔鬼 God is the devil [translate] 
a因此有许多游客来参观 Therefore has many tourists to visit [translate] 
acongratulations!level completed!coins collectde270out of 300 replay? 祝贺! 水平完成了! 铸造collectde270out 300重赛? [translate] 
agreat taste no artificial flavors or colour 巨大口味没有人为味道或颜色 [translate] 
aBetter Do What You Can 您改善奔跑,您改善做什么您能 [translate] 
aBUT TIME 但时间 [translate] 
a没有平帐 Without the even account [translate] 
aafter months of in 1998,the Yangtze burst through 1998年以后在数月,扬子破裂的通过 [translate] 
a我还很困 I very am also sleepy [translate] 
a仲介 Zhong lies between [translate] 
a高层及特殊结构的人工降效、机械降效;特、大型机械安拆、检测、场外运输、基础;场地狭小造成的材料的二次搬运;冬季、雨季、夜间施工增加费;混凝土及砂浆实际配合比与定额配合比的调整,并且其中掺入的外加剂费用;未考虑的地下水的降水费用,抽水台班的计取费用;管道消毒、冲洗、压力试验费用。 High-level and the special structure man-power falls the effect, the machinery falls the effect; Outside large-scale machinery An Chai, the examination, the field transports, the foundation especially; The location creates narrow and small material two transportings; The winter, the rainy season, at [translate] 
aGive a smile,get a smile 给微笑,得到微笑 [translate] 
a归根结底 In the final analysis [translate] 
a忙于玩电脑游戏 Is busy with plays the computer games [translate] 
amiss the kiss, miss the touch 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHow many classes in your school? About forty.Look,this is a music room.I like music very much 多少类在您的学校? 大约四十。看,这是音乐屋子。我喜欢音乐非常 [translate] 
a吉林管泰工贸有限公司 Jilin tube peaceful labor trade limited company [translate] 
aThat’s all 那是全部 [translate] 
a判若两人 Acting like a different person [translate] 
a两夫妻的甜蜜生活照 Two husband's and wife's happy lives according to [translate] 
aIn early July for ten is her birthday 在7月初期为十是她的生日 [translate] 
aYou don't know me and you together would want your money!! 您不知道我和您一起会想要您的金钱!! [translate] 
a卵巢过度刺激综合征 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a小项目 Small project [translate] 
aanything first 任何首先 [translate] 
a昨天是会你怎么没来参加 How yesterday was meets you not to have participates [translate] 
a这里有高山和小河 Here has many mountains and the creek [translate] 
abased on the text 基于文本 [translate] 
aGod in wave to you 上帝在波浪对您 [translate] 
a朋友之间要相互尊重,我们不要轻易放弃朋友,不要对朋友失去信心,要经常与朋友保持联系 Between the friend must respect mutually, we do not give up the friend easily, do not have to lose the confidence to the friend, must frequently keep the contact with the friend [translate] 
aThe English class goes on after lunch. 英语课在午餐以后继续。 [translate] 
a前排已经为贵宾预订了。 The front row already ordered for the distinguished guest. [translate] 
a和赛车一样的赛车 With vehicle race same vehicle race [translate] 
a好,谢谢 Good, thanks [translate] 
a是的,有两个推销员。 Yes, some two salesmen. [translate] 
aThe future, I can succeed? Future. I can succeed? < I am swindler > [translate] 
a浮点方式 Floating point way [translate] 
aif not more so. 如果不如此。 [translate] 
a在办公室乱搞男女关系 Makes do the sexual relations in the office [translate] 
a多希望那是真的存在不再是幻觉。永远 Hoped that is the real existence no longer is an illusion.Forever [translate] 
a哈哈! 不用想也知道你们俩感情超好! Ha ha! Does not need to want also to know your sentiment ultra good! [translate] 
a错的先生 Wrong gentleman [translate] 
aOne afternoon, I will boast of successful people will be very successful and I this cheat can be successful? 一个下午,我将吹嘘成功的人民将是非常成功的,并且I这欺诈可以是成功的? [translate] 
acomponent of the medical male hormonal contraceptive agents now undergoing development. Exogenous 现在进行发展的医疗男性荷尔蒙避孕代理的组分。 外生 [translate] 
aUltra All Night Repair and Moisture Craam For Face and Throat 超整夜修理和湿气Craam为面孔和喉头 [translate] 
a现在我很享受这份属于我自己的安静 Now I very much enjoy this share to belong to me peacefully [translate] 
aThis tree is so beautiful 这棵树是很美丽的 [translate] 
aGirl, I love you, will you marry me? I'll take you to Hawaii! Girl, I love you, will you marry me? I'll take you to Hawaii! [translate] 
aThank you for telling me about your time in London and showing me some of your pictures 谢谢告诉我关于您的时间在伦敦和显示我你的一些图片 [translate] 
awhat the distance generates is not beauty,but the third person. 什么距离引起是没有秀丽,而是第三人称。 [translate] 
a如果我有很多钱,首先,我会上一所好的大学,完成学业,我还会给父母买一间大房子,然后给自己买一些漂亮的东西。我还会去周游世界,其次,我还会去帮助一些贫困儿童,买给他们想要的东西 If I have many during very money, first, at my meeting a good university, completes the studies, I also can buy a big house to the parents, then buys some attractive things for oneself.I also can travel around the world, next, I also can help some impoverished children, buys thing which wants for th [translate] 
aAiyoh I know which button but don't want. How do u eat if u don't work? How do u pay your bills? Must be skinnier than ever? Aiyoh I知道哪个按钮,但不要想要。 如果u不运作, u怎么吃? u怎么付您的帐单? 一定皮包骨头? [translate] 
a注意到,关注 Notes, attention [translate] 
a他知识丰富,教学有方,上课生动有趣,学生爱听他的课。 His knowledge is rich, the teaching in the right way, attends class vividly interesting, the student likes listening to his class. [translate] 
a硐室 Mountain cave room [translate]