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I want a pair of wings are not strong, but one can rely on the harbor fills, it is difficult to do this?


I want to be strong not a pair of wings, but one can count on the Harbour, this is difficult to do?


I want to be strong not a pair of wings, but one can count on the Harbour, this is difficult to do?


I would like to the strong is not a double-wings, but rather one can rely on the harbor, but this is also very difficult to?


I want strongly am not a pair of wing, but is the harbor which may depend upon, this very is also difficult?
a英语作为一种国际性语言 English takes one international language [translate] 
a把问题当做挑战来解决 Solves the question regard challenge [translate] 
a自觉拾起道路边的垃圾 The determination picks up nearby the path trash [translate] 
aDriven into conveniently 驾驶入方便地 [translate] 
athere are in the suburbs 在郊区 [translate] 
a注意防蛀牙哦 The attention guards against the dental cavity oh [translate] 
a械操人员在启动前要对机械设备的外表部,电源线,仪表、危险部位的保护装置进行检查符合要求方能启动。先空车运转,确认正常后,在投入运行。 The weapon holds the personnel before the start to have to the mechanical device semblance department, the power line, the measuring appliance, the dangerous spot protective device carries on the inspection to conform to the request side to be able to start.Is first spatial the vehicle revolution, a [translate] 
aa robe to be places in a hood after taken from the bed or floor 是长袍地方在敞篷在从床或地板采取以后 [translate] 
a他身体健健康学习努力爱好广泛 His body physically healthy health study likes diligently widely [translate] 
a实际上,达芬奇"先出口再转内销"的"假洋货"形式并非个例。中国的雪地靴行业,同样发生着这样的事,去年,在淘宝网上,涉嫌销售假冒UGG注册商标商品被捕的人就有很多,他们大量销售假冒UGG品牌的雪地靴,销售数额累计达百余万元。山寨UGG雪地靴遭受重创,而就在这样的环境下,我们的国产品牌北极天使雪地靴(www.gouai.com),却获得了巨大的成功。 In fact, Da Vinci " exports the extension to sell internally again first " " a vacation imported goods " form by no means example.China's snowy area boots profession, is having such matter similarly, last year, in washed on the valuable net, was a suspect the sale to pretend the human who the UGG re [translate] 
ainstitutional arrangement 制度安排 [translate] 
a此次爬山活动虽然草草结束,但班里的同学还是都很高兴的 Although this mountain climbing activity finished carelessly, but in class's schoolmate all very happy [translate] 
a决定未来的成就 Decision future achievement [translate] 
a为了健康,我们应该均衡饮食比进行体育锻炼 For the health, we should the balanced diet ratio carry on the physical training [translate] 
ai like it like this with things going on. 我喜欢喜欢此以事继续。 [translate] 
aof responsibility for his family 对他的家庭的责任 [translate] 
a两只之间有区别 Between two has the difference [translate] 
aTo strengthen side buttocks and blique stomach muscles 加强旁边屁股和blique腹肌 [translate] 
a目前玛丽太小而无法理解像”早上好“这类描述。 At present Mary too is small is unable to understand the elephant” the early morning is good “this kind of description. [translate] 
aI have many friendly. 我有友好的许多。 [translate] 
adisable muvice playback 功能失效muvice放音 [translate] 
a比尔昨晚发生什么事了 Bill had any matter last night [translate] 
a我推荐你坐火车 I recommend you to ride the train [translate] 
awife, met you the greatest happiness in this life 妻子,遇见您最伟大的幸福在这生活中 [translate] 
a你可以向她说你的感受,她也一样 You may say your feeling to her, she also same [translate] 
a要我讲中文 Wants me to speak Chinese [translate] 
a没有退路才能勇往直前 Does not have the escape route to be able to march forward courageously [translate] 
ayou don't know everything about me 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a今天夜晚 Today night [translate] 
awhen people go down,the sea becomes colder and colder. 当人们下来时,海变得越来越冷。 [translate] 
asportica indexman sportica indexman [translate] 
a什么时候吃呀 When eats [translate] 
a所以在早饭之后。我去买了一款电子游戏。在我回到家之后,我就开始玩。我是一个游戏高手,但我弟弟却经常在游戏中死去,他就向我请教怎样才能把游戏玩好。我说:"你必须认真和耐心。“ Therefore after breakfast.I have bought a section computer game.Gets the home after me, I start to play.I am a game master, but my younger brother frequently died actually in the game, how does he on consult to me can the game hobby.I said that,“you must earnest and the patience.“ [translate] 
a随身带某物 Brings something along with [translate] 
a本周日他们打算在家放松 This Sunday they planned relaxes in the home [translate] 
anedd to nedd对 [translate] 
a让我们永远像现在这样,我会一直陪你走下去!我要你分分秒秒都是开心的,快乐的! Let us forever look like the present like this, I can accompany you to walk continuously! I want your minutes and seconds all am happy, joyful! [translate] 
a别哭,前面的路还长,坚强点 Do not cry, the front road is also long, strong spot [translate] 
aYou could put your verification ID in a 您在a可能投入您的证明ID [translate] 
aEnter your zip cpde pr Weather.com code 键入您的邮编cpde pr Weather.com代码 [translate] 
ayu are helpful children.have an ice cream yu是有用的children.have每冰淇凌 [translate] 
a他获得了成功 He has obtained the success [translate] 
aindependent clause 独立条目 [translate] 
ahow is that so fast? 怎么是那很快速的? [translate] 
afall short of some tasks 缺乏有些任务 [translate] 
aposition and size 位置和大小 [translate] 
a可以开信用证了 Might operate the letter of credit [translate] 
aOH dear miss you I miss you brain a bit feverish. OH亲爱的小姐您我想念您脑子位狂热。 [translate] 
a傻瓜我想你. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ain short form 以简易格式 [translate] 
a我很喜欢它,觉得它有用又有趣 I like it very much, thought it useful also is interesting [translate] 
a对痛苦的正是感情 对痛苦的正是感情 [translate] 
awash 洗涤 [translate] 
aI lose my way, but I can't cry ,jingjing,cheer up 我迷路,但我不可能哭泣, jingjing,欢呼 [translate] 
aspin 旋转 [translate] 
aHow do I go after 怎么我以后去 [translate] 
a我要的坚强不是一双翅膀,而是一个可以依靠的港湾罢了,这个也很难吗? I want strongly am not a pair of wing, but is the harbor which may depend upon, this very is also difficult? [translate]