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Editor: Li Yang Ji


Editor-in-Chief: Lee Yang-Kil


Editor-in-Chief: Lee Yang-Kil


Editor-in-chief, Lee yang-kil


Chief editor: Li Yangji
aHow many pillows does a boy need on his bed ? 男孩需要多少个枕头在他的床上? [translate] 
a[공지]개발 문의 관련2011.04.30[공지]뉴투원 사이트가 새롭게 [段落[共同的知识的)发展意思的共同的知识)联系2011.04.30 [nyu) [thwu)单位站点是新的 [translate] 
aDo you think regual exercise is imporant why Do you think regual exercise is imporant why [translate] 
ai'm Have to going busy a weekend i'm必须去繁忙一个周末 [translate] 
a深圳市和合网络技术有限公司 Shenzhen and gathers the networking limited company [translate] 
a等明年在联系吧 Next year in relations [translate] 
aShould forget me, I will forget you,B Time can heal all wounds 应该忘记我,我将忘记您, B时间可以愈合所有创伤 [translate] 
aconsider housing rotation 考虑住房自转 [translate] 
aKaiqi had the highest score on the biology test today. Kaiqi is a diligent and consistent student. I will encourage her to help her peers more. Kaiqi在生物测试今天有最高的比分。 Kaiqi是一名努力和一致的学生。 我将鼓励她更帮助她的同辈。 [translate] 
aIf they're only for good times 如果他们仅是在好时期 [translate] 
a但是是拥挤的 But is crowded [translate] 
aTable 'chenjuxu_spiao2.vars' doesn't exist 表‘chenjuxu_spiao2.vars’不存在 [translate] 
aif breathed in ,they can result in illness 如果呼吸,他们可以导致病症 [translate] 
a一只鸟飞过我的头顶 A bird has flown my top of the head [translate] 
aFor many years,traned camels carried food and other supplies,and returned with wool and other products. 许多年, traned骆驼运载的食物和其他供应,并且返回了与羊毛和其他产品。 [translate] 
a二爷爷二奶奶的身体还好吧? Two grandfathers two paternal grandmother's bodies fortunately? [translate] 
a其中4个是后卫,7个是前锋,还可以有3个替补球员 4 are the fullbacks, 7 are the vanguards, but also may some 3 substitute the player [translate] 
aA comprehensive network of support services to provide individual and academic help to international students 支助性业务一个全面网络提供个体和学术帮助的给国际学生 [translate] 
aclicking on 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a比赛项目有很多,例如100跑,接力赛,长绳等 The event has very much, for example 100 runs, relay race, long rope and so on [translate] 
abioiogy bioiogy [translate] 
a你现在做什么在西贡 You make any now in Saigon [translate] 
a我受学校委托,负责安排你的一日活动。 I the school request, am responsible for arrange your on first to move. [translate] 
a她以前成绩很差 但是现在她的成绩很好 But her beforehand result is very bad her result very to be now good [translate] 
a这是我的弟弟和妹妹 This is my younger brother and the younger sister [translate] 
a对我来说代表全校做这个演讲是个荣幸 Represents entire school to me to make this lecture is honored [translate] 
a吃少量的垃圾食品 Eats few trash food [translate] 
aset out happily 开始的愉快地 [translate] 
a跳绳、踢毽子、 The rope skipping, kicks the shuttlecock, [translate] 
a人类可去太空旅行和度假 The humanity may go to the outer space to travel and to take vacation [translate] 
a考试失败了应该分析并找出失败的原因,鼓励自己,加强自信,避免再犯错误 The test was defeated should analyze and discover the defeat the reason, encouraged oneself, the enhancement was self-confident, avoids making a mistake again [translate] 
a但是话说回来 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我父母认为,我在周末应该帮他们做家务。但我认为,我可以做完家务再出去玩 My parents believed that, I should help them in the weekend to do the housework.But I believed that, I may complete the housework to exit to play again [translate] 
awhy, why are we chatting 为什么,为什么是我们聊天 [translate] 
a老公来我们办事吧 The husband comes us to make love [translate] 
awoman,without her,man is nothing! 妇女,没有她,人是没什么! [translate] 
awhy did you... chose me 为什么做了您… 选择了我 [translate] 
aEuropean cause 欧洲起因 [translate] 
a2 shows two more possible configurations of primal and dual partitions 2个展示二种更加可能的配置最初和双重分开 [translate] 
aif you won a lottery and a lot of money,what would you do?most people start by buying themselves things,such as a new car or a biggerTV.some people might even decide to move to a bigger house in a better neighborhood. 如果您赢取了抽奖和很多金钱,您会做什么?多数人通过买开始事,例如一辆新的汽车或biggerTV.some人在一个更好的邻里也许甚而决定移动向一个更大的房子。 [translate] 
aMargaretha Gertrui是20世纪初知名交际花,一战期间与欧洲多国军政要人、社会名流都有关联,最终在巴黎以德国间谍罪名被法军翻译公司。   玛塔 Margaretha Gertrui is at the beginning of the 20th century the well-known social butterfly, a war period and the European multi-national troops main points of administration person, the public celebrities all have the connection, finally in Paris by German spy charge by French armed forces translati [translate] 
a可爱的宝贝 Lovable treasure [translate] 
a娘恩 Mother graciousness [translate] 
a我是中国人,所以英语不怎么好? I am a Chinese, therefore English not how good? [translate] 
awrite on the wall, please. ﹝改成否定句﹞ write on the wall, please. ﹝alters to the denial sentence﹞ [translate] 
a楼层分布索引 Floor distributed index [translate] 
a其实英语并不难学,只要你能做到以下几点 Actually English not difficult to study, so long as you can achieve following several [translate] 
awhen it comes to second hand cars,one has to be as cautious as possible about the source and the condition of them 当它来到中间人汽车时,你必须是一样谨慎的尽可能关于来源和条件他们 [translate] 
ascarlee scarle scarlee scarle [translate] 
a缺乏深入研究 Lacks the thorough research [translate] 
a上课的时候我总会走神 Attends class time I would to be distracted [translate] 
a她得教学方法很独特 课堂生动有趣 爱讲英语幽默故事 Her teaching method very unique classroom vivid interesting love tells the English humorous story [translate] 
a不过没见过他 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAssaultRifle AssaultRifle [translate] 
a没有小孩 Without the child [translate] 
a老师,加油! Teacher, refuels! [translate] 
a主编:李洋吉 Chief editor: Li Yangji [translate]