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Will eventually reach


Will eventually reach


Will eventually reach


They will eventually be reached


The end can arrive
a我是一个非常开朗的女孩 I am an extremely open and bright girl [translate] 
a现在在家给自己放假,过段时间会跟我哥哥开服装店 Now has a vacation in the home for oneself, crosses the section time to be able to open the clothing store with my brother [translate] 
aprefer to do something rather than do something 喜欢做某事而不是做某事 [translate] 
a对于我们小学生来说,还是穿校服比较好 Regarding our elementary student, puts on the school uniform quite to be good [translate] 
a这就是我所遇到的问题 This is the question which I meet [translate] 
aa phone book 电话簿 [translate] 
a标准机柜 (800x800x2100)12个,分三排,前后间距1米。每个机柜配置4个16A 200V的电源。 Standard cabinet (800x800x2100)12, divides three rows, around spacing 1 meter.Each cabinet disposes 4 16A 200V the power source. [translate] 
aorganic Immortelle essential oil, concentrated in time-released micro capsules, for a long lasting anti-wrinkle, anti-free radical and firming effectiveness 有机Immortelle精油,集中在时间被发布的微胶囊,为一道持久反皱痕,无反根本和牢固的有效率 [translate] 
atrial ance 试验ance [translate] 
a人生的旅途中有太多的岔口、一转身也许就是一辈子。在上一个路口我们熟悉彼此、在下一个路口我们或许就陌生了......有些人、抓住了就是抓住了、错过了就是错过了、只能说情深缘浅。 In perhaps as soon as the life journey has too many road forks, turns around is for a lifetime.We were familiar with each other strangely in the previous street intersection, in the next street intersection we perhaps ......Some people, held on have held, have missed on have missed, have only been a [translate] 
a如果你买一本书,可以免费得到另外一本 If you buy a book, may free obtain other one [translate] 
aPlease go to washroom 请去洗手间 [translate] 
a人与人之间很友好 Between the human and the human is very friendly [translate] 
aOne afternoon, I will boast of successful people will be very successful and I this cheat can be successful? 一个下午,我将吹嘘成功的人民将是非常成功的,并且I这欺诈可以是成功的? [translate] 
a最后,能为大家介绍我最爱吃的食物觉得很开心 Finally, can for everybody introduce I most like food which eats thinking very happy [translate] 
a我知道前进中学下需要一位英语老师 I knew under the advance middle school needs an English teacher [translate] 
aAdd this image to print list 增加这个图象到印刷品名单 [translate] 
a那音乐听起来很美妙 That music sounds very wonderfully [translate] 
a激发初中地理学习兴趣的研究 Stimulation junior middle school geography study interest research [translate] 
a什么时候新华发表这篇报道的? When does New China publish this report? [translate] 
aDragon Boat Festival 龙 小船节日 [translate] 
aWy beoter is against the traffic rulrs 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aA Taiwan's military police were kidnapped. Kidnappers used his green uniform pants foot of the crotch, he felt pain, mercy, said: "Brother, brother to spare, not a brother." Kidnappers ignore him. Kidnappers white belt around his waist again the solution down, took off his green uniform pants, squeezed his penis, gave 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ais this shit on 是这粪在 [translate] 
a我不知道选择哪一件毛衣 I did not know which woolen sweater chooses [translate] 
alocated in several folders,this media contains the language files foe both,the installation and the upgrade 位于几个文件夹,这媒介包含语言文件仇敌,设施和升级 [translate] 
atey to train her 训练她的tey [translate] 
a如果我死了,韩伊会想死我的,所以呢 为了韩伊不去死 我也不去死了,我得为了韩伊光荣坚强的活下去 If I have died, Han Yi the meeting wants to die I, therefore did not die for Han Yi I not to die, I had honorable strong to go on living for Han Iraq [translate] 
aIn a farm 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a中国的房产市场价格很高,贷款很难,而新加坡购房和租房的市场相对稳定。 China's housing market price is very high, the loan is very difficult, but Singapore buys homes the market which and rents a room to be relatively stable. [translate] 
a如果汉龙公司提供这些方面的特色服务,支付费用是如何计算. If the Chinese dragon company provides these aspects the special service, how the payment expense is does calculate. [translate] 
achoose a chat room to join 选择聊天室加入 [translate] 
a开衣服 Operates clothes [translate] 
aShall be disclosed by the law 将由法律透露 [translate] 
a对不起,给你带来了很多烦恼。 Sorry, has brought very many worries to you. [translate] 
aThe ID of your message is 16829. 您的消息ID是16829。 [translate] 
aMaster of Arts 文学硕士 [translate] 
a即使我得一路走着去,我们也不会放弃 Even if my group walks is going, we cannot give up [translate] 
a我校有老师正在成长中 My school has teacher to grow [translate] 
aToo Little Too Late 太少许太后 [translate] 
aMakes a difference in your life. 在您的生活中产生变化。 [translate] 
amodify allocation 修改分派 [translate] 
a我叫刘欣,呵呵 你干嘛叫我亲爱的? 我叫刘欣,呵呵你干嘛叫我亲爱的? [translate] 
a当你走在温哥华的大街上 When you walk on Vancouver's avenue [translate] 
aalone alone to only olone 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a高层及特殊结构的人工降效、机械降效;特、大型机械安拆、检测、场外运输、基础;场地狭小造成的材料的二次搬运;冬季、雨季、夜间施工增加费;混凝土及砂浆实际配合比与定额配合比的调整,并且其中掺入的外加剂费用;未考虑的地下水的降水费用,抽水台班的计取费用;管道消毒、冲洗、压力试验费用。 High-level and the special structure man-power falls the effect, the machinery falls the effect; Outside large-scale machinery An Chai, the examination, the field transports, the foundation especially; The location creates narrow and small material two transportings; The winter, the rainy season, at [translate] 
a62课是一个短剧,所以我会让学生看影碟模仿而不是单纯听磁带。 62 classes are a short drama, but therefore I can let the student look at the video disk imitation listen to the magnetic tape purely. [translate] 
a风潮和习惯 Unrest and custom [translate] 
a那个就比这个便宜,但质量就没那么好。 That on compared to this small advantage, but the quality does not have that well. [translate] 
aThe 1983 legislation set revenues to exceed outlays in the first part of the projection period, generating a sizeable trust fund that would cover cash-flow gaps anticipated for later years 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ainner product 内积 [translate] 
afor full invoice value plus 10 percent stating claim payment in THAILAND covering institute cargo clauses,(A)and WAR risks. 为充分的发票价值加上10%在泰国覆盖物学院货物条目陈述要求付款, (A)和战争风险。 [translate] 
aIn the future,they will think of all ways to earn money 在将来,他们将认为所有方式赢得金钱 [translate] 
aI think we should say no to the students who waste things every day. 我认为我们应该对每天废事的学生没有说。 [translate] 
aone,maybe i'm not the Most loved one , but i'm the only one 一,可能i'm不是亲人,但i'm仅一个 [translate] 
a所有这些效益表明,全世界的人们都希望和平,反对战争 All these benefits indicated that, the world people all hope peace, opposes the war [translate] 
a终会到达 The end can arrive [translate]