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We would like an additional 50 can not, will not delay shipment


We want to append 50 no, shipping is postponed


We want to append 50 no, shipping is postponed


We would like to additional 50 blocks can be no, the shipment wouldn't that be postponed


We want to supplement 50 to be possible not, produces goods can postpone
a刘梦晓祝我们的爱永久 Liu Meng the dawn wishes our love permanently [translate] 
aAlthought receiving financial support from family,community or the government is allowed,it is never admired. 虽然接受财政支持从家庭,社区或政府允许,它从未被敬佩。 [translate] 
aThis user guide describes the way a standard 这用户指南描述方式标准 [translate] 
aFor example,Folkman et al.(1994)analyzed the narratives of the caregiving partners of men with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(AIDS)who had been asked to report the most stressful event related to caregiving. Within the general category of 例如, Folkman (1994)等分析了人的caregiving的伙伴的记叙文以请求报告最紧张的事件与caregiving有关的获取的免役缺陷综合症状(爱滋病)。 在一般类别 [translate] 
abeing or existing in a certain piace 或存在于有些piace [translate] 
aYou are using website dictionary!So chinglish~ 您使用网站字典! 如此chinglish~ [translate] 
a英语会得到提高 English can obtain the enhancement [translate] 
aRestrictive Early Action 限制性早行动 [translate] 
a我好疯了啊 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aNew Divede 新的Divede [translate] 
a他经常吃完晚饭后继续编写电脑游戏 After he finished eating the dinner to continue frequently to compile the computer games [translate] 
aWould you like some cabbages? 您要不要一些圆白菜? [translate] 
a需要一位英语老师 Needs an English teacher [translate] 
aHappy birthday and be good forever 生日快乐和是好永远 [translate] 
aanything new 新的任何 [translate] 
ahe can't find a same button. 他不可能发现同样按钮。 [translate] 
a获得高分数 Obtains the high score [translate] 
ato hold your hand, to grow old with 握您的手,生长老与 [translate] 
a阅读对儿童特别重要 Reading is specially important to the child [translate] 
a永远抹不掉的记忆 Forever cannot erase memory [translate] 
aEnglish answers 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai don't stand up with you , 我不站立与您, [translate] 
aA disease of Mr. 先生疾病。 [translate] 
ai am impressed by you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHe hoped to move his hand more. 他希望更移动他的手。 [translate] 
ato the my future wife 对我的未婚妻 [translate] 
a他们设法根治以便使人们活得更长些 They try to permanently cure in order to cause the people to live longer [translate] 
aBen is going to Canada’s Great Lakes. He is leaving the first week in June and staying until September. He plans to have a very relaxing vacation. “I’m taking walks, going fishing, and going bike riding. I’m planning to spend time in the beautiful countryside. I love nature. I hope I can forget all my problems! At nigh 本去加拿大的大湖。 他在6月把第一个星期留在并且停留直到9月。 他计划有一个非常relaxing假期。 “我采取步行,去渔和去自行车骑马。 我在美丽的乡下计划花费时间。 我爱自然。 我希望我可以忘记所有我的问题! 在晚上,我租赁录影并且睡觉很多… 一个了不起的假期! 我不可能等待!” [translate] 
amight be willing 也许是愿意的 [translate] 
a与其说他伤着了,还不如说她受了惊吓 If said he was injurying, the might as well said she received frightened [translate] 
a地址:中国.河南.林州 Address: China. Henan. Lin Zhou [translate] 
a我在树后面 I behind tree [translate] 
a焊接经验丰富,有着娴熟的焊接技术及焊接工作管理经验 The welding experience is rich, has the adept welding technology and the welding job management experience [translate] 
a咱们等到雨停了 When we the rain has stopped [translate] 
aDestruction of theshrine theshrine的破坏 [translate] 
a向自动化迈进,求跨越式发展。创高端产品,争明星企业。 Makes great strides forward to the automation, strives for the leap frog development.Creates the high end product, struggles the star enterprise. [translate] 
a膳食纤维含有蛋白最低 The meals textile fiber includes the protein to be lowest [translate] 
a海很大 The sea is very big [translate] 
a学长学姐 School leader study elder sister [translate] 
a两个人遇见然后相爱 爱是怎么发生的呢?在一起一两分钟就有爱还是说眼光相碰 彭一声就有爱? How do two people meet then fall in love with the love are occur? Has the love in 12 minutes to say together the judgment bumps Peng one to have the love? [translate] 
a第二部分主要介绍精神病人强制医疗的历史沿革和我国目前精神病人强制医疗司法救济的现状。 The second part of main introduction mental patient forces medical the historical evolution and our country the mental patient forces the medical judicature relief at present the present situation. [translate] 
aDusty screens bottom left corner of that vulnerabi 那vulnerabi的多灰尘的屏幕左下角落 [translate] 
aDifficult to imagine without friendship, life would be like 难想象没有友谊,生活是象 [translate] 
a(4) You agree to carry out any other type of tasks diverging from the ones proposed, that are equivalent and that you can reasonably be expected to perform, if required and as instructed by the Employer - including at another place within a radius of 100 km from the location of employment - by safeguarding your intere (4) 您同意执行分流从那个提出的任务的其他类型,那是等效的,并且那您可能合理地期望执行,如果必须和如由雇主指示-包括在另一个地方在100公里范围内从就业的地点-通过保障您的兴趣。 在这样案件,您的早先薪金将继续被支付。 [translate] 
a请问办签证是在这边吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abilledaisy billedaisy [translate] 
a小孩子记忆力好,能够记住很多英语单词 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a看此者为白痴 Looks at the recently for the idiot [translate] 
aone night for sex 一夜为性 [translate] 
aThe Egyptians made a tiny hole in the bottom of a stone bowl,which they filled with water.THE INSIDE OF THE BOWL WAS MARKED TO SHOW THE HOURS 埃及人在一个石碗底部做了一个微小的孔,他们用water.THE填装在碗里面被标记显示小时 [translate] 
a5. 这个漂亮干净的城市给外国旅游者留下了深刻的印象 5. This attractive clean city has made the profound impression for the foreign tourist [translate] 
a让你回报社会 Let you repay the society [translate] 
ait builds a common spirit 它建立一种共同的精神 [translate] 
aWhere there is competition into something 那里有竞争入某事 [translate] 
anow complete the following conversations by using take or go 现在完成以下交谈通过使用作为或去 [translate] 
a我们想追加50块可以不,出货是不是会延期 We want to supplement 50 to be possible not, produces goods can postpone [translate]