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I really do not understand what we are now in the end be


I really don't know what the hell we are hardly


I really don't know what the hell we are hardly


I really do not understand what we are now what?


Really did not understand we calculate any now
aI will leting you come around 我leting您的意志来 [translate] 
aIf the design is wrong, the project is bound to fail,whatever good all the other ideas might be 如果设计是错误的,项目一定出故障,任何好所有其他想法也许是 [translate] 
aby bike the home 乘自行车家 [translate] 
a以后的日子不会好过了。 Later day could not feel better. [translate] 
aShenzhen,GD, PRC 深圳, GD,中华人民共和国 [translate] 
aarranged by their level of assertiveness and cooperativeness 由他们的断言和合作的水平安排 [translate] 
a鲜虾螺丝粉 Fresh shrimp screw powder [translate] 
a早睡早起身体好! 明天加油 Keeps regular hours the body to be good! Will refuel tomorrow [translate] 
a她住的地方离学校多远? She lives the place leaves the school to be far? [translate] 
ano,the cinema near here 没有,近戏院这里 [translate] 
aThe hit upon boys and girls are fond of behaving differently from seniors. 命中在男孩和女孩喜欢表现与前辈不同。 [translate] 
aFigure 9: Shelf and Backroom Inventory with Continuous Shelf Replenishment (s=6, S=18) 图9 : 架子和后房存货与连续的架子加注(s=6, S=18) [translate] 
akuangfengbaoyu kuangfengbaoyu [translate] 
a你可以把有关联的单词放在一起。写成一篇文章。再背诵 You may have the connection word to put on the same place.Wrote an article.Again recites [translate] 
a心部硬度 Heart department degree of hardness [translate] 
aThe hospital is quite far from the station 医院相当是离驻地很远的地方 [translate] 
a怕你嫌烦 Feared you dislike bothersomely [translate] 
a2007获得国际商务单证员证书 2007 obtains international commerce Shan Zhengyuan the certificate [translate] 
a拥有一个健康的生活方式很简单。 Has a healthy life style to be very simple. [translate] 
a我喜欢骑自行车和上网。我喜欢的食物是米饭、面条、蔬菜和肉。我喜欢的运动是打羽毛球。 I like riding the bicycle and the surfer.I like food is the rice, the noodles, the vegetables and the meat.I like the movement plays the badminton. [translate] 
a你能生活自理吗 当没有助手的时候 You can live take care of oneself when does not have assistant's time [translate] 
aPls help to approve this purchase request that we update the purchase part number of previous request,need you help to approve again,Tks. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afinished dinner? 完成的晚餐? [translate] 
aMiss somebody I lost, Forget somebody I miss..... 小姐我失去,忘记的人我错过.....的人 [translate] 
a过了太久了,似乎我已经忘记了,那个曾经相处的地方,再也看不那条令我们熟悉却又害怕的那一条道路,失去之后才懂得去珍惜,受伤之后才懂得去拒绝 Crossed too has been long, as if I already had forgotten, that once was together the place, also looked again that regulations we were not familiar with that path which was afraid actually, after lost only then understood treasured, after is injured only then understood rejected [translate] 
a长春泰恒仪器仪表有限公司 Changchun Peaceful Permanent Instrument Measuring appliance Limited company [translate] 
aparade Macy’s 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou must be very clever to figure that out on your own But my school record is very low, all all must study independently [translate] 
aPromise more than may also become a kind of load 愿意考虑狂放的希望,但不是幻想的存在 [translate] 
aC7-rich 富有C7 [translate] 
aask name 要求名字 [translate] 
aHis past is no more immune to scrutiny than anyone else’s 他的过去比任何人是对察视免疫 [translate] 
a在成本,竞争,销量等压力下,生产系统只能以利益为最前题。 In the cost, the competition, pressures and so on under sales volume, the production system only can take the benefit as the most premise. [translate] 
a热烈欢迎参加德庆孔庙千年华诞的领导和嘉宾莅临! Warmly welcome the leader and the honored guest who participates the De Qing Confucian temple millennium birthday visits! [translate] 
a客运泊位 Passenger transportation berth [translate] 
a我上午8:00读书 I 8:00 study in the morning [translate] 
a懒猪!起床了啊早睡早起身体健康 Lazy pig! Got out of bed keeps regular hours the health [translate] 
aBoth educations have the same main goals. First, we go to school in order to acquire knowledge. We are required to go to school when we are very young, elementary education, intermediate education and high-level education are essential for us. 两教育有同样主要目标。 首先,我们去学校为了获取知识。 要求我们去学校,当我们是非常年轻时,初级教育,中间教育,并且高级教育为我们是根本的。 [translate] 
a妻子离开ted后,ted对儿子的种种不好。从对儿子说话置之不理,到接儿子放学迟到,ted对billy各种照顾的不周,对billy的要求不耐烦。 After the wife leaves ted, ted is not good to son's all sorts.From speaks to the son ignores, to meets the son to be on vacation from school is late, ted to billy each kind of attendance the week, is not impatient to the billy request. [translate] 
aFather repressed life of catharsis 父亲净化作用被抑制的生活 [translate] 
ahouse chores 房子差事 [translate] 
a人生如戏 只求幸福快乐 The life like play only strives for happily joyful [translate] 
aCannot combine children and careers 不能结合孩子和事业 [translate] 
ai will look for the book that i lost yesterday 房子,用于的mr.lee居住被卖 [translate] 
aTo the world you may be one person but to me you may be the world 对世界您也许是一个人,但对我您可以是世界 [translate] 
a稍等,宙斯的故事还没讲完呢。 Waits a bit, zeus's story has not said. [translate] 
a所以,在1970 年代的石油危机中,通用汽车一跃而上,而福特汽车却濒临破产。 Therefore, in 1970 age petroleum crises, an general automobile leap on, but the Ford automobile borders on the bankruptcy actually. [translate] 
aI Forever love you Never give up 我永远爱您从未给 [translate] 
a那个年轻人自从父母去世后经历了很多事 That young people died since the parents have experienced very many matters [translate] 
a私はこの世界を残すなら、私を覚えているだろう I like Fu Xiao Li [translate] 
a以后我不会在问你那种愚蠢的问题了 Later I will not be able to ask you kind of stupid question [translate] 
a如果我离开了这世界你会记着我吗 I like Fu Xiao Li [translate] 
a我喜欢傅晓莉 I like Fu Xiao Li [translate] 
a他出生于1988年4月 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aYou have all those containers in the bathroom - do you use them everyday. Because this is the a bathroom that you use as well as it being available for guests. 您有所有那些容器在卫生间-您使用他们每天。 由于这是您使用的卫生间以及它是可利用的为客人。 [translate] 
a阴囊 Scrotum [translate] 
a真不明白我们现在到底算什么 Really did not understand we calculate any now [translate]