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What are your holiday plans?


What's your holiday plans?


What holiday you planned?


What plans do you have your holidays?


What do you vacation have to plan?
a而我的英文名字是威姬 But my English name is the prestige professional female entertainer [translate] 
a该菜单界面图片如下 This menu contact surface picture is as follows [translate] 
a(liraglutide) as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic (liraglutide)作为节食和行使的附属改进糖血症 [translate] 
a我的爸爸妈妈对我很好,我的爸爸是修理机械的,我的妈妈在家里照料我们。 My father and mother are very good to me, my daddy repairs the machinery, my mother at home looks after us. [translate] 
aI look for the traditional woman, non-mainstream roll 我正在寻找传统妇女,非主流卷 [translate] 
amaybe a little longer 可能一点长期 [translate] 
aTo warp to the Academy, right-click anywhere in space to bring up the contextual menu. Select Agent Missions: The Academy and then Encounter. Finally, select Warp to Location. 要翘曲对学院,用鼠标右键单击任何地方在空间提出上下文菜单。 选择代理使命: 学院然后遇到。 终于,选择经线到地点。 [translate] 
aMine dear 矿亲爱 [translate] 
awhat was the original euopean name of australia? 澳洲的原始的euopean名字是什么? [translate] 
a一江水 River water [translate] 
aFor the first time the mythical prehistory and beginnings of Rome, the rule of the kings, their fall, and he establishement of the republic, important vevents of the first centuries of the republic, and finally the wars fought by the preceding and current geberations were comprehensively described as a continuous chain 罗马神话史前史和起点,国王的规则,他们的第一次秋天和他共和国的establishement,共和国的第一个世纪的重要vevents和最后在先和当前geberations进行的战争全面地被描述了作为一条连续的事件链。 [translate] 
aAnd I know,I may end up failing too!But I know,You are always in my heart! 并且我知道,我也许导致也是出故障! 但我知道,您总在我的心脏! [translate] 
athey were quite cut off from the outside world 他们从外界相当被切除了 [translate] 
a请让我在家休息 Please let me rest in the home [translate] 
aYOU SPIN ME 您转动我 [translate] 
a我的弟弟生命了,我必须照顾生病的小孩 My younger brother life, I have had to look after the child who falls ill [translate] 
aStart from the bus stop in front of our school.Take the No.17 bus. 开始从公共汽车站在我们的学校前面。乘没有公共汽车。 [translate] 
aあなたは私を覚えているだろう 当一某一天我留下这世界, [translate] 
a这批货什么时候要出? When does this large stock of goods have to leave? [translate] 
a我奶奶搬不动这个箱子,我姐也搬不动 My paternal grandmother cannot move this box, my elder sister also cannot move [translate] 
a我知道你现在一定很忙,我最近也很忙。一直很忙,但是很高兴的是我们有三天休假。这让我很高兴。我可以出去逛街买衣服。我准备会去岛上玩。 I knew your certainly very are now busy, I also very was busy recently.Is continuously very busy, but very happy is we has three days leaves of absence.This lets me be very happy.I may exit to window-shop buy clothes.I prepare to be able to go to on the island to play. [translate] 
alearn English together,I hope a lot of attention,thank you 学会英语一起,我希望很多关注,谢谢 [translate] 
aFine Lines, Wrinkles and Uneven Textures 细线、皱痕和参差不齐的纹理 [translate] 
a让我们感到很舒服,有在家一样的感觉。 Let us feel very comfortably, has in the home same feeling. [translate] 
a我喜欢你,但与你无关… I like you, but has nothing to do with with you… [translate] 
abookstore school the in is front of the 书店学校在是前面 [translate] 
a浙江求精建设工程有限公司 Zhejiang asks the fine construction project limited company [translate] 
a大家好。我是著名的英国童话《三只小猪》中的大灰狼 Everybody good.I am the famous English fairy tale "Three Young pigs" the timber wolf [translate] 
aHow do places get their names?Sometimes,it is very simple.For example,the Yellow River in China is actually yellow.The water carries a lot of yellow sand and this gives the river its colour.The Dead Sea in Lsrael has that name because it has too much salt. 地方怎么得到他们的名字?有时,它是非常简单的。例如,黄河在中国实际上是黄色的。水运载很多黄沙,并且这给河它的颜色。因为它有许多盐,死海在Lsrael有那个名字。 [translate] 
aAre pencils your favourita food 是铅笔您的favourita食物 [translate] 
acome and se me naked bb 来和se我赤裸B到B [translate] 
a我成功地通过了考试 I passed the test successfully [translate] 
a如果方便的话,我想请你帮我检查一下我家的冰箱 If facilitates, I want to ask you to help me to inspect my family's refrigerator [translate] 
a河源位于广东省的东北部,离广州198公里 The river source is located Guangdong Province's northeastern part, to Guangzhou 198 kilometers [translate] 
aYes.M-A-P,map. Yes.M-A-P,地图。 [translate] 
a我姓罗,名晨 I am surnamed Luo, famous early morning [translate] 
a非常感谢你对我真诚的邀请 Thanks you extremely to my sincere invitation [translate] 
aentertaining an estimated 100000 onlookers 招待估计100000个旁观者 [translate] 
a从国外的刑法立法例来看, Regularly looked from the overseas criminal law legislation, [translate] 
a首先,在大学里应该做好人生规划,树立高原的志向,严格地要求自己。同时,注意能力的培养和勤奋求索品格的养成。 First, should complete the life plan in the university, the setting up plateau ambition, requests strictly oneself.At the same time, attention ability raise and diligent seeking moral character fostering. [translate] 
ahave problems with doing 有问题以做 [translate] 
apencil shapener 铅笔shapener [translate] 
aShe is in hospital where she stayed last time 她在医院,她停留上次 [translate] 
aBut hope you next time idle time can be a little more! 但希望您下次空闲时间可以是一少许更多! [translate] 
a笼子里还剩下多少只猴子?一只也没有 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahow would you like to register 怎么您要登记 [translate] 
aFor our project 为我们的项目 [translate] 
a0.1ability power per level 0.1ability力量每个水平 [translate] 
a他12岁 他12岁 [translate] 
aDETECTION FOR SWITCHABLE graphics 侦查为可转换的图表 [translate] 
aDaniel喜欢阅读关于电脑的书 Daniel likes reading about the computer book [translate] 
aAsks his friends to have fish 要求他的朋友有鱼 [translate] 
a但是那天我必须去孩子的学校参加一个家长会议 But that day I must go to child's school to attend a guardian conference [translate] 
aHe closes his notebook sadly,stands up,and walks slowly to his next class. 他哀伤地关闭他的笔记本,站起来,并且慢慢地走到他的下类。 [translate] 
a二,要敢于开口 Two, must dare to open the mouth [translate] 
apossible subdivision of the vehicle into compartments, each characterized by its capacity and by the types of goods that can be carried 板台,车可能装载; [translate] 
a你假期有什么计划? What do you vacation have to plan? [translate]