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Six in the morning the children get up.


The children get up at six o'clock in the morning.


The children get up at six o'clock in the morning.


Child early morning six get out of bed.
amisadvertence misadvertence [translate] 
a明天下午我就飞往伦敦 Tomorrow afternoon I fly to London [translate] 
aIt's nice with Andy help me with my English study 好与Andy帮助我以我的英国研究 [translate] 
a姐姐还不知道你是谁 请我你叫什么名字 The elder sister did not know who you are ask my you to be called any name [translate] 
a请人修了他的自行车 Asked the human to repair his bicycle [translate] 
a你鼓励着我 You are encouraging me [translate] 
a改正自身的毛病 Corrects own problem [translate] 
a这本词典肯定是黎明的 This dictionary definitely is the daybreak [translate] 
a我的可爱之处就在 My lovable place in [translate] 
aStart your day with a smile as big as hers~ Goodmorning all! 开始您的天以微笑一样大象hers~ Goodmorning全部! [translate] 
aOrthopedic 矫形 [translate] 
a等你等太久.想你泪会流.而幸福快乐是什么..... Waits for you to wait too for a long time. Thought your tear can flow. But happy joyful is any ..... [translate] 
a中国目前是世界上乳业发展最快的国家之一,世界乳业50%的增量来自中国。 China at present is in the world the dairying develops one of quickest national, the world dairying 50% increase come from China. [translate] 
a东莞品涿硅胶有限公司 Dongguan drips the silica gel limited company [translate] 
aYou are my sunshine Baby 您是我的阳光婴孩 [translate] 
a如果我能在这工作 If I can in this work [translate] 
a在爱情的世界里,总有一些近乎荒谬的事情发生,当一个人以为可以还清悔疚, 无愧地生活的时候,偏偏已到了结局,如此不堪的不只是爱情,而是人生。 In love world, always has some near absurd matter occurrence, when a person thought may pay off the regret chronic illness, has no qualms lives, arrived the result, not only so is unable to withstand love, but is the life. [translate] 
a恩,那就这样吧 Graciousness, that like this [translate] 
a我为大家准备了一些谜语 I have prepared some riddles for everybody [translate] 
a夏威夷很美,天气也好 Hawaian very America, weather also good [translate] 
a人工、安装 Man-power, installment [translate] 
a他醒来的时候发觉自己在医院里。 He wakes detects oneself in the hospital. [translate] 
await beside the window 等待在窗口旁边 [translate] 
a睡在蓝色的房间里对我们的身心有益 Rests in the blue color room to our body and mind beneficial [translate] 
ahavesimilarities onlyto similaritiesbut 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aeverday I sit and ask myself everday我坐并且要求自己 [translate] 
athat is why many families have two or what are the differences between british and american english 所以许多家庭有二或英国和美国英语有何区别 [translate] 
a我今天人不舒服 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWho.can.save.me? Who.can.save.me? [translate] 
ayour good job 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
akept to wait 被保留的等待 [translate] 
a你要到学校门口 You must arrive the school entrance [translate] 
a上线只是为了你 연인은 아니다 가장 친한 친구, 좋은 친구가 다시 할 수 있지 않는다 연결봉 [translate] 
a那个举止良好的女生给我留下了很深刻的印象 That manner good female student has made the very profound impression to me [translate] 
adid you quarrel with your teammates when you lost a game? only working together can make your team stonger. Be friendly to the people you are with . Try to think of others,not only yourself 当您丢失了赛,您是否与您的队友争吵了? 只可能做您的队stonger。 是友好的对您是与的人民。 设法认为其他,不仅你自己 [translate] 
a你方便时就来,我什么时候都行 You facilitate when comes, my when all line [translate] 
a他的姐姐已经在纽约住下 His elder sister already stayed in New York [translate] 
aYou know,It's my pleasure.Darling 您知道,它是我的乐趣。亲爱的 [translate] 
aDrive LCR supplier capability and performance improvement to ensure successful implementation and on-going quality sustaining of LCC sourcing transition projects associated with machining and plastic category to meet global and BDA operation requirements. 驾驶LCR供应商能力和表现改善保证成功的实施和持续质量承受LCC源头转折项目与用机器制造和塑料类别相关到集会全球性和BDA操作要求。 [translate] 
a我的座位在李可欣的东边。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a划橡皮艇出海 Delimits the rubber dinghy to go to sea [translate] 
aWith love to protect the tree of life 充满保护生物演化谱系图解的爱 [translate] 
a他仍在睡觉。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a当然,只有好的健康并不能确保生活幸福 Certainly, only then the good health cannot guarantee the life happily [translate] 
aeastern Afghanistan 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a幸福的一对 A happy pair [translate] 
adear lueng 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你是要问她是哪里的吗 You are must ask where she is [translate] 
a失却温度的阳光 Loses actually the temperature sunlight [translate] 
a和英语一样,汉语也随着时间的变化而变化了很多。 Is same with English, Chinese also changed along with the time change very much. [translate] 
aUnit 1 Roll over, Beethoven! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我觉得这一期同学们都有很大的变化,似乎有一种无形的压力让同学们更加努力。在教室里有一种竞争的氛围,感觉比上一期的要强烈。 I thought this issue of schoolmates all have the very big change, as if some one invisible pressure lets schoolmates even more diligently.Has one kind of competition atmosphere in the classroom, felt must be more intense than the previous issue. [translate] 
a要是建筑材料按时运到的话工程现在早已全面展开 If the building material arrives according to the fortune the speech project already comprehensively launches now [translate] 
alet me make a wrong decision and close myself again 让我做出一个错误决定并且关闭自己再 [translate] 
a关键词:再生混凝土;再生粗骨料;和易性;力学性能;耐久性 Key word: Regeneration concrete; Regenerates the thick aggregate; Workability; Mechanics performance; Durability [translate] 
a这就是中外文化差异 This is the Chinese and foreign cultural difference [translate] 
a孩子们早上六点起床。 Child early morning six get out of bed. [translate]