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ahe geTs to school at 8:20. 他到学校在8:20。 [translate] 
a两个软木弓没有被附加 Two cor bows have not been attached [translate] 
a至于电视,许多学生每天都看 As for the television, many students looked every day [translate] 
a展示空间装饰 Demonstrates the spatial decoration [translate] 
aliquid dye 液体染料 [translate] 
atheir behalf. 他们的代表。 [translate] 
amr smith asks his daughter in study hard. smith先生在研究中艰苦要求他的女儿。 [translate] 
a怕你嫌烦 Feared you dislike bothersomely [translate] 
a我完成作业 I termina el trabajo [translate] 
a曾经在这样一所优秀的大学里学习过 Has studied in this kind of outstanding university [translate] 
aeverythingisallright 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
apls be informed thatyour caseID is 230911-181.wait for another SMS notification on the system collection date.do not repiy 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你擦一下窗,好吗? You scratch the window? [translate] 
a为了使试验的土样更接近安吉当地的实际情况,我们按照试验所需的土量,从安吉县剑山村夯土生态屋附近的非耕植用地挖取了一定量的素土、沙土以及需要添加的熟石灰。在实验室中烘干后进行了过筛,然后依据不同配合比进行混合,其配合比如表1所示。 In order to enable experimental the soil sample to approach the Anji locality the actual situation, we earth quantity which needs according to the laboratory, tamped earth nearby the ecology room from the Anji County sword mountain village must to plough plants with digs has taken the white lime whi [translate] 
a文件收到,谢谢您的合作,我司会尽快审批出同贷书,安排过户 The document receives, thanks your cooperation, my Si Hui examines and approves as soon as possible with the loan book, the arrangement transfers title of ownership [translate] 
a只有认真地对待这份友谊他才不会结束,因为真正的友谊需要的是付出信任,而不是一味的索取友谊 Only then treats this friendship he only then not to be able earnestly to finish, because the true companionship need pays the trust, but is not the constantly claim friendship [translate] 
a我有一个健康的生活方式 null [translate] 
a鲜虾螺丝粉 Fresh shrimp screw powder [translate] 
aMake a name card for one of your family members 做一张命名卡片为你的一个家庭成员 [translate] 
aAlternate cavity 供选择洞 [translate] 
a钢管配线 The steel pipe matches the line [translate] 
a腹痛 Abdominal pain [translate] 
afavorable impression to 有利印象对 [translate] 
a我是一个活泼开朗的女孩。兴趣爱好十分广泛。我喜欢绘画、唱歌、跳舞等等。但是我最喜欢的是手工制作。我喜欢用废旧的东西做成一幅幅美丽的画,挂在墙上。这样每当看到自己的作品就会非常的幸福和开心。 I am a lively open and bright girl.The interest hobby is extremely widespread.I like the drawing, sing, dance and so on.But I most like am the hand-planted.I like with the worn out thing making a beautiful picture, hangs on the wall.Whenever like this sees own work to be able the unusual unhappiness [translate] 
a我们希望在2009年完成三峡工程 We hoped completes the Three Gorges Project in 2009 [translate] 
a搏击商海 Assaults business sea [translate] 
anaked body to me 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abecause the attacks on Washington and New York City did not achieve bin Laden's key strategic goal: the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Middle East, which he imagined would lead to the collapse of all the American-backed authoritarian regimes in the region. 因为对华盛顿和纽约的攻击没有达到本・拉登的钥匙战略目标: 撤退美国。 从中东,他想象在这个区域将导致所有美国支持的独裁政权的崩溃。 [translate] 
a万事达信用卡、 签证和借记卡与万事达卡或签证徽标 All things reach the credit card, the visa and the debit card and mastercard or the visa logo [translate] 
achangdeng changdeng [translate] 
a你弟弟喜欢踢足球吗 Your younger brother likes playing the soccer [translate] 
aReading is very boring 读书是非常乏味的 [translate] 
aHow many of the Items that you listed in question number three, meet all six characteristics? 您在考虑中第三列出的多少项目,遇见全部六个特征? [translate] 
a好多漂亮女孩网站上 In many attractive girl websites [translate] 
aEveryone is standing on the sidelines 大家站立在边线 [translate] 
a我毕业有四年了 I graduated have four years [translate] 
aYour first objective is to destroy the fuel depot inside this area. 您的第一个宗旨将毁坏燃料库在这个区域里面。 [translate] 
a测量仪表的量程,应使测试数据可能的最大变化范围在测仪表量程的20%~90%范围内。 The measuring instrument measuring range, should cause the test data possible most sweeping change scope in to measure the range of an instrument in 20%~90% scope. [translate] 
aFreshAquacooling24Eyes Stick FreshAquacooling24Eyes棍子 [translate] 
alick two 舔二 [translate] 
a拜天地,拜父母,拜夫妻 Bows to heaven and earth, does obeisance the parents, does obeisance the husbands and wives [translate] 
a妥善处理 Processes properly [translate] 
a增加学生的安全感 Increases student's security sense [translate] 
a但是,任何事情都有两面性,对学生而言,校园安全也有其不太好的地方,例如 But, anything all has the dual character, speaking of the student, the campus safe also has it not too good place, for example [translate] 
aUpload Photo or Video 加载相片或录影 [translate] 
aThat he really love me? I just don't believe it!!!!! That he let me down!!!!! I'm a bit sad sad 他真正地爱我? 我就是不相信它!!!!! 他让我击倒!!!!! 我有点儿哀伤哀伤的 [translate] 
a减少校园案件的发生,同时校园安全也可以防御和制止一些突发事件的发生 Reduces the campus case the occurrence, simultaneously the campus safe also may defend and stop some thunderbolts the occurrence [translate] 
a设备规格研讨会议参加 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a今天是什么月份 Today is any month [translate] 
a他不会因为失败而感到沮丧 He cannot because of be defeated feels depressed [translate] 
a没有人觉察出它隐藏在笑容背后的绝望 Nobody perceived it hides behind the smiling face despairs [translate] 
anoncyclic events noncyclic事件 [translate] 
a我们会幸福到永远 We can happily to forever [translate] 
aThere we saw some stone steps that led to the cellar 那里我们看见一些石步的那导致地窖 [translate] 
a我的未来是幸福的 My future will be happy [translate] 
aIt's a little sad to say Good Bye ~ 一少许可悲说再见~ [translate] 
aWarm house and we look forward to your visit 温暖房子和我们盼望您的参观 [translate]