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a如果去了远方不要贪恋那里的风景 If went to the distant place not to have to cling to there scenery [translate] 
adon't worry about this , their is alot of centers here to teach english or arabic 不要担心对此,他们这里是教英语或阿拉伯语的很多中心 [translate] 
aican,tchange ican, tchange [translate] 
aPlantDirect 植物直接 [translate] 
a接到业主的中标通知后,立即开展本项目所需人员、设备、材料的准备工作,为工程施工创造条件。主要管理人员即刻赶赴施工现场,进行设营、交接桩、中线复测、施工调查等前期工作,前期施工队伍及主要施工机械在接到中标通知书后立即进场到位,并及时做好设营、水、电、路、料、测等准备工作,整个施工准备工作做到“组织快、调遣快,开工快”。设备人员进场后及早进行人员的动员、培训等工作,及早进入施工状态。各专业设备较在各分项工程开工前进场,做好调试、检测,确保设备状态完好。 After receives the owner to be selected the notice, develops this project to need the personnel, the equipment, the material preparatory work immediately, creates the condition for the project construction.The main administrative personnel instantly rushes to the job location, carries on earlier per [translate] 
a让我忘了你是谁 Who let me forget you is [translate] 
awho set a shining example to the whole nation 谁设置了一个光辉榜样到整个国家 [translate] 
a心部硬度 Heart department degree of hardness [translate] 
a之前跟王静谈过,但她一定要注销签证,如果不注销,她对你们有责任的 Before has discussed with Wang Jing, but she must certainly cancel the visa, if does not cancel, she has the responsibility to you [translate] 
a资本运作 Capital operation [translate] 
a除了中文我还学英语。 I also study English except Chinese. [translate] 
a我想说的是你不礼貌 I want to say am your not politeness [translate] 
aBe prepared to sing the three songs by memory, accurately, without musical accompaniment, and in the key in which they are written. Note: You can give yourself a starting pitch or I can do it for you. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIt is quite common that many students,who are bad speakers of English ,can write English perfectly.This proves that they are not unable to organize their ideas in English.The center of the problem is that they don't have enough practice and confidence. 它是相当共同的许多学生,是英语坏演讲人,能完全写英语。这证明,他们不无法组织他们的想法在问题的English.The中心是他们没有足够的实践和信心。 [translate] 
a Secondary containment linings 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a鲜虾螺丝粉 Fresh shrimp screw powder [translate] 
a文件收到,谢谢您的合作,我司会尽快审批出同贷书,安排过户 The document receives, thanks your cooperation, my Si Hui examines and approves as soon as possible with the loan book, the arrangement transfers title of ownership [translate] 
a腹痛 Abdominal pain [translate] 
aWe are playing a game right now. 我们现在播放赛。 [translate] 
aWarm house and we look forward to your visit 温暖房子和我们盼望您的参观 [translate] 
a我有一个健康的生活方式 null [translate] 
afavorable impression to 有利印象对 [translate] 
a生活比过去好多了 The life was much better compared to the past [translate] 
a钢管配线 The steel pipe matches the line [translate] 
apeach sake pore serum 桃子缘故毛孔清液 [translate] 
a当你父母还是小孩时,他们常常做些什么? When your parents or child, what frequently do they make? [translate] 
aI have one restaurant with 500 seats, which is working only during the summer season only. As for the beginning I would like to buy one machine for meatballs, to see how it works and what I can produce with it. After that I will decide what to do. There are two ways. To distribute the machine or to start production of 我有一家餐馆与500个位子,仅运作在仅夏季期间。 关于起点我希望买一个机器为丸子,看怎么它运作,并且什么我可以生产与它。 以后我将决定什么做。 有二种方式。 分布机器或开始不同的种类的生产丸子与装填。 [translate] 
aI didn"t buy you a penny black because they are very expensive now I didn " t购买您便士黑色,因为他们是非常昂贵现在 [translate] 
a在一起的心,永不分离 In the together heart, never separates [translate] 
aFor communication between people, language of all kinds will remain to reflect the growth and soul of the societies that speak them. 为人之间的通信,所有种类语言将依然是反射讲他们社会的成长和灵魂。 [translate] 
a我的哥哥是一名保安。 My elder brother is a security. [translate] 
a他们走得那么快,我跟不上。 They walk that quickly, I cannot follow. [translate] 
aGreatist Greatist [translate] 
a用同样的方式学习剩下的地方 Place is left over which with the similar way study [translate] 
a禁止携狗入内 In forbids to take along the dog to enter [translate] 
a我的同学录 My schoolmate records [translate] 
aShe has taught us a lot 她教我们很多 [translate] 
acaught a cold 感冒 [translate] 
a我们正在作一个关于喜欢电视剧《喜洋洋和灰太狼》的调查。 We are making one about likes the soap opera "Radiant And Ash Too Wolf" the investigation. [translate] 
awere they different form the movies of today? 他们是否是另外形式电影今天? [translate] 
a足球已经确立了它在世界上最受欢迎的运动地位 The soccer has already established it the movement status which most receives in the world welcome [translate] 
aas of august 2006 自威严2006年 [translate] 
adog:he's tall and strong.that's for sure. 狗:他是高的,并且strong.that肯定是。 [translate] 
aHow many times do we miss blessings because they are not packaged as we expected? Do not spoil(糟蹋,掠夺) what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. 我们错过多少次祝福,因为他们没有被包装,如同我们期望了? 不要损坏(糟蹋,掠夺)什么您有通过渴望什么您没有; 但切记什么您现在有曾经是在您只希望为的事之中。 [translate] 
aDanyang Heritage Food Co., Ltd. 丹阳遗产食物Co.,有限公司。 [translate] 
a在场的 Presents [translate] 
alast time i went to Mars with my family. we took the space ship and flew there in the morning. we met the alients on mars, they look so weird. they have three eyes and four legs. they have really long hair because it's so cold in the evening that they need something to cover with. we took a car and drove around the who 上次我去火星与我家。 我们采取了太空船并且早晨飞行那里。 我们在火星遇见了alients,他们看很古怪。 他们有三只眼睛和四条腿。 他们有真正地长的头发,因为天气在他们需要某事盖的晚上很冷的。 我们乘了汽车并且在整体火星附近驾驶。 他们挥动对我们,并且我们拍了很多相片。 它是我们不要去回到地球的这样一次好的旅行。 但我们最后回去,并且我认为我再将回来。 [translate] 
a他弟弟将会卖不同种类的玩具 His younger brother will be able to sell the different type the toy [translate] 
aMonitor freight forwarder performance on Customs clearance time and CCC return in time 显示器货物运输业者表现在出口结关时间和CCC回归及时 [translate] 
a上网有利于我们学习 Accesses the net is advantageous in us studies [translate] 
a虽然每个国家都会深受其害,但其造成的影响,在地区之间的分布并不均匀。 Although each country can deeply its evil, but it creates influence, between local distributed and non-uniformity. [translate] 
atake....mind 作为….头脑 [translate] 
abe never late for 不要是晚为 [translate] 
a他非常聪明总能想到一些好主意 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他所作的 He does [translate] 
a第38星期的测试机Dut关闭图 The 38th week measures the testing Dut closure chart [translate] 
aMake a name card for one of your family members 做一张命名卡片为你的一个家庭成员 [translate]