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Here, we kind of eating their own vegetables and fruits


In here, we are eating own kind of vegetables and the fruit


Here, we have to grow their own vegetables and fruit


Here, we eat their own vegetables and fruits


In here, we are eating own kind of vegetables and the fruit
a很抱歉现在才回您的邮件,我从9月30日下午开始休息到今天才上班 Was sorry very much the present only then returns to your mail, I start from September 30 to rest in the afternoon only then go to work to today [translate] 
a所以我不赞成网恋 Therefore I did not approve the net loves [translate] 
asick nike w 病的耐克 [translate] 
a机动车辆的消声器 Motor vehicle silencer [translate] 
a包装材料全部采用牛皮纸 The packing material uses the kraft paper completely [translate] 
a他的红领带与你的白衬衫很相配 His red tie matches very much with yours white shirts [translate] 
aAs to the table below,it comes to a conclusion that the problem of desertification should be attached great importance to by our human beings. 至于如下桌,它得出结论沙漠化的问题应该是加以的重要性对由我们的人。 [translate] 
acomeplaintts comeplaintts [translate] 
a32%Poliamidas 32%Poliamidas [translate] 
aanother humanizing technique is to explain the idea in a wild track(that is, off screen)commentary while showing film of people going about their business in easily recognisable and vaguely apposite ways.for instance, the commentary discusses the impact of the Common Market on food prices while the viewer watches a per 另一个赋予人性的技术是解释想法在一个狂放的轨道(即屏幕)评论,当显示容易地忙于他们的事务的人影片在可认识时例如,并且隐晦地适当的方式,评论谈论共同市场的冲击对食物价格,当观察者观看购物在超级市场时的主妇一个完全普通的影片序列。 [translate] 
aThey are from her family and relatives. 他们是从她的家庭和亲戚。 [translate] 
anatnet natnet [translate] 
aYour QQ Number 您的QQ数字 [translate] 
a那时候我在帮她找钥匙。 At that time I am helping her to look for the key. [translate] 
ahoneycom honeycomp [translate] 
ascare in enemies 恐慌在敌人 [translate] 
a(详情请咨询店内顾客服务台)。 (Details please consult in shop customer service desk). [translate] 
ano sunshine no your smile I will die    give you my eyes   can I see that as you come back 阳光没有您的微笑I不想要那些    给您我的眼睛   能作为您来烘烤的I湖 [translate] 
athing TA 事TA [translate] 
a你什么时候感冒的? When do you catch cold? [translate] 
a如果需要帮助随时打电话 If needs to help to telephone as necessary [translate] 
a综合护理 Synthesis nursing [translate] 
alooked up at the sky,do you remember me 看天空,您记得我 [translate] 
a爸爸相信你 The daddy believes you [translate] 
a人的一生中不能没有友谊 In human's life cannot not have the friendship [translate] 
a再告诉你一句话 Again tells you a speech [translate] 
aI have four new classmates.They are lucy,Sally,Alan and carl.Lucy and Sally are girls.Alan and Carl are boyes.Lucy is tall. polite and slim too. Sally is not tall.Thin and small and polite.Alan is Lucy's cousin.He is big and strong.Polite and very helpful.We are all Chinese.Carl is a short boy.He is from England. 我有四个新的同学。他们是lucy、萨莉、阿伦和卡尔。Lucy和萨莉是女孩。阿伦和卡尔是boyes。Lucy是高的。 礼貌和亭亭玉立也是。 萨莉不是高的。稀薄和小和礼貌。阿伦是Lucy的表兄弟。他大和坚强。礼貌和非常有用。我们是所有Chinese.Carl是一个短的男孩。他来自英国。 [translate] 
a对英国慈善组织的筹资背景与模式进行了概述 Have carried on the outline to the English Charitable Organization's fund raising background and the pattern [translate] 
a是什么让我如此心动,心动的无法自控, Is any lets my so heart movement, the heart movement be unable automatic control, [translate] 
aintegrated optics 联合光学 [translate] 
a我希望有一个人懂我 I hoped has a person to understand me [translate] 
a一个人的血型、发色、身高都是从父母那里遗传下来的 A person's blood-group, sends the color, the height all is inherits from parents there [translate] 
a老公的事业在这里,所以只能在这里 Husband's enterprise in here, therefore only can in here [translate] 
aI am going to get married. 我结婚。 [translate] 
a因此,对红土型边坡的临界特征和破坏机理展开研究,特别是对初始裂纹存在对边坡稳定性的影响,具有十分重要的理论意义和工程应用价值。 Therefore, launches the research to the red soil side slope critical characteristic and the destruction mechanism, specially to the initial crack existence to the side slope stable influence, has the extremely important theory significance and the project application value. [translate] 
a«Кажется, я видела тебя во сне “它似乎,我看见了您在睡眠 [translate] 
a有一段时间我如此喜欢写作,以至于我梦想成为一名作家(a time when) Some period of time I so like writing, I vainly hoped for becomes a writer (a time when) [translate] 
a彼得太粗心了 Peter too was careless [translate] 
a事前 In anticipation [translate] 
ahe was weak and often went to hospital 他是微弱的和经常去医院 [translate] 
aa doctor can give you meticine 医生能给您meticine [translate] 
aThe fourist wasn't helpful at all fourist根本不是有用的 [translate] 
a不要轻易接受;不要轻言放弃;既然开始;就要有结果;如果没有,就不要开始;时间;可以改变一切;'金钱,可以改变一个人经不起考验的爱情,不要也罢;不要说什么对不起;社会太现实;我们都太年轻了 不要轻易接受; 不要轻言放弃; 既然开始; 就要有结果; 如果没有,就不要开始; 时间; 可以改变一切; ‘金钱,可以改变一个人经不起考验的爱情,不要也罢; 不要说什么对不起; 社会太现实; 我们都太年轻了 [translate] 
amake unremitting efforts to build itself into one of the well-known traditional Chinese medicine schools. 做不懈的努力发展自己入其中一所知名的中医学校。 [translate] 
a学期结束时,在礼堂举行小型音乐聚会 When semester conclusion, at assembly hall hold small music meeting [translate] 
afall into...way 分成…方式 [translate] 
awe both agree 我们俩同意 [translate] 
aleonardi leonardi [translate] 
a你担心明天的比赛吗 You will worry tomorrow the competition [translate] 
a赣州市人民医院 Ganzhou City People Hospital [translate] 
awe dream in color 我们在颜色作梦 [translate] 
aHow can we learn to swim 怎么可以我们学会游泳 [translate] 
aYour order will be processed on our secure servers. 您的顺序在我们将被处理巩固服务器。 [translate] 
aI don't like you, I love you 我不喜欢您,我爱你 [translate] 
awebothagree webothagree [translate] 
a在这里,我们吃着自己种的蔬菜和水果 In here, we are eating own kind of vegetables and the fruit [translate]