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Deeply understand


Deeply understands deeply


Deeply understand that


Well aware of the fact


Deeply understands deeply
aa cap of tea 茶盖帽 [translate] 
a面部疗程(手工操作) Face treatment course (manual operation) [translate] 
a汇丰一家 Huifeng [translate] 
aDaturametelL DaturametelL [translate] 
ai should graduate in abouta year and a half .. its taking too lon i have to work too 我应该在一年半大约毕业。 它太采取lon 我必须工作太 [translate] 
aIn summary, we cloned and characterized five zebrafish orthologs of β-AR genes representing homologs of three β-AR subtypes. Loss-offunction analysis revealed an important role for zebrafish adrb2a in the regulation of pigmentation, consistent with mammalian β2-AR. qPCR analysis suggested the involvement of F1F0-ATPase 总之,我们克隆了并且描绘了β-AR基因五zebrafish orthologs代表三β-AR子型的同源染色体。 损失offunction分析显露了一个重要角色为zebrafish adrb2a在染色的章程,一致与哺乳动物的β2-AR。 qPCR分析在染色的dysregulation建议了F1F0腺苷三磷酸酶的介入以下所说adrb2a击倒。 应该进行进一步研究澄清adrb2a和F1F0腺苷三磷酸酶之间的功能关系在染色的章程。 [translate] 
aget to know you 认识您 [translate] 
a他很厉害 He is very fierce [translate] 
ayea but you have pictures in your computer so you send me ok ???? 肯定,但您安排图片在您的计算机,因此您送我好态度恶劣? [translate] 
aHe's pissed now 他现在小便了 [translate] 
aMe too my dearling 太我我dearling [translate] 
a由于地址不够详细,所以仓库没有把你的货发出去,你可以帮我们确认一下地址吗 Because the address insufficiently is detailed, therefore the warehouse has not sent yours goods, you may help us to confirm the address [translate] 
a我不知道下一步应该做什么 I did not know next step should make any [translate] 
a聆听你的声音 Listens respectfully your sound [translate] 
a金钱给人类带来的影响 Money influence which brings to the humanity [translate] 
abut I want to say、... 但我想要说、… [translate] 
a你女儿真漂亮 Your daughter is really attractive [translate] 
a奋斗组 Struggle group [translate] 
aAfter taking photos 在采取相片以后 [translate] 
a在你的书包里有什么? Has what in yours book bag? [translate] 
a把学习中文当成一种乐趣 Regards as one kind of pleasure the study Chinese [translate] 
a我自己还没有看过,不过大家都认为这是一部好片子 I have not looked, but everybody thought this is a good flat and thin piece [translate] 
a如果我會隱身術,我就會教警察,讓警察好辦事,例如:警察抓綁匪時,隱身術就能派上用場,偷偷的跑去他家,把無辜的人放走,然後再把犯人抓到警察局,這樣案子就能輕而易舉的偵破了。警察也能利用隱身術,輕易的抓到不守交通規則的人,警察就不用那麼辛苦,社會也能寧靜安祥。 If I meet the magic of making oneself invisible, I can teach the police, lets the police handle matters well, for example: When the police catch the kidnapper, the magic of making oneself invisible can apply, secretly runs his family, bleeds off the innocent person, then catches again the criminal t [translate] 
aHow to live with pressure 如何与压力居住 [translate] 
a我只是不想一个人 I do not only think a person [translate] 
athat I have come to the conclusion 我走向结论 [translate] 
ahave you had sometimes sex chating over the net honey? have you had sometimes sex chating over the net honey? [translate] 
awith clothes,the new are best ,with friend,the old are best 与衣裳,新是最佳,与朋友,老最佳 [translate] 
a说到我的梦想,它来自于那句名言 Speaks of my dream, it comes from that famous saying [translate] 
a你过去常常干什么?我过去常常下课后听音乐 What frequently do you pass do? After I pass finish class frequently listen to music [translate] 
a好名字 Good name [translate] 
aI have something 我有某事 [translate] 
aplease note that resort will undergo minor renovations in Nov 2011 请注意:手段在2011年11月内将进行较小整修 [translate] 
aCarat Weight: 0.60 carat 克拉重量: 0.60克拉 [translate] 
aA friend says he has something that belongs to you.How do you ask to see it? 朋友说他有属于您的事。您怎么要求看它? [translate] 
a因为像你 Because looks like you [translate] 
a对不起 最近很忙 那个软件只有我房间的电脑里有 Sorry very is busy that software only then in my room computer to have recently [translate] 
a我会想您的 I can think you [translate] 
aApplied Science in Engineering Science 应用科学在工程学 [translate] 
a猪公 我是真的爱了,只是埋藏在心里,回到原点吧 ,猪祝福你 Pig male I was have really loved, only was buries in the heart, returned to the zero point, the pig prayed for heavenly blessing you [translate] 
aMy dear, you probably know that I ``` but I can't do good bye my dearest 我亲爱,您大概知道I ```而是我不可能做再见我最亲爱 [translate] 
aor Insert Boot Media in Selected Boot device and Press aey 或插入物起动媒介在选择的起动设备和新闻adey [translate] 
aIf living on the earth is a mission from the lord…living with you is the awcud of the lord 如果居住在地球上是一个使命从…居住与您的阁下是阁下的awcud [translate] 
a日语水平变得很厉害 日本の実力は非常に激しくなる [translate] 
a我叫李静,我来自山东寿光。我今年15岁,是一名中学生。我喜欢踢足球,听音乐和绘画。 我需要你的帮助,我正在学英语,我想和外国人交谈,感到困难很大。我学了不少单词,但英语说不好,我心里很着急。我不知道怎样提高我的英语水平,请你帮助我,我希望得到你的回信 My name am Li Jing, I come from the Shandong Shoukwang.My this year 15 years old, is a middle-school student.I like playing the soccer, listens to music and the drawing. I need your help, my study English, I am wanting to converse with the foreigner, feel difficult very big.I have studied many words [translate] 
a但是我没有陪她 But I have not accompanied her [translate] 
a其他东西。 Other things. [translate] 
aWe will not disturb your children! 我们不会干扰您的孩子! [translate] 
a这是他的裤子。 This is his pants. [translate] 
agoodsres goodsres [translate] 
a通过互联网,我能明白你说什么,我很高兴啊 Through the Internet, I can understand you said any, I very happy [translate] 
aEeeeew...,InevergoshoppingIcantsdandshopping Eeeeew…, InevergoshoppingIcantsdandshopping [translate] 
a说啊,号码 Said, number [translate] 
a续住吗 Continues [translate] 
a俚语 Slang [translate] 
a深深了解到 Deeply understands deeply [translate]