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a曾嘉茹 Zeng Jiaru [translate] 
a婴儿游泳馆 Baby natatorium [translate] 
ain Japan, most students take others also walk or ride their bokes. 在日本,多数学生作为其他也走或乘坐他们的bokes。 [translate] 
aTABLE 4: Services Offered 表4 : 服务提供了 [translate] 
a它花了几个月的时间才到那里 It spent several month-long time only then to arrive there [translate] 
a微笑一下 Smiles [translate] 
a挤塑聚苯乙烯保温板 Pushes models the polystyrene heat preservation board [translate] 
a墙体完好,无漏雨迹象 The wall is complete, non-rain leakage sign [translate] 
a我们盼望你的到来 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的家乡在过去的几年里发生了很大的变化 My hometown has had the very big change in past several years [translate] 
a洗衣区 Washes clothes the area [translate] 
aWhen will Li Mei and Wen Zhi meet at the bus station? 李Mei和Wen Zhi何时将见面在汽车站? [translate] 
a总说我不理解你,但是你理解我吗? Always said I do not understand you, but you understand me? [translate] 
awhat did you use to do when you were 2 years old? 什么,当您是2年,您使用做? [translate] 
a数据源可以是数据库、继承系统(legacy system),web数据源等。这种集成方式本身并不存储任何实际数据。中介系统中的数据源是完全自治的,可以容易地增加删除数据源。 The data pool may be the database, the inheritance system (legacy system), web data pool and so on.This kind of integrated way itself does not save any actual data.In the intermediary system data pool is completely autonomous, may increase the deletion data pool easily. [translate] 
alift up 举 [translate] 
athere is a sing with a man and a woman on it. 有一唱歌与一个人和一名妇女对此。 [translate] 
a除此以外,他得性格 Except for this, his disposition [translate] 
aA feeling is not you give up, then I will be clean 感觉不是您放弃,然后我将是干净的 [translate] 
aThere are various goods in the supermarket for you to choose from 有各种各样的物品在超级市场为了您能选择从 [translate] 
aYou are welcome ,you will do better.. 您是受欢迎的,您更将好做。 [translate] 
a一点一点的增加信心 Bit by bit increase confidence [translate] 
a外联部副部长 External liaison department vice-minister [translate] 
a一念起,万水千山;一念灭,沧海苍天! As soon as reads, long and trying journey; As soon as reads extinguishes, sea heaven! [translate] 
athe notebook must belong to linde.it has her name on it 笔记本必须属于linde.it有她的名字对此 [translate] 
a经过多年的研发,公司在指纹识别领域业已申请超过100项国际PCT发明专利,拥有一套关于指纹识别技术完全自主的知识产权。可以为顾客提供一站式的指纹识别解决方案(Turnkey for Fingerprint mode),应用于锁具,箱包,保险箱,门锁等, After many year research and development, the company already applies in the fingerprint recognition domain to surpass 100 item of international PCT invention patent, has a set about the fingerprint recognition technology completely independent intellectual property rights.May provide the "one-stop" [translate] 
a目 标 具 体 内 容 目标具体内容 [translate] 
a300 wristband left! let's sell out by Friday 300袖口离开! 我们在星期五以前全部售光 [translate] 
a我很久没有见到我的朋友 tim I very long have not seen friend of mine tim [translate] 
a即使你是猪我依然爱你! Even if you are the pig I still love you! [translate] 
a除了她,其他的同学都回家了 Except her, other schoolmates all went home [translate] 
a你在我心里是最重要的 You in my heart are most important [translate] 
a猪公 我是真的爱了,只是埋藏在心里,回到原点吧 ,猪祝福你 Pig male I was have really loved, only was buries in the heart, returned to the zero point, the pig prayed for heavenly blessing you [translate] 
a按照他的建议,手续已经大大简化 According to his suggestion, the procedure already greatly simplified [translate] 
a需要你再次做预授权 Needs you to make the pre-authorization once more [translate] 
aThere is an old saying,"Friends are God's way of taking care of us" 那里 是一个老说法, “朋友是照顾上帝的方式我们” [translate] 
abe saved 被保存 [translate] 
a这是纯手工雕刻 This is the pure manual carving [translate] 
abig department stores and factories everywhere. 到处大百货商店和工厂。 [translate] 
afavotites favotites [translate] 
aI have something 我有某事 [translate] 
aLove this kind of thing, not get, but give。 爱这种事,没得到,但给。 [translate] 
a雨不停的下着,没有停歇的意思,反而更加肆虐,在深邃的夜空中,无情地覆盖着雨珠的熙攘!在樱花盛开的季节里,在那条充满未知考验的红尘路上,它一直在枝头上坚强地盛开着,洋洋洒洒或含苞待放、或花瓣高举、或已经走到生命尽头的,都那么美,就连落花也在最后时刻将生命演绎的淋漓尽致。浮世年华,纷繁壮烈,在飘然下落的瞬间依然呈现华丽的节奏,带走了的是春日的风和日丽,是拾不起的是无限思念和断肠愁绪。 The rain does not stop is getting down, has not stood still the meaning, instead even more wreaks havoc, in the profound nighttime sky, is covering the raindrop bustle heartlessly! Is in full bloom in the oriental cherry in the season, in on that fill unknown test bustling place road, it strongly is [translate] 
aWould you buy a another brand in that shop? If yes, which brand? 您是否会买一个另一个品牌在那家商店? 如果是,烙记? [translate] 
athe total amoent of money is 200 dollars 共计amoent金钱是200美元 [translate] 
afichier fichier [translate] 
a归咎于他一人。 Puts the blame on in his one person. [translate] 
aasus core unlocker asus核心unlocker [translate] 
aPostharvest Biology and Technology 收获后的生物和技术 [translate] 
aYou let me go at your house, how do you not at home? 您怎么让我努力去做在您的房子,不在家您? [translate] 
a禁止在无防护措施的情况下进入泳池游泳 The prohibition enters in the non-protective measure situation swims the pond swimming [translate] 
a人生有几多个十年 The life has more than several ten years [translate] 
awhat are you diong now? 什么现在是您diong ? [translate] 
aActiate it to destroy all the pirates on the surface of a planet Actiate毁坏所有海盗的它在行星的表面 [translate] 
a闭上眼许个愿让我爱你到永远 Closes one's eyes makes a vow to let me love you to forever [translate] 
adevlce tlme devlce tlme [translate]