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Sister, you are nice


Sister, you are nice


Big sister, very kind of you


My eldest sister, you're really good


Eldest sister, you are really good
astands up? 站起来? [translate] 
aSix is ZerO 六是零 [translate] 
aThe hospital is quite far from the station 医院相当是离驻地很远的地方 [translate] 
aShe is not worthy of you on her 她不是值得的您在她 [translate] 
a为了使试验的土样更接近安吉当地的实际情况,我们按照试验所需的土量,从安吉县剑山村夯土生态屋附近的非耕植用地挖取了一定量的素土、沙土以及需要添加的熟石灰。在实验室中烘干后进行了过筛,然后依据不同配合比进行混合,其配合比如表1所示。 In order to enable experimental the soil sample to approach the Anji locality the actual situation, we earth quantity which needs according to the laboratory, tamped earth nearby the ecology room from the Anji County sword mountain village must to plough plants with digs has taken the white lime whi [translate] 
aI need him like I need the air www.crmcn.cn to breathe. 如我需要空气www.crmcn.cn呼吸,我需要他。 [translate] 
aeverythingisallright 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a国库 State treasury [translate] 
a面对天灾,我们无能为力 Facing the disaster, we are helpless [translate] 
a请你不要在这儿吸烟好吗? Please do not smoke in here? [translate] 
amr smith asks his daughter in study hard. smith先生在研究中艰苦要求他的女儿。 [translate] 
aliquid dye 液体染料 [translate] 
a帽儿山旅游2天 The Mao'ershan travels 2 day [translate] 
aby bike the home 乘自行车家 [translate] 
a湿贮气筒 Wet reservoir [translate] 
aWilliam Alfred Quannigton 威廉Alfred Quannigton [translate] 
ainsted 反而 [translate] 
a  回来吧,一个全新的自己,但是我知道是短暂的!总是重复着一句话,向全世界吐露自己的选择,不管是盲目还是无知,决定了就一步一步的前行,即使没有方向,但是也有飘渺的身影和高位。   Comes back, brand-new own, but I knew is short! Is always duplicating a speech, reveals own to the world choice, no matter is blind or ignorant, has decided on the gradually vanguard, even if does not have the direction, but also has the faintly recognizable form and the top digit. [translate] 
a"I went to the Palace Cat Show to get a note for my readers, and saw the "whole silvers," the "white smokes," the Iceland cats, and the most popular of all the Siamese, with their mauve-blue eyes and kinky tails. Here is Grave, innocent, and dignified as the animal depicted appears to be, he is none of your tame garden “我去宫殿猫展示得到笔记为我的读者,并且看见“整体变成银色”, “白色抽烟”,冰岛猫和最普遍所有暹罗语,用他们的淡紫色蓝色眼睛和卷毛尾巴。 这坟墓,清白的人,并且授以荣誉作为被描述的动物看来是,他是无您温驯的庭院墙壁排序,并且他可以显示任何相当数量活泼地跳跃并且搜身,当机会提供。“ [translate] 
a勿搬运重物 Do not transport the heavy item [translate] 
aIf as you say, we will give you a satisfactory answer. 如果,您说,我们将给您一个令人满意的答复。 [translate] 
acater's 承办了宴席 [translate] 
aI have said to you yesterday 我对您昨天说 [translate] 
aI can't fight 我不可能战斗 [translate] 
athe language will be changed the next time you start this application 语言,当下次您开始这种应用,将改变 [translate] 
a怎么办,即使你死了,我还是爱着你 いかに管理するか、死んでも、私は愛情のある [translate] 
a我都好久没有见到过她了 I all for a long time have not seen her [translate] 
a与以往齿轮优化设计的方法不同,本文介绍一种基于ANSYS参数化设计语言(APDL) [8]的齿轮离散优化的设计方法对上述齿轮进行优化设计工作。 Optimizes the design with the former gear the method to be different, this article introduced one kind is separated the design method based on the ANSYS parametrization design language (APDL) [8] gear which optimizes to the above gear to carry on the optimized design work. [translate] 
aHays Recruitment, Shanghai 干草补充,上海 [translate] 
aNice to see 好看 [translate] 
a我一个人安安静静的就够了 I peaceful sufficed [translate] 
ayou are the apple of my eyes 您是我的眼睛苹果 [translate] 
aYour membership will be rebilled on: Wed 2011-Sep-14 22:18:30 PDT 您的会员资格将被重开帐单: 星期三20119月14 22:18 :30 PDT [translate] 
aIf you fail ,don't forget to learn your lesson. 如果您出故障,不要忘记学到您的教训。 [translate] 
a你还回来不 You do not come back [translate] 
athe man have no a good thing 人有没有一件好事 [translate] 
a我草你妈妈的 My grass you mother [translate] 
aGypsy Ball 吉普赛球 [translate] 
asupertime supertime [translate] 
aat-risk or inefficac 在风险或被传染的populatioefficac [translate] 
ainto Drive A: 入驱动A : [translate] 
a面部神经瘫痪 Face nerve paralysis [translate] 
a希望上帝能带给我好运 Hoped God can take to me the good luck [translate] 
a- I want to travel to the past , and hold you tightly -我想要到过去旅行,并且紧紧拿着您 [translate] 
a我们征求过他的同意使用这辆汽车。 We solicit his agreement to use this automobile. [translate] 
aStunning Graphics IV (used to be called Extreme GFX IV) is a graphics mod with the goals of providing the user with visually beautiful graphics with or without ENB. 惊人的图表IV (曾经告诉Extreme GFX IV)是图表mod以提供用户的目标以视觉上美丽的图表有或没有ENB。 [translate] 
a在争论中 In argument [translate] 
a文化程度高中 Years of schooling high school [translate] 
aever signed 签字 [translate] 
a我很高兴能和大家成为同学 I very happy can become schoolmate with everybody [translate] 
a每天早晨跑步对你的健康有好处 Every morning jogs to your health has the advantage [translate] 
a很抱歉先生,刚才我们听错了,受了您5天的押金,您需要再交一下,对不起 Was sorry gentleman very much, we have misunderstood a moment ago, you 5 day-long deposit, you has needed again to hand over, sorry [translate] 
aclick"close'to exit 点击" close'to出口 [translate] 
aYour message to gzhr@doyen.com.cn was returned due to the following reason: Your message to gzhr@doyen.com.cn was returned due to the following reason: [translate] 
a这是你的模型飞机吗 This is your mockup [translate] 
a大姐,你真好 Eldest sister, you are really good [translate]